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  1. Both nominated as Man of Match so making an impact. Intriguing of course to wonder why Dartford and Hemel Hempstead were interested now and not before. Certainly hope both players come back invigorated and inspired to push on but can understand if they would want to pursue opportunity at a higher level.
  2. Ah, good memories of Ship Lane. Glad to read that she may one day host football matches again.
  3. I saw Mark in the stands at one of the last matches, said he had picked up a knock either at or just after the Kingstonian game.
  4. I'll play again - as apparently that's the only way I have any chance of receiving much deserved promotion.
  5. Fair comment. For most of the first half we looked like a team that had never played together rather than an unchanged side with an unbeaten run going on. Passes went astray, first touches were clumsy, gaps all over the place and only their no.8 inability to hit a barn door kept it to 1-0. Although, I did wonder whether B&P would be able to keep the intensity of pressing players for the whole 90 minutes. Half time seemed to calm everyone down and we were able to hold onto the ball more and build some dangerous attacks. But the substitutions certainly made a massive change to the dynamic of the game. I've watched the videos of the goals on Twitter several times and each is a delight. Charlie Stimson juggling the ball before feeding Ellis to play the ball into a dangerous area and Alex getting across the defender - both subs involved after 5 minutes-talk about making an impact. Remi picking up the ball in his own half, looking for a pass but seeing nothing so just runs 50 yards to the bye-line shrugging off attempted tackles before putting in not the best cross but good enough to beat everyone until it got to Ellis. Alex chasing down the keeper forcing a pass straight to Joe Christou to take a touch and then literally put the ball on Charlie Ruff's head to nod into space and then a clinical finish. £3,750 in the bank and a minimum £1,250 for next round if/when it gets played.
  6. Gonna be a lot of plastic glasses littering Bridge Avenue around 5pm.
  7. Three superb goals. I think I liked George's goal best mainly for Jordan dropping a shoulder and switching to his left foot and choosing precision over power followed by George's confidence to sweep home first touch. That's not to say I didn't like the other goals as well. Not sure how Chris got his body ahead of the centre half but he did and a super finish. And just another super cross from Ellis for Charlie to nod home.
  8. I believe that a Bowers player tested positive for Covid-19 and Bowers are currently not playing fixtures. Hopefully everyone will have the all-clear by the time this game comes around.
  9. Sending my best wishes to all of you and hope to see you again as soon as possible.
  10. Remember last time I predicted a Hornchurch loss against Carshalton and we beat them 4-1? Well I would have predicted a loss today as well if I wasn't already knocked out and another 4 goals. I see a pattern here.
  11. I'm still with Kentish Maid on this one. If you don't want to see a prediction for a Hornchurch loss then don't add the fixture. Seeemples innit. We're not gonna win em all, although I did think we would have won more so far but with so many injuries it's hardly surprising.
  12. Louis Ramsey was subbed after 20ish minutes on Saturday so I expect he was on the bench because still carrying a knock. So, either Joe or Ellis at right back and you don't really want either one there out of choice. Yeah, it did fall apart a bit but these days happen. Even in the most worst case scenario anyone could imagine I don't think you could have anticipated so many injuries so early in the season. Just need to cross fingers for the next few games and look forward to the better times when once again there is competition for all positions rather than the fittest eleven playing.
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