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  1. Totally agree with 55 seasons regarding Jon Muleba hopefully we can now find two central defenders who are pacey and can head a ball or maybe that’s just asking to much
  2. We don’t know for sure why Mickey left but my friend is a big Tonbridge supporter and seems to know everything that goes on there,he told me that there best defender Arthur Lee was offered terms to play for them next season in the conference south but turned them down for the chance to earn more money playing at Hornchurch next season, it seems they are going to be the money team next season and could possibly explain the decisions of some of our players moving there
  3. Corey whitely being allowed to leave Ebbsfleet on a free this month
  4. I’m not sure Nathan is the answer to joe leaving both are very good shot stoppers but neither in my opinion were that commanding when it came to dealing with crosses into the box,our present defenders can’t seem to deal with anything over head height very well so I would suggest we should have been looking elsewhere for a goalkeeper or maybe the answer is just to try and find some more agile defenders from Andys black book
  5. Glad I’ve stopped going I couldn’t take much more of the poor fare on offer, a cup final win against a poor Hornchurch team only papered over the cracks,I do salute the 378 who were willing to put themselves through more of the usual dross though
  6. Re Porter apart from his debut against Hornchurch where in my humble opinion he was our standout player in an otherwise abysmal team performance,we have never lost a game when he has started,I suggest that when points were desperately needed in our last 2 league games for our playoff push his name should have been one of the first names on the team sheet,regardless of the fact that he’s cup tied for the final
  7. Tactically inept, defence it’s usual shambolic state,league season effectively over,Surely it’s time for him to go
  8. Despite the pros and cons of Brad maybe returning one thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that with this squad at his disposal and an addition of a couple of central defenders (budget permitting) who can actually defend and not imitate cardboard cutouts this team would undoubtedly be much higher up this league
  9. did anyone else notice brad at saturdays game
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