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  1. I was told about an hour before kick-off that he’d picked up a knock in training on Thursday night. I’m assuming reason he was named in the squad on Friday is the hope might have been he could be on the bench at least. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious and he’ll be ok for Saturday as we definitely missed him at Weymouth.
  2. Don’t forget Concord. Still able to get 52 pts. 😂
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/SloughTownFC/
  4. It's basically just a hub for forums similar to this website but more of a social media platform and much much bigger in size. Very useful tool for information for anything really. Have a look if you're interested, feel like it would be a readymade solution for finding a new home. Can choose as well to make a Slough Town 'subreddit' more of a members only thing with invites or open it up to anyone.
  5. Would Reddit be something that the users of this forum would be interested in maybe using as a new home? I have a Slough Town FC subreddit setup ready for use. It's empty at the moment but was made for a moment such as this in mind I guess. It's a very easy app to use as well and very accessible for all.
  6. So there’s actually no option to recall because Rhys wasn’t actually eligible for Ascot’s FA Vase run if he signed on loan. So he is currently an Ascot player as I believe we released him.
  7. The only gap I could see Taunton having any chance of squeezing this Ebbsfleet game into as I would be shocked if it isn't postponed is the 20th April as they have games on the 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 22nd, 25th and 29th. Good luck to them and their players. Update: Having just looked at Concord's schedule as they already have an extra game more to play than Taunton, they actually do have a fixture on the 20th so would now definitely assume this Taunton-Ebbsfleet fixture would be placed there.
  8. Luca Woodhouse returns and striker George Alexander joins too! Brilliant additions to the side. Back three of Dandy, Eweka and Woodhouse sounds excellent. With George also joining, I’m assuming that maybe Francis is out a little longer than first thought.
  9. Was told his car broke down when I arrived at the ground before 7pm.
  10. Don't forget we still have Chippenham, Taunton & Weymouth still to play.
  11. Bit of a mixed ending for Imran Kayani as his loan with Kingstonian comes to an end. He managed to get himself onto the scoresheet in a 4-1 defeat to Horsham. A lot of minutes in 6 appearances as well as 3 goals and 2 assists means it appears to have been a pretty successful loan spell for Imran.
  12. Such a huge game this one. It would be nice to turn around our poor form against them too. No wins in the last 6 meetings with them and not beaten them at home in the last 3. A perfect time to beat them with some tough fixtures looming in both Eastbourne and Farnborough away and of course the big BT Sport fixture at home to Ebbsfleet.
  13. It was noted when he signed that Tyrese Owen can play centre half. Maybe that’s something we will potentially see.
  14. Well that’s not good then. Back for Ebbsfleet on the 25th though.
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