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  1. This side with get better and better with age I know at Thurrock the players played for each other and the gaffer and it shows we were very unlucky not to hold on matches them for 85 mins and no one can say this lot don’t care I think 2 more wins and we’re safe then send Harlow down lovely
  2. Watching today’s game we game away 2 soft goals very soft you can’t fault the boys desire to want to win. The team on a whole did battle and Margate didn’t create one goal scoring opportunity. Midfield battled and tirelessly worked as did the top up top but again the talking point is the ref. Shocking officials again both linesman and referee. Now as for that number 3 he’s a cheat plain and simple marks never touched him anywhere near the face and I hope a video surfaces that’s shows it if marks serves his ban then I waoukd personally like to see the number 3 banned for cheating. We go again Tuesday and we need 3 points
  3. Well what can you say to that performance absolutely outstanding to go down to 10 men and then come back from 1-0 down to win 1-2 is outstanding the team worked so hard the midfield was brilliant spence with his goal Clark with his holding play but christou that boy never stops chasing balls and is a great asset to the team the defence were solid and Ron and Charlie were brilliant so a great performance roll on next week
  4. well Since we folded it’s been a miss match of watching different sides I went to Waltham abbey and watched the team lose the first game then win 10-12 on the bounce and the club was flying then injuries took hold lost a few good players then mark said I’m going to take the Hornchurch job he took the players that can play with him. At Thurrock last year we did quite well although the season we only lost one player and he went to a higher league did quite well but the draw of working again with mark brought him back and watching them play Saturday I’m sure you’ll agree it was a good solid performance and we’ll worthy of the win. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season to see what we can atcheive and then I’m sure a few players will come and go and next season the squad will be even stronger up the Fleurchins
  5. Solid performance today midfield was outstanding in Clark spence and Christou all I’ve the team looked composed and never looked like losing the game we defended well and when called on the keeper did what he had to do. Two good goals from Ronnie and Charlie. This side will get better and better with the squad we have
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