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  1. 2-1 Chins Att 1500! Have a feeling we will be massively outnumbered tmoro so I will be in the pub from 2 to warm up the vocal cords
  2. And how good was the atmosphere at Bowers? You are not the only ones who miss away games correct! But you seem to be the only ones who have a problem with the "Support"! You are more than welcome to come over and make some noise if you like but you'd rather stand at a distance and whinge about it instead. Give your head a wobble! We all give up our time collectively! You are not the only ones who volunteer over there ahaha! I'll send you some videos from the next few away games and I really do hope the support will be up to your high standards (Or maybe I'll get too pissed and remember none of it) xx
  3. LOL! The point wasn’t about remembering games?it was about the “12th man” Follow Hornchurch away!!! Or just at home via the “Steward gate”
  4. If only you both saw the noise we made away from home every other week! They’ve had a “12th man” this season trust me
  5. I will be on the 10:15 from London Bridge for anyone wanting to meet!
  6. I say a lot of stupid things at the start of the week!
  7. I hope not! You know I can't hack 2 dayers
  8. We get a bye if they don't have the all clear...
  9. Total ornchurch domination! I won't be told otherwise.... until we are 2 nil down after 10 minutes that is! Mon the Chins!
  10. Nice one mate! Put in what you like mate! Anything from a fiver upwards lol!
  11. Afternoon Ladies and Gents, For anyone who wanted to chip in the flag has arrived. It is an absolute beauty and I for one am glad I lost the old one! Sid
  12. I'm still not sure how it did! Nice one mate!
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