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  1. We have a coach going leaving the club at 4:15 pm
  2. Nice to see an attendance of 435 this was 120 more than we had for our previous highest v Bishp's Stortford even if the extra 120 came in with vouchers it is 120 x £8.00 = £960.00 more than we may have got.
  3. Do we assume that Hayes & Yeading will join the Southern Premier South.
  4. AFC Hornchurch is dead, long live Hornchurch FC
  5. Worthing are probably one of the best sides we have played this season. Certainly didn't help being a goal down before one minute had passed. If a side in our division has a better goalkeeper than Callum then good luck to them. Two wins or maybe just one more should see us to safety. Haringey this coming Saturday won't be easy
  6. Norman Posner Norman added to list thanks
  7. Thought we matched them throughout the game difference was they scored we didn't. Charlie's goal definatley off side. Had a good view and it was hand ball by the goalkeeper
  8. Can't agree more with Mike Mike. A great performance all round. Nice to see Lewwis Spence play the way he can and I am sure there will be more to come from Joe Chtistou. Thanks to Taylor Miles for his time at The Bridge all the best to you back at Chelmsford
  9. Pleased to say other than Remi Sutton all of the other new players are not Cup tied.
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