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  1. I thought Barking were installing an all weather pitch for this season? They're not cheap are they so maybe there's been an injection of funds? Or are there some hefty grants around for that sort of thing? I notice no-one is commiserating with Harlow also being in the South Central and also having longer distances than the Isthmian North and I think that is right and proper.
  2. Email address on the "Club and Directions" tab looks incorrect "Email: enquiries@@afchornchurch.com" - 2 "at" signs. Wonder whether the email address will also change to "@hornchurchfc.com" like sponsorship@hornchurchfc.com. on the Matchball sponsorship page "Car Parking" paragraph on club and directions page is indented.
  3. It is so unusual to be this late in the season and for so many play-off/relegation places still to be decided. So Dorking are champions and Harlow are relegated and realistically so are Burgess Hill unless they can reverse a 14 goal difference against Wingate&Finchley but who will take the final drop position between Whitehawk and Wngate&Finchley? Haringey have made the play-offs but could be 2nd, 3rd or 4th but they seem to having a dip and face Dorking who still seem to be going for it. Tonbridge are also guaranteed a place but only because Carshalton and Stortford face each other. All four places are available to the Angels. Carshalton could fall at the final hurdle, or they could finish 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or 5th). Stortford are in a similar position to Carshalton and this fixture is maybe the most enticing for the neutral. Merstham are only outside the play-offs on goal difference and away to Worthing isn't the best fixture for them to creep in. Equally Worthing would also have liked something easier for the last chance of the dice. Folkestone have had a marvellous April to also get themselves in with a chance and whilst home to Bognor won't be a walk it is maybe the easiest amongst their rivals. I'm pleased we don't need a result at Lewes and can just enjoy the game regardless of result but would be nice to keep 15th place.
  4. I am hoping they drop straight through into Essex Senior League.
  5. I am hoping for a scoreline that matches Harlow's efforts against Kingstonian, Worthing and WinFinchley.
  6. Alex will be pleased that the maths has been done and we'll be in the Bostik Premier league next year One off the bar, one off the post and several other chances and I started to get nervous that it was going to be one of those games where we do everything but score. And then a 45th minute penalty, the Hornchurch curse strikes again, but this time an instant response with a well taken Lewwis Spence strike to go in level. The players came out and I'm thinking let's get the next ten minutes over without conceding and was overjoyed as Ronnie Winn gets us in front inside a minute with a 20 yard strike. And then another two minutes later. Hornchurch managed the game well for the next half hour or so and like the first half had a number of opportunities to extend the lead further.So, when Kingstonian got their second it did add again to the nerve levels for the final ten minutes. Well done fellas in scorching hot conditions.
  7. *Checks calendar to see if it is 1st April* Given that most officials don't always manage to measure the 10 yards for a free kick I anticipate carnage as they try to also to simultaneously keep the offence and defence apart.
  8. Yep, looked like it was going to be a repeat of Bishops Stortford where we did everything but score. A neutral would have had difficulty in deciding who was the play-off team. Second half was much improved and the tactical switch to three in midfield to let Saunders roam worked well. A textbook example of why you play to the 95th minute and well done to Sonny, not very many senior minutes but composure beyond his years in a crowded penalty area. The result also crowns Dorking Wanderers as champions, another team much improved from last year but also now playing on 4g this year - is it just coincidence with Worthing in 4th that's 3 out of 4 although Harlow also have 4g and another heavy defeat at home today has moved them to the bottom of the table. So, still 8 points clear of the relegation zone and only 4 games left, two of which are at home against the bottom two. Still not mathematically safe but difficult to see Hornchurch not in the Premier League next year.
  9. Well they were quite good weren't they? The worst of all possible starts and a penalty leaving us two down inside twenty minutes and I feared it was going to be a fearsome beating. A few scares followed but we settled and maybe if we could have nicked one before half time it would have been a different story. Seemed more in the game second half although maybe Worthing were just managing the game, certainly still vicious on the break and Callum earnt his money with some fantastic saves. The third was one that was reminiscent of Sean Marks, ball whipped in from wing and tapped home from close range. A consolation goal in added time for Joe Christou and we all went home. Again though, most results around us were favourable (especially Harlow losing - I hope we put them down) so limited damage. Eight points clear of relegation and five games left, three against lower place teams leaves fate in our own hands and am confident we'll still be in the Premier next year. One final note, how fantastic to see so many kids out on the pitch after the game. The sort of community club that I feel Hornchurch are aspiring to.
