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    55 seasons got a reaction from Barney in Next season   
    Good to hear Nathan McDonald is back at the Club. I felt that Matt Nolan did a great job standing in last season and hope he can continue his development with the Club next season. We need something special to replace Matt Johnson and, as I said before, a quality central defender. Money talks and I believe that is the reason Matt Johnson has left. I am still recovering from the end of season capitulation which cost us a place in the place offs. If the club can strengthen the squad before we restart, I will continue to give them my support. Unfortunately Andy Leese will start the season under immense pressure to deliver. I hope he is up to it!
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    55 seasons got a reaction from 72wembleyfinal in Kingstonian v Enfield Town   
    I have not been one of those calling for the manager to go on this forum and only a few weeks ago I was feeling optimistic that we would make the play offs. What is now clear from our recent capitulation is that we can play well in patches but don't have that essential ingredient I would identify as a 'winning mentality'.
    I hate to think of the impact on the Club's finances and development due to the absence of a decent FA cup / trophy run and play off run in. I would have accepted one or two out of three but certainly not none. We have lost our momentum as a Club and need to recover it quickly. I feel for those who put so much effort into this Club off the field. and the loyal supporters. The manager has to accept responsibility.
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    55 seasons got a reaction from MbrunoB in Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town   
    Could also be seen as a great way to destroy a key player’s confidence at a critical stage of the season. 
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