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  1. Judging on what I've witnessed at most games I've attended I honestly believe some 'fans' go just to abuse the officials, but they probably think it's ok because it means they're passionate!!! I hope the culprit is found and banned.
  2. I'm not saying people can't give their opinion, negative or otherwise, about the match. It's more the fact that some posters can't wait to get on here and moan as soon as we lose but they are never on here praising the team after a positive result. In fact after a positive result some are still moaning about something or other! Let's just say I'm more of a glass half full where some others on here are definitely a glass half empty.
  3. What a shock to see a couple of the usual suspects back moaning straight after a defeat
  4. Nice post but be careful your positivity might upset some supporters
  5. Thanks for letting me know who I don't support. Next time I go to a Town match you will need to tell me in advance who to cheer for or who to moan at...............don't want to get confused!
  6. Some of the posts sum up today's modern society.............'I want it and I want it now' The funny thing is most of the people posting them are old enough to know better
  7. Are you only allowed to be 'outspoken' after a certain amount of posts? Let me know how many so i know for next time 👍 Nope! I've just got plenty of other things to do with my time, maybe some others should try it, must get a bit boring sitting on here waiting to moan about something. But each to their own
  8. People moaning about pre season friendlies! Some of you need to have a break and go and find something else to do for six weeks
  9. Wow! We've just got to a final yet still people moan.....................you couldn't make it up! Enjoy the moment they may not come around that often. I dread to think what the players would think if they came on here and read some of the nonsense.
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