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  1. Looks very likely national league south are going to suspend the season they are voting on it now
  2. Wasn’t that disappointed when Ryan went as I thought Percy a more than adequate if not better replacement but now he’s gone to you do start to wonder where this will end maybe our managers signing of veterans will pay off as other teams wont want them
  3. Your right Steph unfortunately some people cannot see the bigger picture
  4. Margate currently in tier 3 have withdrawn from the fa trophy one of the reasons given was financial viability playing behind closed doors
  5. How many teams in steps 3 and 4 who fall into tier 3 could make it financially viable to play in front of zero crowds for a prolonged period,I think we all know the answer to that question
  6. London dodged the bullet by being placed in tier 2 what happens on the 16th if it’s placed in tier 3 how would you then feel then about football resuming and enfield being asked to play behind closed doors when other teams could have supporters returning
  7. Whilst it always sad to see half descent players leave I feel Lyle will be more of a miss than Ryan as for Brad I hope things turn sour for him at welling he is no friend of this club and shouldn’t be allowed near this club ever again
  8. Brads also taken one of our former players Ben ward-Cochrane from potters bar on loan
  9. Let’s hope Adam can head a ball and has some pace something that’s sadly been lacking in recent seasons
  10. Pity we couldn’t sign there centre half’s as well
  11. Didn’t attend today’s game I’ve reached the end of watching that dross week in week out I would normally be looking forward to the game at Margate and a trip to Hornchurch but not now, going shopping with the wife is a more enjoyable prospect, maybe one day it will dawn on AL that we are in dire need of some centre half’s, on the plus side were not going to get relegated but I’m afraid to say we’re just going to finish mid table
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