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  1. How have barking been put in the south central that’s criminal.
  2. But why not fight for the places then I’m not here to argue with you all it’s about opinions that’s all we will all be supporting them next season and want them to do well
  3. I’m saying maybe they were offered more money but I bet you at least one of em weren’t happy with what was offered and moved on because of it
  4. Let me just put this out there why didn’t any of them fight for their places? Why did some move for money I’m led to believe but if they loved the club like you all think they do they would still be here fighting for Hornchurch but they left of their own accord the ones that left this end of season. Me I’m looking forward to a successful season where we can all enjoy it. In football we move on and support the club whoever’s playing for it
  5. Could not agree more I’m looking forward to the team having a very strong squad and no one is guaranteed a place makes people hungry. Football is a funny game it’s about opinions and there’s no room room for sentiments I’m afraid.
  6. Bostick south central didn’t exhaust this time last year they were playing bostick prem and one in the conference south. The players play for the manager and that’s how you get the best out of them only time will tell weather it’s the right decision like I said most of us Thurrock fans are behind the team and want us to do well.
  7. Ok I can only go on what I’ve seen as can you I’ve seen have Alex play a good bit this season and I’ve seen him have 3 possible 4 good games without making a crucial mistake that lead to a goal. Only time will tell if it’s the right decision at the end of the day we are all supporting the team let’s go and get behind the team and the manager and get promoted next season
  8. Special whilst not faulting his commitment he made mistakes cost Hornchurch points he was a very nice lad but you can’t be sentimental in football
  9. What a awful statement how many home games did u win before the arrival of this so called garbage? Alex isn’t good enough his mistakes cost us a lot of points plus him walking off the pitch after the white hawk game was nothing more that a disgrace from a captain. Tell me please who you think the garbage is and how the squad was better before they’re arrival coz I’ll go though them one by one with you if you like
  10. Now the friendliness aren’t the strongest but I know it’ll be more about fitness and finding the strongest side for the start of the season. Look forward to this campaign and moving this club forward to where it should be
  11. Probably a bit biased in my opinion being an ex Thurrock fan but I think next season will be huge. A complete style of football change this season players in and out and credit where’s its due stimo and the coaches have done a very good job. Coming in changing personnel and the style of football was never going to be popular and I’m sure during the summer there will be more unpopular comings and goings but none of us can judge until the end of next season so have a good summer everyone and the players the coaching staff and we go again in ore season.
  12. I’m so looking forward to next season players come and go but things have a habit of working them self’s out
  13. This side with get better and better with age I know at Thurrock the players played for each other and the gaffer and it shows we were very unlucky not to hold on matches them for 85 mins and no one can say this lot don’t care I think 2 more wins and we’re safe then send Harlow down lovely
  14. Watching today’s game we game away 2 soft goals very soft you can’t fault the boys desire to want to win. The team on a whole did battle and Margate didn’t create one goal scoring opportunity. Midfield battled and tirelessly worked as did the top up top but again the talking point is the ref. Shocking officials again both linesman and referee. Now as for that number 3 he’s a cheat plain and simple marks never touched him anywhere near the face and I hope a video surfaces that’s shows it if marks serves his ban then I waoukd personally like to see the number 3 banned for cheating. We go again Tuesday and we need 3 points
  15. Well what can you say to that performance absolutely outstanding to go down to 10 men and then come back from 1-0 down to win 1-2 is outstanding the team worked so hard the midfield was brilliant spence with his goal Clark with his holding play but christou that boy never stops chasing balls and is a great asset to the team the defence were solid and Ron and Charlie were brilliant so a great performance roll on next week
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