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  1. A long time since I've seen that phrase. The perishers if my memory serves me. Notts County, Hereford or Woking. I don't think there will be spectators so fingers crossed for a home draw and a return of "Luke and Jago"
  2. The history book is rewritten. What a fantastic performance. Notts County next ?
  3. A lovely memory, thank you for sharing.
  4. Oh, I see. I get it. Nick's knockerz can bet against Hornchurch with nary a word said - but when I do it I'm ostracised. Talk about cronyism of the highest degree. I think this needs an official investigation and maybe a resignation.
  5. Yep. In my day job correct spelling is important so I have become quite proficient at proof reading so "attantion" (sic) just jumped off the page begging for correction. As to the prediction (just in case that had caught your eye) I do fancy us for a draw.
  6. Porto 1 v 0 Sporting Lisbon Aldershot 1 v 3 Hereford (FAT QF) Notts County 1 v 0 Oxford City (FAT QF) Woking 2 v 1 Torquay (FAT QF) Darlington 1 v 1 Hornchurch (FAT QF) Rule 6 is drawn to your attention. Contingency game - The Albion Derby! WBA 0 v 2 Brighton
  7. Can't believe you haven't mentioned how your 2-0 lead at half time evaporated into losing 6-7
  8. So, National League North and South are declared null and void. I was aware that Tonbridge Angels were furloughing their players and advertising for "no fee" players but didn't see the same for Darlington but expect maybe they were having similar thoughts. Definitely means no league games for Darlington but do they retain their players? Are they allowed to train? Are we still allowed to train? Crucially, we they still stream the game live? Will we see a Kings Lynn situation where Jago and Luke provide the coverage? But National League (step 1) are continuing. Reading various
  9. AC Milan 1 v 1 Inter Arsenal 0 v 3 Man City (sorry Jordan!) West Ham 2 v 1 Spurs Col U 1 v 0 Tranmere Aldershot 1 v 1 Wrexham Contingency match: At. Bilbao 3 v 3 Villareal
  10. Oostende 2 v 1 Genk Leicester 2 v 0 Liverpool (12:30) Brighton 1 v 3 Villa (what, AV again!!?) Derby 1 v 1 Middlesbrough Boreham Wood 0 v 3 Sutton United Contingency game: Swarovski Tirol 4 v 4 RB Salzburg
  11. So I've watched quite a few live streams and apart from the unnecessary apologies from the commentary team there is no way you could have known this was a maiden voyage. I can only add my congratulations to those that have gone before for a job extremely well done. Let's hope Monday brings an opportunity for a repeat performance. I mean I love an away day but with no chance of travelling I don't want to be sad to not be able to travel to Darlington etc. so any home draw will be fine for me. Of course we can't be expected to have a chance and I will predict against us in the predictio
  12. A league above and they were playing for penalties. Did they not watch the Kings Lynn or Oxford City highlights? Beat us in 90 minutes or go home sobbing!
  13. Just two more games til wembley
  14. Excellent commentary from the virgin duo.
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