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  1. Would probably help if we played the two most creative players we've got at the moment rather than benching both of them. We are set up like. Roy Hodgson Palace team at present.
  2. Fingers crossed we carry this into Saturday 🤞
  3. So after our disappointment at giving the defence of the FA Trophy a prolonged run, I was looking back at the team sheets for the game. We only had 4 named subs for this game. I appreciate the long injury list we have at the moment, but a few of our better players have returned. The players we have signed this season, with the exception of Jilli, have done nothing to improve the squad. Yet despite the fact we are short on numbers, we have released 3 players this week. No great loss in terms of quality in my opinion, but why can't we attract players at the moment who are good enough to strengthen the team? Yes I'm a little frustrated at the moment, but for this club to go forward from the trophy win, there has got to be some improvement in the recruitment policy.
  4. Shame we couldn't hold onto him. Still a class act in this division.
  5. I hope he is, but Dickson was class
  6. Good to know we put up a battle at least. Fingers crossed it gets better when the injuries cease
  7. Missed today's game due to work. Any better?
  8. God that was poor tonight. I think we played 5 at the back? I really don't understand this long ball game we seem to have got into playing. It doesn't suit the players we have got at all. As for playing Buabi at full back!!!! The lad skinned their full back every time he went forward. He would have been the outlet we needed tonight. Seemed to me that the priority tonight was to not get beaten. Cheshunt were poor today and yet somehow took the 3 points. I am a little perplexed still
  9. Hopefully some players return. If we get a few back I can't see us getting beat. 2-1 to the Urchins. Around 350 crowd
  10. I think he can still do a job at this level or above. But to be honest he's not a target man and has been playing second fiddle to Higgins. Can't blame him if he's had enough at the age of 36
  11. Johnson was released I think. Playing at Braintree I think
  12. What's the update on missing players? No Higgins, Sutton, Brown, Hayles, Spence. All generally starters. Are they all injured?
  13. Tough to watch is very much how most people viewed it. It all just felt very flat and uninspired tonight.
  14. At this rate, we will be forced to play 3 at the back by default!
  15. Well, I know we had a bare bones squad out tonight but I'm still scratching my head as to how we failed to trouble what were just a big, solid team. Bowers are a one trick pony, long ball, long throw. Big centre forward. Our lack of physicality in the back four really showed tonight. What also disappointed me tonight was that in those conditions, we attempted to match their style of play. When we played it around in the second half on the floor was the only time we looked threatening. Is there any injury updates on some of our missing players. We need to get some bite back into the team.
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