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  2. To keep the discussion going and may be something unique has there ever been a brother and sister?
  3. Sibling winners shown have all been in the same competition. Is this the first time for siblings to win in different competitions at Wembley in the same year?
  4. A Woman’s Cup Final winner’s medal for Drew to go with the Trophy medal for Lewwis. The Spencer family must be very proud.
  5. FA Trophy no extra time straight to penalties after 90 minutes
  6. Please stop using the phrase “A Pub Team From Hornchurch” this is an insult to a very well run semi- professional club. We have an excellent Chairman and board of directors, a manager and staff second to none and as the players have shown can take on anyone. Please give the club the respect it is due.
  7. Unfortunately no programme will be used
  8. For this game we would be classed as “elite” and if we stay as we are the game would be played behind closed doors. Problem is we have no football or training until or may be not then 1 January.
  9. The Isthmian League have stated there will be no games played behind closed doors. There is a League meeting on Tuesday when decisions will be made.
  10. While I agree with a lot that has been said I cannot agree that we underestimated the opposition, Mark would not allow this. This was the type of game when we missed the influence of Lewwis Spence. Yes we have won without him but this game needed him badley. We now go on Wednesday to show what we can do.
  11. Full marks to the question master.
  12. We have a coach going leaving the club at 4:15 pm
  13. Nice to see an attendance of 435 this was 120 more than we had for our previous highest v Bishp's Stortford even if the extra 120 came in with vouchers it is 120 x £8.00 = £960.00 more than we may have got.
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