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  1. New England Rev’n 2-2Atlanta Arsenal 2-3 Tottenham (12:30) Fulham 1-0 Newcastle Tilbury 0-2 Grays. Hornchurch 1-1 Braintree (FAC) Attendance : 701 Contingency Coventry 3-2 Middlesbrough
  2. I did enjoy Sam's second goal. For a number of years there has been talk of kicking the ball under the wall as it jumps, leading to draught excluder tactics of defenders laying down but I never saw anyone try it before. So it was especially pleasing to see such a perfect execution.
  3. Scotland 3 v 1 Ireland N. Ireland 1 v 0 Kosovo Barrow 0 v 3 Orient Billericay 0 v 3 Lewes Hornchurch 2 v 0 Cray Attendance : 542 Contingency Wealdstone 1 v 1 Southend
  4. Sparta Rotterdam 1 v 0 Groningen Sheff Wed 2 v 0 Ipswich Colchester 0 v 1 Grimsby Enfield Town 3 v 1 Bognor (League game) Maldon & T 0 v 4 Hornchurch (FAC) Attendance: 269 Contingency: Alloa 1 v 1 Montrose
  5. Leipzig 1 v 0 B, Dortmund (14:30) Leicester 1 v 2 Villa Southampton 0 v 2 Brentford AFC Wimbledon 0 v 2 L. Orient Billericay 0 v 2 Hornchurch Attendance: 793 Contingency: Enfield Town 3 v 0 Horsham
  6. I'd have thought that Mark, Jamie, Tim and Tony will be there. I'll get my coat.
  7. I can confirm that Jago is very strict on this, it took me three goes and I didn't think I had strayed beyond mildly blue double entendres.
  8. Mark Onyemah has usually played left back. He played centre forward for England I believe and also for Thurrock for a while.
  9. Yep, that's fine and I hope to see my name on a Twitter GIF on Saturday.
  10. I note that Ronnie Winn has left the club. I'm sure I saw Mark Onyemah playing in the St. Ives game. If I wasn't mistaken and he signs can I swap to Mark please. Failing that, Can I have Lewwis Spence away. Mike
  11. Loving the new banner at the top of the website. Well done.
  12. Admin: Please delete this post if it is inappropriate. I never had the privilege to meet Kel in person but I recognise his face and I'm sure we must have nodded at each other and said "Alright" like blokes do. I note that Kel had intended to sponsor Remi Sutton's home kit this season. If a few other people are also interested I would be happy to pay a little extra for my shirt sponsorship to cover the cost of Kel's sponsorship so that his name can be in the program etc.
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