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  1. I will be on the 10:15 from London Bridge for anyone wanting to meet!
  2. I say a lot of stupid things at the start of the week!
  3. I hope not! You know I can't hack 2 dayers
  4. We get a bye if they don't have the all clear...
  5. Total ornchurch domination! I won't be told otherwise.... until we are 2 nil down after 10 minutes that is! Mon the Chins!
  6. Nice one mate! Put in what you like mate! Anything from a fiver upwards lol!
  7. Afternoon Ladies and Gents, For anyone who wanted to chip in the flag has arrived. It is an absolute beauty and I for one am glad I lost the old one! Sid
  8. I'm still not sure how it did! Nice one mate!
  9. I had too many shandy's and it disappeared into the Uber abyss lol! Nice one!
  10. Nice one mate! Once it's arrived I'll drop you a message
  11. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/club-information/admission-prices/ Here you go Kev!
  12. Morning People, I have just ordered a new flag for when the season finally resumes and wondered whether anyone would like to chip in. It's going to be the same as the below but fully stitched. It's also 12ft by 6ft. For everyones peace of mind I will be taking no responsibility of the flag so it should last longer than 6 months! Up the Chins! Sid
  13. Next two are huge! If we can get 6 points and hope Worthing and Folkestone draw Saturday it is game on again. 2-1 win Chins tmoro! Lets get behind the boys again!
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