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  1. Lovely canter today. Regent were probably the poorest team I've seen this season. Shame about Nathan but you could argue it was a straight red as he was the last man. Onwards and upwards and many now returned from injury
  2. Great performance by the team. Defended very well and apart from the odd counter attack Dulwich offered very little. I was quite disappointed by them to be honest. I thought we took our chance well, and Spence produced a superb performance, including vast amounts of shithousing to their number 2. Nice to see such a decent crowd too. Great result.
  3. Was a great refereeing performance from the ref. Best I've seen this season here. Team ran out of steam, but to be fair to Bognor we had to chase possession most of the second half. Deffo one of the better teams I've seen this year. Nearly nicked it at the end but their goalkeeper was very good. We were a little restricted with attacking options once Marvin went off, but I thought Dickson did a great job on the counter attack. Respect the point and move onto next week.
  4. What a performance that was last night. Great game to watch, and the penalties were clinical. Every player played their heart out, and we scored some great goals. Fair play to Morgan and Dickson up front who are no spring chickens for a non stop 120 mins. Oxford were very clinical but their defence is very suspect. Lovely tie against Dulwich who are well supported so should be a good crowd next round. I took my boys last night and they were both still talking about the game this morning!
  5. I think that we played too much long stuff in first half, and both casuals full backs were strong and fast which negated our wing play. Hope the knocks we picked up weren't too bad. Casuals set out their stall not to get beaten and it was very effective.
  6. You would think that they would look at Tamplin record with messing with Billericay and swerve him.
  7. Fairly strong side out for a county cup game?
  8. Great performance today, really enjoyed the game. I thought that Stimson and Marvin really put themselves about and were a tough physical presence for their defence to cope with. Really pleased that Dan Uchechi got a goal, he played very well. Saunders had a blinder also. Even when we went a goal down o couldn't see us losing that game. Decent attendance despite the monsoon also.
  9. Was very surprised by such a low turn out today. I know the weather was rubbish but was a good 100 less than I was expecting. As for the game itself, as others have said, I was very impressed with Stimson's efforts today. Put in a real shift and deserved that lob to go in. The little flicks didn't come off today and Dan Uchechi worked hard but couldn't find a Hornchurch player if his life depended on it today. The back 4 defended well in the main but we really miss Spence in that midfield to break up play and set up the quick breaks. Still, a win is a win and on we go again to the next round.
  10. Cheers Mike, let's hope we can pick up something from Enfield and then enjoy the cup on Saturday
  11. Thanks for the update, I got the impression that we did enough to get a point. Was Uchechi injured yesterday? Can't understand why he dropped to the bench otherwise
  12. Only able to follow via Twitter. How was today's game?
  13. We have drawn Berkhamstead at home
  14. Hi, new to the forum but have been to every home game this season. We seemed to miss Spence in midfield. They were happy to let our defenders be the playmakers which showed with the amount of long balls in the game. We did well to grind out that result and it was great to see so many new fans at the game.
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