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  1. Cheers Dagger and the other posters, sure you'll see some of us around over the remainder of the season and we'll pop into the shop. The likes of Mike and a few of the older lot of fans were all Purfleet fans and go way back many years as i am sure he will tell you. Those of us of a younger vintage first turned up during the Hakan Heyrettin years, so around 2008ish i think, as we were bored and wanted to watch local football over going to our various Prem clubs. Watched as Thurrock flirted with promotion to the National League for half a season and then watched the numerous relegations that followed!
  2. Hello chum - a former 'Thurrock singer' here I attended my first Hornchurch home game on Saturday with a few of the other former singers (some of which have been to a few more games) having previously been at the away game at Harlow as well. Since Thurrock's demise us young, cool, trendy Thurrock fans - not old man Mike - have been looking for a new club to latch on to, and this season we've tried a few local clubs to see what floated our boat. We attended a few Waltham Abby games as obviously it was the old Thurrock lot there but it was nearly an hour to get to, and difficult via public transport if you wanted a drink up, meant this coupled with the terrible facilities meant we didn't really feel 'at home' there. So when we saw that Stimmo and the players had gone to Hornchurch, on paper it looked good for most of us - we can get to Upminster in 20mins on the train from our Thurrock/Basildon locations so was worth a look. Was very impressed with the setup/vibe on Saturday, seemed to tick a lot of the boxes, so the early signs are positive. I'll certainly be trying to get to as many home games as possible this season and then take it from there in terms of long term. I'm personally keen not to just follow a manager around, I don't see the point of following a manager/players as there is no stability there. So from our perspective, yes we are looking for a new club to support long term. It would be good to get to know the Hornchurch fans and help to support the team on the pitch!
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