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  1. Agree with the comments above and we now all have to focus on not only surviving and getting over this crisis but helping the Club to do the same. I hope as many of us as possible will now renew our membership, season tickets and make donations.
  2. This is a very poor decision by the Isthmian league I.M.O. It flies in the face of national medical advice and fails to take account of the relative risks. As an 'at risk' individual I was quite happy to attend todays match in the open air ,with minimal close contact with others and following hygiene advice. As of yesterday there was only one confirmed case in Enfield. The risks will increase greatly in the coming weeks, therefore the season has been killed off prematurely. Not helpful to communities, sport , clubs and individuals well being.
  3. Richard Katemons reference to crowds following the great Enfield sides of the 70s and 80s is correct and to my mind we are in a similar position to the old club before Tommy Unwin arrived as chairman. We were a mid table Isthmian side struggling to compete with the high spenders. Yes he had to put his hand into his pocket, but he also recognised the club needed another funding stream and hence built the highly successful Starlight club. A venture on such a scale would be too risky for Town but sadly we are unlikely to sustain National League status on current levels of income.
  4. Think the Club statement issued today is spot on. We have to publicise our successes in creating opportunities for players to progress to the 'professional' game. Hopefully this will help to bring in more new ambitious talent.
  5. Think we signed him when Weatherstone appeared to have a serious injury, which does not appear to have materialised. Surely these things happen with a small squad and tight budget?
  6. good point, but he at least straddled two seasons!
  7. I think we have to give priority to the needs of ETFC rather than MFA. Management made the right call in my view but I am still hugely disappointed with the performance of our back up players.
  8. Hope he gets a big break and credit to Town if he does. Cant see any reason why someone in Mo's position would want to sign a contract at our level.
  9. What, no Faal or Quinton? Think Shulton does not qualify on the two year rule.
  10. Thanks for the correction DWHE, it's all so long ago. However I clearly remember John Connell bagging about 4 of the goals in possibly his first game for the club, and most were made by Laurie Churchill. Two fantastic players.
  11. I guess the positive is we did not lose anyone to injury. For me, it made sense to use this as a trial match but disappointed at the scoreline for sure. I was there when the old Enfield beat Ilford away in an Isthmian league fixture 10-0 in the70's , the difference being that Ilford fielded their first team. Brownie points for anyone who can name any of the goalscorers that day.
  12. Agreed both defences looked very porous but this made for a highly entertaining game in pretty awful weather conditions. Credit to both sets of supporters who gave great support throughout the game. Once again it looks like the attendance took a hit from Spurs being at home.
  13. Very sorry to hear of the sad and premature loss of Brian. For those who were not around, Brian was a classy midfielder who played left sided defender in EFC's last FA Trophy winning side. This was alongside England keeper Andy Pape and England skipper Dave Howell; Paul Furlong who went on to play for Watford and Chelsea ; Paul Harding who went on to Notts County and not forgetting Enfield legend Steve King, IMO one of the best, if not THE best, ever to pull on an Enfield shirt. God rest Brian and how we could do with some of these players now!
  14. I am sure the Club Directors are more than aware that this should be a great opportunity to attract some new interest. I hope we get the leaflets out; maybe an entrance fee promotion?; possibly some enticement for those that attend to come again; can we get the merchandise out where it can be seen-it is nearly Xmas- and please NO RAIN! I do recognise in saying this, that the work falls on the same hardworking volunteers who do so much. I do however hope the Club can attract some more support for the game as attendances have been lower than the quality of entertainment on offer deserves and we need the income.COYT!
  15. Best game I have seen for a long time, between two excellent sides. Town more than deserved to win IMO. M and T were excellent in the first half but fortunate to level from a dubious looking penalty. Town were on top second half and went down 2-3 against the run of play from what looked like a clear offside against two M and T players. However Town stayed on top and Bricknell's two match winning strikes were superb. Solid all round performance which again deserved a bigger attendance.
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