  10. 10.00 - Struggle into semi-consciousness 10.25 - Stumble downstairs to kitchen 10.30 - Tea and toast 10.45 - Program SatNav and check traffic 11.00 - General faffing around 12.10 - Put coat etc. into car 12.15 - Leave home to pick up fellow travellers and head coastwards 14.00 - Arrive in Worthing 14.10 - Cuss as bets on lunchtime kick off goes tits up
  11. My flabber was completely ghasted when I heard the result of the appeal. It is the first appeal at this level that I have ever seen upheld, even other appeals with what seemed to be compelling video evidence. I am 100% certain that without the video there wouldn't even have been an appeal. The question of retrospective action is tricky. Can a red card/ban be given for simulation/unsporting behaviour (I can't think offhand of any other offence that could be applied) so maybe a yellow would be the worst case applicable. I wonder also whether either of the officials would receive a sanction because it has been proven that what they thought they saw didn't happen and for something so game changing you have to be 100% and can't be guessing. I only give the minutiae of the professional game a passing interest but I have heard of retrospective punishments given after trial by TV. Have these been for something of this nature or is it more off the ball stuff that got missed? Presumably it is the FA who would instigate such proceedings rather than the club so, again, I would doubt anything further would happen even if there is precedent at the higher levels of the pyramid. And even if that kind of common sense prevailed it would likely only be Margate that got informed. And then of course there is the question of hypocrisy. I bet that player, indeed any player, would tell you they hate cheating in the game yet there's a high probability that his team mates gave him high-fives and the club did nothing. I would like to think that if a (AFC) Hornchurch player had done the same they would have been sanctioned by the club but maybe that is just a pipe dream and winning at any cost is all that counts. In this matter I am in agreement with Alex Sharp's notes in the following home match program, I could easily beat my children at any board game by cheating but where is the satisfaction and challenge?
  12. Potters Bar have until the end of the month to provide additional covered areas for 200 more people or they'll be relegated. If they have a collection I am minded to contribute as I prefer these things settled on the pitch. I'll be keeping an eye on Harlow vs Wingate and Kingstonian vs Burgess Hill as well and hope they go our way as well.
  13. A terrific well done to the hardy souls who walked to today's game, I hope the achy muscles ease quickly. That was as tough as I had anticipated it would be but I thought we'd done enough to get a point. Under a lot of pressure for most of the game but never seemed overwhelmed. Chances were few and far but never any attempt to just park the bus. Always a bit gutting when the winner comes so late but it was well worked. Didn't seem too many complaints to the offside flag for Charlie's goal, looked OK to me at the half way line At least the other results limited the damage and with four of the remaining eight games against teams around and about us our fate is in our hands. Oh, and so, so quiet for a crowd of 509!! Just as well the Urchins behind the goal were in attendance.
  14. Just watched the goals again on AFCHTV YouTube channel - my oh my oh my.
  15. @Shanghai I've just read there is free roast potatoes at half time. You just need some green beer and all your dreams will have come true.
  16. The goals are now available to view here https://www.leatherheadfc.com/news/3675/show
  17. Without doubt a very important game. The away fixture was a very miserable Tuesday night where each side played with and against the tide. It was my first Urchin away game and I was very surprised at how many Urchins travelled. Margate were in much better shape at that time and a 0-0 draw was a good result (I am choosing to ignore the blatant handball that only three persons failed to see and my failing memory also seems to think Hx had the ball over the line but not given [I just re-read the match report and there is no mention of this second opinion and I was on the half way line so must be a case of wishful thinking]) This weekend though everything is completely different. I have no desire to upset long-term Urchins but with 2-3 exceptions I think all the released/left on their own choice players have been replaced with stronger players. And, fingers crossed, the results are starting to match the performance. Margate have also had a change of manager and a new loanee striker from Conf National Dartford with Scottish pro football experience. But, to use a boxing analogy, what is the tale of the tape. Well, tonight Margate went behind against Carshalton Athletic in the fourth minute but got a 90th minute equaliser to remain one place and two points ahead of Hx but having played one extra game. Looking at the six game form guide, Margate are 2-2-2 and 14th whilst Hx are 3-0-3 and 11th. But to add context, Hx last three opponents have been top 10 (Leatherhead OMG) whilst Margate have been 11th and below. So, what's my prediction? Well, I see there is an established thread and 2 division league for that sort of thing so I'll keep my counsel. Seems likely that all three George's will be unavailable so Stimmo, Robbo and Southo (?) will need a new vocabulary. Won't be surprised to see A.N. Other on the bench, after all I have seen M. Stimson, 51 named last year. On a personal note I remain unashamedly ex-Thurrock (17 years is a hard habit to break) but am delighted with the welcome extended to me and my fellow 'fleeters. I was privileged to speak with Blackballed at Leatherhead (who told me I am now an Urchin because I've been at every Stimmo game except Whitehawk away) and PonyTailedUrchin (I think) has chatted with me at nearly every game. So, Jago, if you want a shandy (I drive to all games so that's my limit) and a chat they'll point you in my direction (and you can double check my mental health) though you may have to cross the divide into the West End (I think you call it Riverside) or you can find me queuing for a tea and a kit-kat at half time. You said you were shy but I can confirm I am house trained and have just achieved 100% in a recent Prevention of Sexual Harassment course at work so I think you can risk it.
