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  1. That's a shame (for me) as Frenford was the only pre-season I planned to go to.
  2. Looks like Horsham have moved to a new ground (with limited parking) as from 13th July. https://www.horshamfc.co.uk/how-to-find-us/
  3. I wasn't at the game but a young lad called Jack Glenister was on the bench at the back end of last season and also got some minutes. Midfielder I think if it's the same lad. One of the youth team squad.
  4. I have never been to Hartsdown Park in daylight, not even when I went there with Thurrock. And it has rained every time. Although I did get a free mince pie and cup of tea last time.
  5. Yeah, it was Pitchero, the no-cost option Was sometimes frustrating when trying to do something clever but satisfying when I worked out a way. I liked the databasing so that multiple people could update from anywhere to spread the load but sometimes made keeping a consistent style difficult. One of the things Bostik wanted could only be done on the paid options so I suggested to the league that Bostik paid for the upgrade so we could comply - the requirement went away
  6. I'm sure we had to add a betting company to sponsors page on websites year before last. My recollection is that Dulwich Hamlet tried to refuse, even offering to make a monetary contribution to offset the loss of sponsorship but I think they had to carry the advert in the end.
  7. New league sponsor was to be announced on 1st July - Did I miss the press release or has it not happened yet?
  8. Played for Thurrock as well if I remember correctly. I think it's fair to say that there's some stiff competition for places at the back.
  9. Almost feels full circle for me as I watched many of the Thurrock team leave and go to Hornchurch when Colin and Jimmy moved over and we started again with much of Waltham Forest stepping up three leagues (including Leon McKenzie).
  10. I thought Barking were installing an all weather pitch for this season? They're not cheap are they so maybe there's been an injection of funds? Or are there some hefty grants around for that sort of thing? I notice no-one is commiserating with Harlow also being in the South Central and also having longer distances than the Isthmian North and I think that is right and proper.
  11. Email address on the "Club and Directions" tab looks incorrect "Email: enquiries@@afchornchurch.com" - 2 "at" signs. Wonder whether the email address will also change to "@hornchurchfc.com" like sponsorship@hornchurchfc.com. on the Matchball sponsorship page "Car Parking" paragraph on club and directions page is indented.
  12. It is so unusual to be this late in the season and for so many play-off/relegation places still to be decided. So Dorking are champions and Harlow are relegated and realistically so are Burgess Hill unless they can reverse a 14 goal difference against Wingate&Finchley but who will take the final drop position between Whitehawk and Wngate&Finchley? Haringey have made the play-offs but could be 2nd, 3rd or 4th but they seem to having a dip and face Dorking who still seem to be going for it. Tonbridge are also guaranteed a place but only because Carshalton and Stortford face each other. All four places are available to the Angels. Carshalton could fall at the final hurdle, or they could finish 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or 5th). Stortford are in a similar position to Carshalton and this fixture is maybe the most enticing for the neutral. Merstham are only outside the play-offs on goal difference and away to Worthing isn't the best fixture for them to creep in. Equally Worthing would also have liked something easier for the last chance of the dice. Folkestone have had a marvellous April to also get themselves in with a chance and whilst home to Bognor won't be a walk it is maybe the easiest amongst their rivals. I'm pleased we don't need a result at Lewes and can just enjoy the game regardless of result but would be nice to keep 15th place.
  13. I am hoping they drop straight through into Essex Senior League.
  14. I am hoping for a scoreline that matches Harlow's efforts against Kingstonian, Worthing and WinFinchley.
  15. Alex will be pleased that the maths has been done and we'll be in the Bostik Premier league next year One off the bar, one off the post and several other chances and I started to get nervous that it was going to be one of those games where we do everything but score. And then a 45th minute penalty, the Hornchurch curse strikes again, but this time an instant response with a well taken Lewwis Spence strike to go in level. The players came out and I'm thinking let's get the next ten minutes over without conceding and was overjoyed as Ronnie Winn gets us in front inside a minute with a 20 yard strike. And then another two minutes later. Hornchurch managed the game well for the next half hour or so and like the first half had a number of opportunities to extend the lead further.So, when Kingstonian got their second it did add again to the nerve levels for the final ten minutes. Well done fellas in scorching hot conditions.
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