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  1. The first half I would say is the majority of the starting 11 and was clean crisp football defence looking solid the new keepers a unit the midfield was hard working and efficient maybe a bit light up top at the min but we have Charlie to come back and we need to sign a forward but all in all very impressed
  2. Can I just say the first half of today’s game was beautiful solid at the back hard working midfield and I think we’re just a bit short up top going to be a very good season. I feel
  3. I’m sure they’re will be but I’m looking forward to seeing you all at Aveley on sat
  4. Don’t worry about Kenner lee id know who I’d rather have in defence Ricky Howells or Kenner Lee no comparison Howells all day long
  5. Looks like it with a midfield diamond and one up front who knows but I’ve seen him play and he is outstanding
  6. Now that’s a proper centre half
  7. Any more news on signings I hear rumours but they mean nothing
  8. Now that’s two good signings Arthur Lee outstanding centre half one of the best in the premier last season alongside Nathan two solid player that are strong
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 a bit of light hearted banter to break the ice I have a summer to come up with a hornfleet fc song now
  10. On another note seeing as we changed our name to just Hornchurch Fc maybe Hornfleet fc would sound just as nice 🤔🤪😋😝😝
  11. I do hope that’s not the case people wishing badness on the team so they can turn round and say told you so! That would be tragic I’m feeling the animosity too a bit so why don’t we all get together pre season at the friendlies and have a beer introduce ourself get smashed drunk and high on drugs go on a rampage through Hornchurch looting I think it sounds like a good idea
  12. He’s not good enough 🤣🤣🤣 I’m sure over the next few weeks we will all say that’s a good signing. I know who I’d like to see come in
  13. I know for a fact that James Goode didn’t get paid a single penny none of the players that were signed who were injured did until they were fit enough to play.
  14. How have barking been put in the south central that’s criminal.
  15. But why not fight for the places then I’m not here to argue with you all it’s about opinions that’s all we will all be supporting them next season and want them to do well
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