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  1. I thought we missed a number of chances to take a commanding lead into half-time. There seemed to be a sense of "tightness" about this game that wasn't apparent in the pre-season friendlies, possibly because this result mattered The second half was a lot more edgy, we seemed to get very narrow along whichever wing the ball was played making it easy for Merstham to defend with no wide out ball. For the first goal I though Ellis had misjudged the wind and overhit the corner but either way Lewwis got the header back across the area which is all you can ask and Jordan finally got us on the scoresheet.. I can't comment on the penalty decision as I didn't see it as I turned my head to talk to someone but there had been so many other shouts during the game turned down I guess it must have been justified. The advantage always has to be with the taker but my mind went back to last year's penalty shootout against Oxford City. Joe Wright guessed correctly but the strike was too good and he couldn't pull off another wonder save. The winning goal. Well, this isn't the first time I have seen Lewwis score from the half-way line, or indeed pull out a last minute winner. I teased him on Twitter today and will continue to do so but when the chips are down OMG !!! I stand on the sidelines these days so had to wait until the ball was in the net to celebrate but previously behind the goal have been able to celebrate 2 or 3 seconds beforehand. Overall you cannot really complain when you have got all 3 points and a worldie goal of the season winner in the first game .
  2. I'd like to sponsor Mark Onyemah or Ellis Brown or Zak Hassan I'm new to this game so am prepared to wait my turn, but I remember Mark making his debut as a very young player at Thurrock. But if someone else has the desperate urge to choose Mark I have also enjoyed watching Ellis at Thurrock, Waltham Abbey, Mertsham (briefly for just one game as opposition) and Hornchurch. However, if after all the bids are in and no one has gone for Zak then I will - I enjoy his uninhibited style and confidence. Cash or contactless? Thanks Mike - I have put you down for Mark Onyemah. You can pay by credit or cash - if credit, please speak to Jordan as he has the machine. If cash, either myself, Colin McBride, Fred or Andy. Thanks again.
  3. As you know from my team name I kind of spend my working day working in binary. You've got a prime number, you're screwed. Ha Ha Ha (imagine that in a Bond villain voice) Your best bet is to use a hash table, they work well with prime numbers, definitely avoid even numbers. I vote for a preliminary round and I'll volunteer to be in it if it makes it easier.
  4. Yes please Jago, I would love to play in the ELC, signed << Whoever>>
  5. Zac Hassan and Sonny Dutton have been getting minutes in the games so far. And Loui Ramsey had 90 minutes tonight. Jack Glenister was in the ground but still coming back from injury I think. But, yes, a lot slender than last year.
  6. So, Mertsham at home and Bishops Stortford away shouldn't pose any problems with the current 300 attendees limits. Our 2019/20 average was 303 and Stortford was 253 but I anticipate that crowds will be lower this year, especially at the beginning, as some people may still be shielding/quarantining/anxious. Margate average was 316 so again a low risk of not getting in after travelling, obviously the traditional horizontal rain will deter some. Hartsdown remains the only ground I've visited where the coin toss decides who will play with the tide in the first half. Hopefully, from October the 600 limit will come in and only Worthing exceeded that last year and with them being last game of the season I'd hope that limits would be back to usual. I was looking forwards to Cray Wanderer's new ground but noticed today that their website still has Hayes Lane in the contact section. Anyone know when they;ll be playing at Flamingo Park?
  7. Was good to watch the game with a crowd (albeit quieter than usual). I reckon about 120-130 and felt comfortable. But with the guidelines recommending no standing and only 1 in 3 seats available we'd need 900 seats for the 15% and 1800 for the 30% and I doubt any club in the league has that many seats. So, assuming sensible standing will be allowed to maintain distancing and looking at our average attendance that indicates business pretty much as usual. But, I was thinking about away games. I'd say we take about 30-50 away so probably no issues at clubs like Wingate or Bowers that have lowish attendances but what about Bognor and more pertinently Worthing? WIll we be allowed in if we're not there two hours before kick-off? Will clubs give priority to season ticket holders meaning not even worth travelling? Will it be tickets only with an away allocation?
  8. I'm guessing the D&R game is part of the deal involving George Saunders. In any other year this would have been a nice earner but behind closed doors won't add cash to the various budgets although will be a great experience for the players.
  9. Gadsooks Sirrah, Your profligacy with "so-called rules" makes Mr. Cummings et al look like amateurs!! One minute I bag the last automatic promotion spot, next minute it's "but only if enough people can be bothered to play" I haven't seen such shameless front since I last got chugged walking down City Road.
  10. George Purcell as well.
  11. He just loves playing in Red and White
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