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  1. Ok I will try to make up some songs don’t laugh if they’re pants though and 100% agree with your comment on George
  2. I think a 2-1 win and it’s up to us crowd to give it to the left back for last year crowd 279
  3. I said in a post up there somewhere that we will need to play different ways against different teams and change it up in games everybody has a part to play in some way. But can I ask why was the group of our fans singing about George purcell he’s gone good player lovely lad but fancied a different challenge. And that I respect so why are the songs being sung. How about we sing songs about the players out there now someone make up a so for Clarke, spence winn or christou maybe a cheeky song for Nathan or Arthur come on let’s have some lyrics and we can all sing along god bless you all ye
  4. Yea burn the club down if we lose Tuesday. I think this side will get better and stronger game by game it’s the strongest ishm prem I’ve ever seen and Hornchurch will be up there
  5. Football is about opinions it’s like when players were released they were unhappy and I said I didn’t think players were good enough and and one a disgrace when walking off not even acknowledging the fans of the club and he was the captain last years someone’s reply to me was I think he’s a brilliant player and I’m going to miss his mum and dad! What has this blokes mum and dad got to do with football? They may be very nice people but are you seriously gonna say that it’s ok we don’t want better players coz your mum and dads nice so you can stay. Anyway I know what I herd and the likes of ge
  6. I’m happy to meet any one of you Tuesday night for a beer in the bar please come up and introduce yourself. Coaching staff that’s tickled me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Part of the coaching staff you must be joking when I say liven him up I mean encourage and I heard fans digging out Charlie today not needed as far as I’m concerned and how does liven him up constitute me being part of the coaching staff that I’d love to know. I’m a paying fan just like the rest
  8. Definitely a game of two half’s we were unlucky to go in losing at half time but second half was promising and two good goals from our midfield. The thing that bugged me the most and does is getting on the players backs when they might not be having a good game I will support that player even more and try to liven him up a bit. I know your all entitled to an opinion that’s just the way I saw it. But 3 points is 3 points and were off and running well done lads up the urchins
  9. I was at the game last night and o thought we outplayed them especially in the second half we looked strong solid and quick so looking forward to this season
  10. Do u mean Micky Purcell? Coz I don’t know a Ricky Parnell that’s at the club
  11. I couldn’t make the game yesterday how did it all go 2-2 seems like a decent game another I missed 🤬
  12. Short at the back we’ve got the 6 best defenders in the league
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