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  1. Yes good news for the club,I know the club have been working very hard for several years to get a scheme like this up and running.
  2. Well on here we enjoy a bit of anonymity,that is not the case at the AGM. There is a solution. Maybe it would help at the AGM if the club handed out bags which those who wanted to remain anonymous could wear over there heads when asking questionsđŸ˜‚. ROTFLMAO COYT.
  3. The cost factor/budget keeps getting mentioned,and I think the actual facts will suprise,Andy's first team budget is no larger than last season,I know this because I asked the question(,if you don't believe me please ask yourself)..Andy manages his budget incredibly well,he is not afraid of making difficult decisions especially when letting players go to get in other players.I do not always agree with the decisions but that is football.Yes injuries have been terrible this season,and I think if MFaal had stayed uninjured we may have made the play offs. Yes I witnessed some poor performance
  4. There seems to be a lot of commenting on here about rumours,I tend not to concern myself with them as usually they are not accurate. Here are some facts. Last season 17/18 (games played 46) Points 56 position 16th ppg 1.22 goal difference -8 This season 18/19 (41 games)1 to play Points 61 position ,10th ppg 1.49 goal difference +21 Last season had 4 more games so by multiplying both ppg x42 will show parity.both rounded to 1 decimal place. 17/18 1.22 x42 51 points 18/19. 1.49 x42. 63 points That makes a 24.5% points increase on last season
  5. Great to be able to make it today,was a nice touch the club presenting the u15s, u18s and men's disability teams,all of whom either won a cup/cups the league or both. The ultras were in great voice as usual. For the first 25 mins we were exceptional,then we let PB back into the game.Josh was a well deserved MOM.
  6. The playoffs at step four are a disgrace this season,with 2 playoff winners not getting promoted.Good luck to Cheshunt would be good to see you go up.
  7. @Benjrider10 Very well said,I agree with and endorse every word you say.especially the bit about ETFC being more than just the first team, I am very proud to be a member/owner of ETFC,and last night Andy/Mario etc al the first team squad did us proud,it was a night to remember. Well done all,glad I was there to witness it.
  8. Our U23 team won their last game against Greenwich Borough 0-4 which puts them top of the league on 47 points,and guarantees 2nd place.Bowers and Pitsea now have to beat Bishop Stortford in their last game if they want to claim top spot. Has been a pleasure watching our u23s play this season,well done to all concerned.
  9. Thanks for the report djwilf. I have seen most of the u23 games at home this season,and they have all been a pleasure to watch,they play football as it should be played. Great to hear Mohamadu played 45 mins.
  10. I think we deserved to have won,good alround team performance though.First I have seen of Porter very impressed with his style of play.Great to see Mohamadu Faal is fit and will feature in the friendly Monday evening. Not the best ref I have seen this season. Good atmosphere over there today.
  11. @Behind-the-goal I think you have got the name of the last trophy(4) wrong,as on the Bostic league website they refer to it as the Billy Brickell Trophy,something to do with him winning it for the last 2 years :-) maybe if we win it this year they will let him keep it :-)))))
  12. We will be playing AFC Hornchurch in the final at Aveley FC on Weds 10th April. http://www.isthmian.co.uk/match-info/cups/231702
  13. According to the Stortford website,they had 4 players cup tied,and 3 injured.but who really cares!. And yes the manager must take a lot of credit for the very bold substitutions.Certainly had the desired affect. Was great to be there last night to witness that win. COYT.
  14. Hard to disagree with what has been written,respect to the players though they never gave up.And I think we now know who should be starting up front with Billy from now on.Good to see Aaron back doing what he does best. It was a rollercoaster ride but a great result for ETFC ,our first ever Velocity trophy final.
  15. @Oldtowner I am sure there were 2 ref assessors their yesterday from the FA. Some of these linesmen I have seen this season can barely keep up with play.
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