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  1. Whatever you put up Rob thanks, it's been good to watch
  2. Rob have you got Dartford away, I think it was the following Tuesday 3-0up and drew, run out of legs from the Weymouth effort, Peterborough scout couldn't believe how good Simon Parker was,
  3. Oh happy days, such an honest and committed bunch, watched the whole game, bullied them really. The shame was we couldn't celebrate with our marvellous support afterwards, poor hospitality. Lee brown still doing well,portsmouth I think
  4. Not the finish we wanted truly believe we would have gone up, big thanks to Mark, his staff and all the boys great effort, and to all you supporters who backed us magnificently all year. Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon
  5. There gate recipients would have been around £1600 and there is no one on anything near £800
  6. If you think they don't get paid your a fool and please tell me how there goalie knows our players wages and there gate recipients
  7. 1-0.1-1 1-1 2-0 2-0 278 our captains sister plays for chelsea
  8. Great result after a slow start it became a strong performance clarky superb, we were first to the ball for long periods the support today was immense, 11 more Cup finals see you Tuesday
  9. We've had a poxy week the last 3 games, but so much to play for see you at margate, crowd 300 on a horrid day thanks for the support
  10. Superb support in awful conditions, well done chaps. Even playing with 10 men for an hour a game we should have won, 14 games left all to play for, keep the faith
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