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  1. Leicester C 2 v 1 Chelsea (12:30) Carshalton 1 v 2 Worthing Cray W 2 v 1 Horsham East Thurrock 1 v 2 Folkestone Hornchurch 2 v 1 Enfield Town Att: 317
  2. Yep, fair assessment. I wouldn't have begrudged you a draw. Certainly worked hard enough and I understand you had a number of players missing. After such a brilliant start I did think we would push on and give you a significant spanking. I have to congratulate you on the massive improvements to the ground since I last visited, if you can just find a bit more car parking - I struggled despite arriving before 2pm although there seems to be lots of room in surrounding residential area. I think I recognise the description of the individual you mention and I commend you for your common sense and pragmatism. I hope you recognise the good natured behaviour of the rest of the travelling support and don't paint us in a bad light. May I ask if you got a photo of said bad-apple that you could pass on to Hornchurch officials and LukeXIX with a positive identification to help with appropriate action?
  3. Lot of time for Dave Collis. Used to see him quite regularly as he used to grab lunch from the same cafe that I did.
  4. Definitely a bit of deja vu with creating really good chances in first half but not capitalising - but I think this is better than not creating anything at all. Despite a decent sized squad and most positions well covered we do seem to have a niggle at right back. At the start of the season George Saunders, even with his pace and agility was regularly being skinned - I can only suggest that the more natural attacking players don't put themselves in the optimum position for defending. I also agree that the passing through midfield has lost a bit of crispness of late and that also might be what is leading to the more direct and longer passes. I have no doubt this will pass and scorelines will be looking a lot better again. A bold move by Mark to bring on Arthur for Matt I thought but it paid off as Leatherhead then become pinned into their own half. Those three consecutive corners from Ronnie Winn as well, how did any of them stay out - centre half did well not to put through his own net.
  5. Oooh, how exciting - a top of the table challenge between me and the terrifically prescient random number generator (perhaps not so random). Valencia 1 v 2 Barcelona Coventry 1 v 2 Birmingham (FAC) Southampton 1 v 2 Spurs (FAC) Orient 1 v 2 Newport County Bowers 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 163
  6. Can't believe how many one sided cards the referee gave for no obvious reason. Yet so few fouls given for shoulder barges into the back. And so much screaming and diving, embarrassing really as I thought they were good enough to not need to be so "cheaty". I also would have been happy with a point before the game but feel like points dropped with the chances spurned in the total domination of the 1st half.
  7. Unlucky for Glenn Tamplin's Romford Wizards to have to go to Histon's ground in consecutive games. I can't wait for the coach video. Hoffenheim 1 v 0 Eintracht Frankfurt West Ham 1 v 0 Everton Southampton 1 v 0 Wolves Histon 1 v 0 Glenn Tamplin’s Wizards Hornchurch 1 v 0 Leatherhead Att: 333
  8. And as for the chocolate fireguard masquerading as 4th official who didn't even manage to know what number to put on the sub board ........
  9. Lazio 1 v 1 Napoli C Palace 0 v 2 Arsenal (12:30) Tottenham 0 v 2 Liverpool Southend 1 v 2 Tranmere Urchins 3 v 0 Aveley (FAT) Att: 483
  10. The keeper and the 10 throwing themselves to the floor to try and cheat a red card - embarrassed for them. But, as Mickey Purcell got booked for kicking the ball you can't blame them for trying to get another dodgy decision.
  11. Horsham have recently lost to both Worthing and Folkestone away so hopefully that trend will continue. I tend to agree with Mark Stimson on the games-in-hand versus points-on-the-board question so it would be nice to get another 3 this weekend. January is looking very congested with seven games and February even worse with eight, including two long mid-week journeys. With a bit of luck injuries and work commitments will be kind. I read that the Urchins are unbeaten at The Bridge so far this season - quite an outstanding achievement given the quality of some of the teams and higher league opposition that have visited. I'm also going to predict a single goal win for Hornchurch with 325 officially watching
  12. Fair comment - and I think Nathan was running past the ball and not deliberately standing in front of it. I think the ref was swayed because he booked one of their players for similar offence very early in game. I initially believed this would mean Nathan missing the FA Trophy game but others have told me the suspension kicks in after one week meaning it's the Horsham game that he misses.
  13. Yes, Nathan was sent off. 2 yellows. 1st was for stopping a free kick being taken quickly. 2nd was foul for the penalty. I didn't see clearly but both players in a bit of a tangle. Linesman had clear view but didn't flag so difficult to say but if ref thought foul then had to give yellow I think.
  14. The mid-week away days are stacking up now. Folkestone, Margate, Lewes, Cray and now East Thurrock. If we beat Aveley in the FA Trophy then we can add Potters Bar to the list
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