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  1. First of all - WOW WHAT A GOAL. Barely looked up as he tapped into an empty net from 30-something yards. Secondly - WOW WHAT A CELEBRATION. Pure unbridled passion and a joy to watch. Thirdly - Praise and kudos to the referee for allowing the celebrations to continue without being unnecessarily busy and apologising as he gave the mandatory caution. Lastly - Again praise for the referee for not giving a second yellow as Daniel took his shirt off again having put it on back to front first time around - yes we saw that 😂
  2. I'm obviously going to have to predict Hornchurch losing more often 😂. What a cracking game that was
  3. Mikey is a completely different ex-Thurrock supporter You're lucky my mum hasn't got the internet because the last person to call me Mikey nearly got castrated. And as John Cleese put it in Fawlty Towers "you started it......." Anyhoo, my real world money has gone on Hornchurch so call me a hypocrite. I thought Hornchurch would lose against Worthing as well so that shows how much I know. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as I've not been to Carshalton since Conference South days
  4. Sorry if it's bad form but if you include Hornchurch as one of the teams to predict on then I'm going to give my best guess. If an honest guess isn't allowed then you shouldn't include the fixture - or should only ask for a prediction on Hornchurch goals but not the opposition.
  5. Top of the league, who'd've thunk it. Total beginner's luck and I'm certain that a crash and burn is imminent. I didn't even realise I'd joined this game as I was drunk in charge of a laptop but I've always taken responsibility for my active stupidity. I'm looking forwards to visiting Carshalton as I haven't been there since Thurrock's Conference South days. FC Koln 0 v 3 B. Monchengladbach Wolves 1 v 3 Chelsea Sheffield Utd 2 v 1 Southampton Daggers 1 v 1 Hartlepool Carshalton 2 v 1 Hornchurch Attendance : 406
  6. In my experience, to get a single 6-0 win in a season is something special but twice in seven games...... words fail me. In both cases a reasonably even first half but comprehensive domination in the second half. I had a chance to speak with Sean Marks towards the end of last season, he expressed the opinion that we needed more goals from midfield not just him and George Purcell and also to get more clean sheets, as he put it, if you don't concede you don't lose. I think both these aspirations have been met thus far this season. One downside of beating Kempston Rovers is that Haringey Borough away will now be mid-week which means the North Circular just around the end of rush hour. (I realise this is a 1st world problem) I also feel I should write another 600 words just to annoy Mikey Christou and give him cramp in his scrolling finger. (Sure chose the wrong game to go on holiday )
  7. I want an away draw against a team whose ground I've never visited preferably 2 divisions below
  8. Zambia 1 v 1 South Africa Serbia 0 v 4 Portugal MK Dons 2 v 1 AFCW (12:00) Waltham Abbey 2 v 1 Canvey Island (FAC) Hornchurch 3 v 0 Kempston Rov (FAC) Attendance : 281
  9. I'd have preferred an away draw as I haven't been to that ground. Decent prize fund so early in the competition as well. £4,500 for winning and £1,500 to loser.
  10. Agree with all the comments here. But would add that on several occasions when the passes did come together it was a knife through hot butter, men against boys stuff. Having read on Saturday that Mark would be rotating the squad I expected more changes than there were. I understand the argument about not winning a changing side but with the larger squad at the moment I think you need to make sure everyone has played together enough so any forced changes are too disruptive. Hoping WinFin aren't too boosted after their against form win against Haringey.
  11. Just as well I prepared myself. So many chances that just wouldn't go in and some outstanding saves from Regent's keeper. And WinFin beat Haringey which also was unexpected. So who can tell how next week will go. Very pleasing to see the return of Nathan Cooper, even more so to see him complete the whole 90 minutes.
  12. Schalke 04 1 v 1 H. Berlin Southampton 1 v 2 Man United (12:30) Motherwell 2 v 0 Hibs Yeovil 1 v 0 Notts County Hornchurch 3 v 0 Win + Finch Attendance: 237
  13. After some good results against fancied teams and with Brightlingsea not starting particularly well and suffering a heavy 5-1 defeat against Haringey on Saturday I;d be hoping for a comfortable win so am preparing myself for an against the run of form defeat. But, I'll keep the faith and go with Brightlingsea 1 Hornchurch 3 with attendance of 183. (I would have gone 184 but one of the supporters I was bringing has got to work and can't make it)
  14. CupidStunt as a team name. K's suitably smashed and I got within 3 of the "official" attendance although obviously completely useless prediction as anticipated.
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