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  1. Perth Glory 1 v 1 Western United (11:30) Swansea 2 v 0 Norwich Blackpool 1 v 2 Birmingham C Boreham Wood 3 v 1 Sahfend Hornchurch 3 v 0 Kingstonian Attendance : 523 Contingency: Forest G Rovs 0 v 0 Cheltenham (“El Glostico”!)
  2. Crusaders 2 v 1 Glentoran (12:30) Sunderland 0 v 0 Millwall (12:30) Chelmsford 2 v 0 Dartford (12:30) Enfield 1 v 0 B. Stortford (12:30) Bowers 0 v 2 Chins Attendance : 301 Contingency: Derby 2 v 0 Sheff Wed (12:30)
  3. Every single player was outstanding. I guess it is natural to up your game against the league leaders, or maybe it was a reaction to the somewhat insipid performance against Brightlingsea. I concur with Dibs that Charlie had perhaps the best game he has had in a long while, I don't think he lost a single header as the target man for Joe Wright to find and then there was the essence of Dennis Bergcamp just before the foul for the penalty. I liked the improvised routine for the 12 yard indirect free kick because I can't believe that is a training routine as you just never see those given (I'm not even sure it was a pass back). Can't understand why the ref made them do it twice but even after a rehearsal Potters Bar defence were helpless against the power of Sam's shot. I was greedily desperate for Sam to also get a hat-trick because double hat-tricks are also a very rare sight. I would imagine that the rest of our league were watching out for this result as top-of-the-table clashes always bring interest and I suspect there are a few nervy teams out there tonight. If it wasn't for the penalty decisions against us that was a comprehensive 5-0 thrashing. I hope that the same level of performance can be repeated next week against Bowers as they have also been a bit of a bogey team in recent seasons. "Top of the League" has such a nice ring to it and having been there already this season it would be nice to do it again.
  4. Tunisia 2 v 1 Australia (10:00) AFC Wimbledon 2 v 1 Chesterfield (FAC at 90 mins) Dag & Red 1 v 3 Gillingham (FAC at 90 mins) Billericay 2 v 1 Canvey Potters Bar 1 v 1 Hornchurch Attendance : 301 Contingency: Spain 0 v 2 Germany (Sunday)
  5. Gibraltar 1 v 0 Andorra Cove Rangers 2 v 0 Greenock Morton Grays Ath 2 v 0 Hashtag United Haringey 0 v 3 Potters Bar Brightlingsea 0 v 4 Hornchurch Attendance: 372 Contingency: Glenavon 1 v 2 Coleraine
  6. It was very comfortable. Three well worked goals. On another day Charlie Stimson could have had a hatrick of headed goals as well. Regent were largely chasing shadows although a bright period for 15 or so minutes at beginning of 2nd half. I understand that they were playing some U-23 players which likely contributed if true. Ball kind of wriggled under Lamar's arm for their goal from shot through crowded box. Had been hoping to see Ellis Brown as he seemed optimistic on Saturday. Main thing is we're in the hat for some unknown date in the future (Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as FA Cup/Trophy) and also keeping up winning ways.
  7. Goiás 2 v 2 São Paulo (Sunday night some time or other*) Bournemouth 3 v 2 Everton Newcastle Utd 0 v 1 Chelsea Carshalton 0 v 2 Enfield Town Aveley 1 v 2 Hornchurch Attendance : 456 Contingency: Internacional 3 v 4 Palmeiras
  8. Galatasaray 2v 1 Besiktas Nott’m Forest 3 v 1 Brentford Everton 2 v 0 Leicester Maidenhead 1v 3 Dagenham (FAC – at 90 mins) HFC 3 v 0 Wingate & F Attendance: 499 Contingency: Horsham 0 v 0 Potters Bar
  9. Ellis took part in the pre-game warm-up at Margate so hopefully that bodes well for the near future. I spoke with Jordan as well and he said he had good news from the scan and there are no meniscus or ACL tears which had been a concern although there is still fluid and swelling. He hopes to start light training again and see what reaction he gets. Nathan reckoned a couple of weeks as he passed me going into the bar after the game. Haven't seen Mark for a couple of games which is personally a worry as I sponsor his shirt, but previously I sponsored Ronnie Winn so realise I am the kiss of death in this respect.
