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  1. Ouch, that was a deep burn. I'd originally gone with a 2-1 Hornchurch win with a 701 attendance but then changed my mind but that would only have affected goal difference. (i actually thought we'd lose and a draw would be a decent result - and let's face it they were very sharp ) I note Jago's inherent prejudice against a strong back 4 as he highlights Paul C's phenomenal Goals for stats whilst dismissing the fact I've let in 7 goals fewer than my nearest rival despite shipping 15 this week. (Still champion elect) Roma 0 v 2 Inter Milan Southampton 0 v 1 Brighton Lincoln 0
  2. Wind assist had nothing to do with Lewwis's goal. I've been watching him since he joined Thurrock in 2013(?) and I reckon he scores goals like this at least once per season. I wish I could remember the opposition but my favourite halfway goal came when Lewwis was also on the touchline. 'I read some suggestions that it was a freak (or lucky) goal. But there can be no doubt it was an intentional effort. If the chance wasn't on then Lew would have kept the ball or played a short pass. I agree that twice in a month is just showing off but with the previous two seasons curtailed by Covi
  3. Cercle Bruges 1 v 0 Mechelen Norwich 1 v 2 Wolves Hull City 1 v 1 Millwall Northampton 2 v 1 Leyton Orient Bognor Regis 1 v 1 The Urchins Attendance: 597 Contingency... Dalbeattie Star 1 v 0 East Kilbride (Scot Cup) I don't really understand these things but do I only need 1 point to be champion? And is it also true that if any of Paul C, Cup of Tea or Lord Upminster fail to get maximum 6 points then I'm promoted? I'd better get some lessons from Ole to make sure I don't throw it all away.
  4. Yep, concur with the above. I was pleased with the way that Daniel Obi got their No 9 under control and also pleased with Charlie Stimson's goal, sharp reactions from a player that hasn't had many minutes thus far. The injury plague continues though with Billy Bricknell limping off. Penalty looked soft, I thought Remi was fouled on the bye-line and not really convinced that Remi made contact - but there you go. Worthing now 8 points clear and won 11 out of last 12 games, that is phenomenal performance - and yet we still had a couple of chances to nick a point or three. Still, ont
  5. Lazio 0 v 1 Juventus Noocastle 1 v 0 Brentford Villa 0 v 1 Brighton Lewes 0 v 3 Folkestone Hornchurch 3 v 0 Carshalton Attendance: 373 Contingency Dundee Utd 1 v 0 Aberdeen
  6. Equatorial Guinea 1 v 0 Tunisia Burton Albion 0 v 1 Charlton Southend 1 v 0 Woking Maidenhead 1 v 3 Dag & Red Leatherhead 3 v 2 C Casuals Att: 327 Contingency Gt Wakering 4 v 1 Romford
  7. Two clean sheets in a row is a good place to build on as well.
  8. Yes, that will be fine. Don't remember doing the first set but looking at the time I posted it I think I must've had 1 babycham too many after the Folkestone game.
  9. Besiktas 0-1 Trabsonspor Manchester Utd 0-1 Man City (12:30) Blackpool 0-1 QPR Lincoln 4-0 Hornchurch Bowers (FAC) Hornchurch 3-0 Merstham Attendance: 453 Contingency Livingston 0-1 Hibs
  10. Besiktas 1 v 0 Trabsonspor Manchester Utd 0 v 3 Man City (12:30) Blackpool 1 v 0 QPR Lincoln 4 v 0 Hornchurch Bowers (FAC) Hornchurch 4 v 0 Merstham Attendance: 437 Contingency Livingston 1 v 0 Hibs
  11. Wow, I mean just WOW. What a performance from every single player. Another superb first half with chances galore but still not quite converting into goals, but could it get carried into the second half, something that has been missing lately. Well, 8 minutes in and a red card for Rickie and it looked like a long journey home with no points again. Yet, what we got was the guts and glory, never say die effort that got us to Wembley (and some very strange formations). I think the supreme accolade was that even with 10 men, Folkestone gave Man of the Match to their goalkeeper!!
  12. Flamengo 1 v 0 At. Mineiro Leicester 2 v 0 Arsenal Tottenham 3 v 0 Man Utd Fulham 0 v 1 West Bromwich Albion Wingate & F 1 v 2 Hornchurch (FAT, before extra time) Attendance:271 Contingency Kelty Hearts 0 v 3 Stirling Albion
  13. Barcelona 0 v 1 Real Madrid Ajax 0 v 1 PSV West Ham 2 v 1 Tottenham Man Utd 1 v 3 Liverpool Cor. Casuals 1 v 2 Hornchurch Attendance: 301 Contingency Roma 0 v 1 Napoli If I get a 3rd Lucky B@st@rd do I get to keep it?
  14. Cooney was subbed very soon after getting a yellow so maybe that was part of the reason - and their winger had got by him a couple of times. I'm not sure how we let that one go either but their first three goals were very well taken once they got the chance. ALso got to take some positives from scoring 3 goals and controlling so much of the game despite the extensive injury roster. Was relieved Jordan Clark was fit enough to play, albeit strapped with Roc-tape. At least I now know how so many other opposition fans feel to see their team go from a winning position to losing in the fi
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