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  1. Pity we couldn’t sign there centre half’s as well
  2. Didn’t attend today’s game I’ve reached the end of watching that dross week in week out I would normally be looking forward to the game at Margate and a trip to Hornchurch but not now, going shopping with the wife is a more enjoyable prospect, maybe one day it will dawn on AL that we are in dire need of some centre half’s, on the plus side were not going to get relegated but I’m afraid to say we’re just going to finish mid table
  3. He could take the whole bloody defence with him, we could replace them with cardboard cutouts I’m sure we would hardly notice much difference 😊
  4. Strange one this, apparently josh started out as a midfielder and then reverted to full back and as AT rightly says we are well catered for in the full back position we are still in dire need of a pacy centre half who can head a ball and have been for most of the season
  5. Awful game played in difficult conditions make no mistake Brightlingsea are a poor team but we made them look better than they actually are i would be surprised if they managed to avoid the drop not sure how they managed to draw with Folkestone last week, our strikers really didn’t show today but then again they wasn’t given much service the only bright spot was Delle-Verde who looks a useful addition the defence is still problematic Weatherstone has no pace and Muleba is better played at Full back In my opinion I really hope I’m wrong but i can just see our season finishing with a whimper
  6. Good luck mo I really hope it works out for you thank you for all your efforts this season I dread to think where we would be in this league without your goals
  7. Great result as we go into the second half of the season and having to adjust to playing without our departed talisman and top scorer Mo let’s hope we can continue our winning ways
  8. Not sure I should post a comment as i wasn’t actually at the game due to family commitments, but it seems I missed a humdinger of a game, well done to everyone involved, I did notice though our new defender was missing again is he still with us?
  9. Just watched highlights of last nights game safe to say we missed some good chances to score more unfortunately it seems Nathan chose last night to have a bit of a nightmare game in goal but to be fair he has kept us in so many games this season
  10. Let’s hope he has some pace and can head a ball
  11. Wish I had gone Christmas shopping with the wife instead of watching that, we were absolutely abysmal our best performer in my opinion was Nathan he stopped it being a lot worse, after the 4th went in I walked out it was that bad, I would gladly swap Bowers back line and midfield for ours in a heartbeat on that performance they were everything Enfield wasn’t well organised, committed, better at passing the list goes on in fact we may have faired better if we had fielded our ladies team instead, playing junior at full back? Really? maybe next week Nathan will be playing up front, we really need to freshen things up with some new editions before the season gets away from us, not sure how old towner only counted 4 shots on goal from them I can assure you there were much more
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