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  1. Very sorry to hear of the sad and premature loss of Brian. For those who were not around, Brian was a classy midfielder who played left sided defender in EFC's last FA Trophy winning side. This was alongside England keeper Andy Pape and England skipper Dave Howell; Paul Furlong who went on to play for Watford and Chelsea ; Paul Harding who went on to Notts County and not forgetting Enfield legend Steve King, IMO one of the best, if not THE best, ever to pull on an Enfield shirt. God rest Brian and how we could do with some of these players now!
  2. I am sure the Club Directors are more than aware that this should be a great opportunity to attract some new interest. I hope we get the leaflets out; maybe an entrance fee promotion?; possibly some enticement for those that attend to come again; can we get the merchandise out where it can be seen-it is nearly Xmas- and please NO RAIN! I do recognise in saying this, that the work falls on the same hardworking volunteers who do so much. I do however hope the Club can attract some more support for the game as attendances have been lower than the quality of entertainment on offer deserves and we need the income.COYT!
  3. Best game I have seen for a long time, between two excellent sides. Town more than deserved to win IMO. M and T were excellent in the first half but fortunate to level from a dubious looking penalty. Town were on top second half and went down 2-3 against the run of play from what looked like a clear offside against two M and T players. However Town stayed on top and Bricknell's two match winning strikes were superb. Solid all round performance which again deserved a bigger attendance.
  4. Great performance and comprehensive win for Town. Andy and the management team fully deserve the credit for putting together a balanced and talented squad. The only down side is they should be attracting much larger crowds which I suspect we will need to ensure the finances can support a push for promotion. Let's hope some of those preferring Spurs poor form will get fed up with VAR even when it unfairly assists the home team!
  5. The change of Hatton to right side defence worked because it also brought more composure in central defence with Jon Muleba taking that position and largely controlling their number 20 who had been a threat all night. I also felt we were poor first half but were the better side from half time onwards. Very unfair to describe Stortford as a 's****y little team Seaside Towner. They played well throughout although I agree they did indulge in too much feigning injury and diving. No worse though than many sides at this level who are allowed to get away with it by often poor and naive referees.
  6. Agree with that. Joe Payne is a good signing but essentially a left sided rather than central defender, according to a Barnet supporting friend, who rates him highly.
  7. Delighted with the news re signings, particularly Jon Muleba who was our best player IMO during Quinton time. He was outstanding in Braintrees play off final win. What news of Mo Faal?
  8. Good to hear Nathan McDonald is back at the Club. I felt that Matt Nolan did a great job standing in last season and hope he can continue his development with the Club next season. We need something special to replace Matt Johnson and, as I said before, a quality central defender. Money talks and I believe that is the reason Matt Johnson has left. I am still recovering from the end of season capitulation which cost us a place in the place offs. If the club can strengthen the squad before we restart, I will continue to give them my support. Unfortunately Andy Leese will start the season under immense pressure to deliver. I hope he is up to it!
  9. First home game I have missed when I didn't have another commitment. Our home form has been abysmal this season. This is now getting very worrying.
  10. I have not been one of those calling for the manager to go on this forum and only a few weeks ago I was feeling optimistic that we would make the play offs. What is now clear from our recent capitulation is that we can play well in patches but don't have that essential ingredient I would identify as a 'winning mentality'. I hate to think of the impact on the Club's finances and development due to the absence of a decent FA cup / trophy run and play off run in. I would have accepted one or two out of three but certainly not none. We have lost our momentum as a Club and need to recover it quickly. I feel for those who put so much effort into this Club off the field. and the loyal supporters. The manager has to accept responsibility.
  11. Good luck to Town and new loan signing Joe Payne, if he plays. The last J.Payne debut I saw for the old Enfield was the immense John Payne who made 455 appearances between 64 and 73, captaining the club for most of that time.
  12. Someone like the excellent Tonbridge number 6 alongside Weatherstone would make a huge difference IMO. I am not having a go at Dan Rumens who for me is needed in the squad for the run in. If Mo is fit and Karl's loan is ending, maybe we can afford something?
  13. Lots of positives yesterday as highlighted by others. It should be added that Matt Nolan had another solid game and clean sheet, something of a rarity this season! We still look short of another quality central defender who can find passes out of defence and we also appear to have little central defensive back up since Remi Sutton left. I don't feel we should fear anyone if we can get into the playoffs so now is the time to invest in a central defender if we can find one.
  14. 4 wf there was also a black dog that used to sit behind the goal which the Es were attacking. When they scored, which was very often, the dog would bark and jump around as if celebrating the goal. In a touching moment TU presented the dog with a new coat before one of the games. Think the dogs name was Bruce but may be someone can confirm.
  15. Could also be seen as a great way to destroy a key player’s confidence at a critical stage of the season.
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