  18. I noticed three cameras at the game (along with a GoPro behind the goal). Were any of these connected to AFCHTV? Very keen to see the goals again.
  19. The well deserved plaudits for today's performance will surely flood in but a mention for the Urchins behind the goal who resisted the urge to taunt 'head fans with well loved classics such as "10 men, we only need 10 men" and "1-0 and you messed it up". Standing by the Home bench was also interesting as they became increasingly irate. The assistant manager putting his fist through the perspex when we equalised was unexpected and one of the other coaches complaining to the ref "He took 15 seconds from when you blew the whistle" also amused. But beyond that, oh my goodness, talk about knuckle down and give blood, sweat and tears to get a result. When George got the red card it was "gonna be difficult to get a point out of this", then at 1-0 down it was "hope this doesn't turn into a nightmare" then back to "a long time to hold on for a point" . Reflecting at half time though I thought Hx had created more chances, including hitting the post and stayed that way for the first 20 of the second half and justly rewarded with the lead. As legs got tired in the final ten+five it turned into "We don't deserve to lose these three points" but again the boys dug deep and managed the game through to the final whistle. Whisper it softly but time to stop looking over shoulders at the drop zone and time to look upwards at mid table. Next two games at the Bridge can get Hx up there.
  20. Purfleet from the 2000/2001 season. Colin McBride sold me tickets for a pre season friendly against a proper West Ham XI.
  21. I decided I would initially go wherever the majority of my favourite players went and take it from there and that was Waltham Abbey. Not constrained by public transport as I have always travelled under my own steam I added quite a few ticks at some pleasant grounds in the South Central Division (plus two absolute sh*tholes). When Mark moved to Hornchurch I stayed at Abbey for one or two games before the players also moved across. If everyone moves again I don't really know which way I'd sway but am hoping to not have to make that choice. Other Thurrock regulars seem to be spread between Grays, Aveley and Romford as far as I can tell. Waltham's low attendance certainly felt familiar and it's been interesting adjusting to larger crowds again that I haven't seen since Thurrock's Conference South days. I quite enjoy the call and response between the hill and the east side and was very surprised at how many Urchins travel - especially Margate on a wet and windy Tuesday night. I'm aware of some strong disappointment over the player turnover as I went through that at least twice as Thurrock lost pretty much the entire team (including when Colin and Jimmy first came to Hornchurch). In my case we started again with players from youth teams and lower divisions and took a lot longer to get back to where we were but you just have to stay with your team regardless. The anti-Harlow feeling comes from them singing about us having no ground and no team. I'm always up for banter but that was beyond the pale. Overjoyed at Worthing beating them 9-1. I am usually on the Riverside - or West End as I prefer to call it. As to questioning my sanity you're not the first.
  22. Agree with you about drums. Should only be allowed if inserted in the rectum. Ronnie's goal similar to Charlie, both composed in rounding the keeper. And a composed defensive line against what was expected to be a lively Enfield attack. I can only think of two serious chances they were given. George going off was a blow but the flexibility of the squad allowed players to swap around without really affecting the shape. Midfield strong as well. Christou and Spence both had worldy chances that fizzed wrong side of the upright. Icing on the cake for me was Harlow getting stuffed 9-1
  23. Well that went alright didn't it? Did anyone foresee Ronnie Winn at left back? I suppose I should have guessed having seen him play there before but I had anticipated George Winn at LB with Jordan Clark at centre half. I feared the worse when Bracknell took the lead but the response was magnificent and just wave after wave of attack until the equaliser. How on Earth did Alex hang that high for so long before heading home? Given recent games I was holding my breath either side of half time but all good this time. Terrific goal from Charlie Stimson to take the lead with the near post header from the corner and then another dubious penalty decision against us. Only four minutes though before George Purcell did what George Purcell does shooting across the keeper inside the far post. With Enfield Town staging a late recovery and then winning on penalties Saturday becomes a dress rehearsal for the final at Aveley FC
  24. Wow, that is extremely comprehensive. I have never collated stats myself so cannot add any more to what you already have. I was basing my comments on the player stats page in the final Thurrock FC program which had Remi at 199 games; that he was on the team sheet at Staines despite being injured for the one purpose of being brought on to achieve the 200 game milestone (A touch of class from Mark I thought); Chairman Tommy South presenting him with a commemorative gift to recognise the achievement. All circumstantial I grant you but compelling all the same. I would recommend that you perhaps get in touch with Thurrock's co-founder, fixtures secretary, club secretary, committee member Norman Posner (Now at AFCH) who might be able to fill the gaps.
  25. Remi was injured but Mark brought him on as centre forward in last few minutes so he could achieve 200 games milestone. Joe Christou was at East Thurrock United in the Conference South when this match was played.
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