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  1. Your right Steph unfortunately some people cannot see the bigger picture
  2. Margate currently in tier 3 have withdrawn from the fa trophy one of the reasons given was financial viability playing behind closed doors
  3. How many teams in steps 3 and 4 who fall into tier 3 could make it financially viable to play in front of zero crowds for a prolonged period,I think we all know the answer to that question
  4. London dodged the bullet by being placed in tier 2 what happens on the 16th if it’s placed in tier 3 how would you then feel then about football resuming and enfield being asked to play behind closed doors when other teams could have supporters returning
  5. Whilst it always sad to see half descent players leave I feel Lyle will be more of a miss than Ryan as for Brad I hope things turn sour for him at welling he is no friend of this club and shouldn’t be allowed near this club ever again
  6. Brads also taken one of our former players Ben ward-Cochrane from potters bar on loan
  7. Let’s hope Adam can head a ball and has some pace something that’s sadly been lacking in recent seasons
  8. Didn’t attend today’s game I’ve reached the end of watching that dross week in week out I would normally be looking forward to the game at Margate and a trip to Hornchurch but not now, going shopping with the wife is a more enjoyable prospect, maybe one day it will dawn on AL that we are in dire need of some centre half’s, on the plus side were not going to get relegated but I’m afraid to say we’re just going to finish mid table
  9. Strange one this, apparently josh started out as a midfielder and then reverted to full back and as AT rightly says we are well catered for in the full back position we are still in dire need of a pacy centre half who can head a ball and have been for most of the season
  10. Awful game played in difficult conditions make no mistake Brightlingsea are a poor team but we made them look better than they actually are i would be surprised if they managed to avoid the drop not sure how they managed to draw with Folkestone last week, our strikers really didn’t show today but then again they wasn’t given much service the only bright spot was Delle-Verde who looks a useful addition the defence is still problematic Weatherstone has no pace and Muleba is better played at Full back In my opinion I really hope I’m wrong but i can just see our season finishing with a whimper
  11. Good luck mo I really hope it works out for you thank you for all your efforts this season I dread to think where we would be in this league without your goals
  12. Wish I had gone Christmas shopping with the wife instead of watching that, we were absolutely abysmal our best performer in my opinion was Nathan he stopped it being a lot worse, after the 4th went in I walked out it was that bad, I would gladly swap Bowers back line and midfield for ours in a heartbeat on that performance they were everything Enfield wasn’t well organised, committed, better at passing the list goes on in fact we may have faired better if we had fielded our ladies team instead, playing junior at full back? Really? maybe next week Nathan will be playing up front, we really need to freshen things up with some new editions before the season gets away from us, not sure how old towner only counted 4 shots on goal from them I can assure you there were much more
  13. Couldn’t make today’s game but congratulations to the team on another win also nice to see a midfielder finally getting on the scoresheet in a league game the first since Young’s against stortford back in early August
  14. I totally agree with cc ,the draw could have been a lot kinder to us, if brad turns up to watch this one I wonder which team he will be behind
  15. Totally agree with 55 seasons regarding Jon Muleba hopefully we can now find two central defenders who are pacey and can head a ball or maybe that’s just asking to much
  16. I’m not sure Nathan is the answer to joe leaving both are very good shot stoppers but neither in my opinion were that commanding when it came to dealing with crosses into the box,our present defenders can’t seem to deal with anything over head height very well so I would suggest we should have been looking elsewhere for a goalkeeper or maybe the answer is just to try and find some more agile defenders from Andys black book
  17. Glad I’ve stopped going I couldn’t take much more of the poor fare on offer, a cup final win against a poor Hornchurch team only papered over the cracks,I do salute the 378 who were willing to put themselves through more of the usual dross though
  18. Re Porter apart from his debut against Hornchurch where in my humble opinion he was our standout player in an otherwise abysmal team performance,we have never lost a game when he has started,I suggest that when points were desperately needed in our last 2 league games for our playoff push his name should have been one of the first names on the team sheet,regardless of the fact that he’s cup tied for the final
  19. Tactically inept, defence it’s usual shambolic state,league season effectively over,Surely it’s time for him to go
  20. Despite the pros and cons of Brad maybe returning one thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that with this squad at his disposal and an addition of a couple of central defenders (budget permitting) who can actually defend and not imitate cardboard cutouts this team would undoubtedly be much higher up this league
  21. did anyone else notice brad at saturdays game
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