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  1. Interesting concept from Barney. Thinking about the very best in each position from my time watching Enfield and ETFC, I have no doubt in my mind about the following 11 legends: Andy Pape, Les Tilley, Tony Jennings, Alf D'Arcy, Ian Reid; Mickey O'Sullivan, Ronnie Howell; Noel Ashford, Carl Richards, Roger Day, Steve King. Sorry, no ETFC players make it for me. Not surprising for these players I have selected would have been at National league premier level and above. I only saw Tommy Lawrence play on the wing after his head injury so have excluded him. Great players all, g
  2. Adam Cunnington could be a great addition. He has certainly caused us plenty of trouble in past years playing for Billericay.
  3. Agree with the sentiments but, at our level, being able to swiftly replace departures is perhaps more important than over stressing about retention. In this respect I feel Andy Leese has done a reasonable job in difficult circumstances. We seem to be a club with a fair measure of success with player loyalty based on those who have either stayed or returned e.g Nathan, Jon Muleba, Harold, Percy. The exception of course being the Quinton exodus of which enough has been said. I do feel, rather like 4WF, that we should aim to be competitive on payments within our division. notwithstanding th
  4. Surprised there is not more discussion on this thread.On the assumption that the league will restart some time, its a great chance to learn from what we have seen so far and 'hit the ground running' when we get back. Firstly, does anyone know what the League /FA will do about November fixtures? I seem to remember a proposal that missed matches will be scored as draws and therefore not played. This could be a decent outcome for Town given what looks like a tough fixture list for the month. Hopefully management can use the time to reflect on weaknesses and build on strengths. It will
  5. Battling team performance in awful conditions. Went one down from an unfortunate slip by the otherwise excellent Peppera. Got our two goals back with great timing but should have wrapped it up well before on chances. Timely subs and a great cameo performance from Percy who was superb to watch , charging with great strength at the opposition defence. Well done to the team Andy and Mario on a great win against a side who have ambitions this season.
  6. Could have been two or more up at half time but backs to the wall second half. Peppera was excellent and Jared Small worked tirelessly down the left side.Leatherhead did look poor. We were solid at the back but conceding this much ground for so long in a game will cost us against better sides.
  7. Thanks for the email address Raingod. Will send the programmes with pleasure. Paul was exciting to watch for his speed and skill in and around the box. To think we had Paul, Gary Abbott, Brian Stein and John Bailey in the same line up, with Martin St Hilaire on the bench!
  8. I have some programmes from Paul's time. Some I want to keep but happy to send 3 or 4, including Paul lining up with Brian Stein among others. Again I don't do twitter so I will need someone to let me know how to pass them on. nb that's in the line up, no picture.
  9. Agree with the comments above and we now all have to focus on not only surviving and getting over this crisis but helping the Club to do the same. I hope as many of us as possible will now renew our membership, season tickets and make donations.
  10. This is a very poor decision by the Isthmian league I.M.O. It flies in the face of national medical advice and fails to take account of the relative risks. As an 'at risk' individual I was quite happy to attend todays match in the open air ,with minimal close contact with others and following hygiene advice. As of yesterday there was only one confirmed case in Enfield. The risks will increase greatly in the coming weeks, therefore the season has been killed off prematurely. Not helpful to communities, sport , clubs and individuals well being.
  11. Richard Katemons reference to crowds following the great Enfield sides of the 70s and 80s is correct and to my mind we are in a similar position to the old club before Tommy Unwin arrived as chairman. We were a mid table Isthmian side struggling to compete with the high spenders. Yes he had to put his hand into his pocket, but he also recognised the club needed another funding stream and hence built the highly successful Starlight club. A venture on such a scale would be too risky for Town but sadly we are unlikely to sustain National League status on current levels of income.
  12. Think the Club statement issued today is spot on. We have to publicise our successes in creating opportunities for players to progress to the 'professional' game. Hopefully this will help to bring in more new ambitious talent.
  13. Think we signed him when Weatherstone appeared to have a serious injury, which does not appear to have materialised. Surely these things happen with a small squad and tight budget?
  14. good point, but he at least straddled two seasons!
  15. I think we have to give priority to the needs of ETFC rather than MFA. Management made the right call in my view but I am still hugely disappointed with the performance of our back up players.
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