  10. E, Frankfurt 1 v 0 B, Dortmund Fulham 1 v 1 Everton York 1 v 2 Southend Folkestone 1 v 2 Horsham (FAT at 90 mins) Margate 0 v 3 Hornchurch Attendance: 516 Contingency: Dundee Utd 2 v 1 Motherwell
  11. FC Copenhagen 1 v 0 Midtjylland Everton 3 v 1 C. Palace Millwall 2 v 0 West Brom Arbroath 2 v 0 Hamilton Hornchurch 2 v 0 Horsham Attendance: 555 Contingency: Sunderland 1 v 2 Burnley
  12. I saw that as well and agree it was a little touch of class.
  13. At. Bilbao 2 v 1 At. Madrid Leicester 2 v 3 C. Palace Watford 1 v 0 Norwich Chelmsford C 2 v 1 Aldershot (FAC 4q) Chins 1 v 1 Oxford City (FAC 4q) Attendance: 601 Contingency: AFC Wimbledon 0 v 1 Sutton Utd
  14. Well, yes of course. But the ££££ cannot be denied. £625 today for losing versus £2450 for winning and a minimum of £775 for losing in next round. That's an average person's energy bill for a year or the thick end of a week's wages bill or the cost of a coach to say Lewes or the wholesale cost of the beer that the Urchin Ultras will drink next week. We are guaranteed £3,125 next week against Oxford City but who knows how much will come from a win and a good draw against a league 2 team and television highlight money.
  15. Certainly average for 85 minutes. Definitely enough capability on the pitch to have got the job done but for some reason it just didn't happen. Have to give Harlow credit for upping their game and many times their desire to win the ball gave them an advantage above their ability. I thought that the last 5 or so minutes things started to come together and I think if there had been extra time we'd have got the result. It's a little ironic that our FA Trophy win was built on some very clinical penalty shootout performances and I doubt we'll see three missed penalties again. Only major positive is that Margate also lost so we don't have to go there on a Tuesday night.
  16. Well, it looked like Plymouth might also have pulled off a win against higher league opposition but it wasn't to be. Leading 1-0 at half-time but pegged back to 1-1 in the 90th minute. Oxford City took an early lead in extra time and then sealed the deal in last minute of extra time to win 3-1
  17. B. Dortmund 0 v 2 Bayern M Brighton 1 v 3 Tottenham Birmingham C 1 v 2 Bristol City Dag & Red 2 v 0 Southend (12:30) Harlow 0 v 4 Hornchurch (FAT) Attendance : 399 Contingency Seville 2 v 2 At. Bilbao
  18. Normally in a cup competition I'd be hoping for an away draw at a ground I'd never been to, but this time for the sake of Alex Sharp's wish list I want a home draw against the lowest ranked team still in the hat. Notts County away can wait for the 1st round proper.
  19. New England Rev’n 2-2Atlanta Arsenal 2-3 Tottenham (12:30) Fulham 1-0 Newcastle Tilbury 0-2 Grays. Hornchurch 1-1 Braintree (FAC) Attendance : 701 Contingency Coventry 3-2 Middlesbrough
  20. I did enjoy Sam's second goal. For a number of years there has been talk of kicking the ball under the wall as it jumps, leading to draught excluder tactics of defenders laying down but I never saw anyone try it before. So it was especially pleasing to see such a perfect execution.
  21. Scotland 3 v 1 Ireland N. Ireland 1 v 0 Kosovo Barrow 0 v 3 Orient Billericay 0 v 3 Lewes Hornchurch 2 v 0 Cray Attendance : 542 Contingency Wealdstone 1 v 1 Southend
  22. Sparta Rotterdam 1 v 0 Groningen Sheff Wed 2 v 0 Ipswich Colchester 0 v 1 Grimsby Enfield Town 3 v 1 Bognor (League game) Maldon & T 0 v 4 Hornchurch (FAC) Attendance: 269 Contingency: Alloa 1 v 1 Montrose
  23. Leipzig 1 v 0 B, Dortmund (14:30) Leicester 1 v 2 Villa Southampton 0 v 2 Brentford AFC Wimbledon 0 v 2 L. Orient Billericay 0 v 2 Hornchurch Attendance: 793 Contingency: Enfield Town 3 v 0 Horsham
  24. I'd have thought that Mark, Jamie, Tim and Tony will be there. I'll get my coat.
  25. I can confirm that Jago is very strict on this, it took me three goes and I didn't think I had strayed beyond mildly blue double entendres.
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