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  1. MikeMike

    Oyster men sunk

    I think my favourite passage of play was the passing in and out from midfield to strikers and working across the pitch and back patiently looking for the cross into George Purcell that saw the double point blank save.
  2. A bit tentative for 10-15 minutes then grew into the game. I read Alex's notes in the program about not taking chances and I think that was true again in the first half but despite that seemed to be cruising at half time. Second half seemed disjointed for some reason and things just didn't seem to come off. Was at the other end of ground but the penalty seemed soft, looked accidental after a slip but I guess I'd have appealed as loudly as Brentwood if position reversed. Very end to end thereafter with both sides failing to seal the win in 90 minutes. But then the penalty shootout - Well what can I say, I think Gareth needs to come down to The Stadium to see how it should be done. Jordan, George, George, Ronnie - all unstoppable and whilst Callum didn't manage to save any I think he did enough to force the 2 misses. So, into the semi-final as the lowest level team so time to think like Newport County for just two more games in this competition.
  3. MikeMike

    Awesome performance

    2 games on the trot with a keeper error giving a goal but both teams did enough to win. Dorking a lot better than when I watched them last year and very physical and organised. Only the ref will know why Sean Marks deserved a yellow after being elbowed in the face and wrestled to the ground. If Tuesday brings a win I want Coggeshall away in the semi-final (on a Monday or Tuesday) so I can up my tally of grounds visited to 124. Looking forwards to Folkestone away on Saturday, like the ground but they have some total numpty fans from my previous visits and M25/M20 can always ruin your day. I hope my memory, knowledge etc. is correct that their manager Neil Cugley is now the longest serving manager anywhere in the FA pyramid after Arsene Wenger's retirement from Arsenal - something like 21 years. I have only seen the outside of his office but the door looked like my headmaster's office when I was at secondary school (early 70's just to give some historical perspective)
  4. MikeMike

    Club applies to revert to Hornchurch FC

    As a new Urchin but long term non-league supporter I hope this comes to pass. You were always Hornchurch FC and the fiasco that caused the creation of AFC Hornchurch was upsetting to see unfold. I am just gratified that the club still exists and have climbed back to a decent senior level and didn't have to fold. Think there's a bit much to do this year for playoffs I think but Truro City away on a Tuesday night in 2021-22?
  5. MikeMike

    Player update please

    Joe Christou and James Goode are signed and injured. Don't know about the others.
  6. MikeMike

    Predictions Harlow v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 29th Dec

    Myself and the other 8 ex-Thurrock fans I saw at Harlow today all feel an immense sense of karmic satisfaction with that result. I have very rarely seen such a reverse from 2-0 down. I'm hoping it gives belief in Mark Stimson's style of football and can push on in the New Year and climb the table (although the next 2 league fixtures could be challenging)
  7. MikeMike

    Predictions Harlow v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 29th Dec

    As an Ex-Thurrock fan I am hoping for a massive Hornchurch win as at Thurrock's last game there they were singing "Sh*t fans, no ground" I would never want what happened to us to be the fate of any non-league team, not even teams I dislike and thought the comments in very poor taste. I'll go with Harlow 0 Hornchurch 2, attendance 306
  8. It looked over the line from where I was at the half way line. I guess I had a similar view to the linesman who was scurrying down the line. Mind you, I also thought there was an obvious handball that wasn't given so maybe my eyesight needs testing.