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  1. Date now 26th sorry for any inconvenience
  2. The problem with this thread is and I have done exactly the same theme is people think your looking for them to be working every week. We are talking a few hours a year. Put me down in the dogsbody role can't even change a plug, ask Karen
  3. Thanks to luke burfs and les for setting the bench yesterday, it looks great, as Simon said these are the important things. There as been so much goodwill lately its very humbling
  4. I reckon I recognised a maximum of 20 people in that queue as regulars, the guy at the front of the queue was a Dartford fan, so I'm not sure if these punters are looking for regular entertainment at Bridge avenue
  5. Just want to say a big thank you to our supporters club, who have been brilliant this week selling cup final merchandise, and helping with organising bar,without you I would be struggling
  6. Bar will be open Sunday 12 till 5,will not be open Saturday due to weather forecast, bit of luck we might be selling tickets
  7. Bar open between 5 and 9 tomorrow, bit of filming going on whilst boys train
  8. We will not be able to open on the Monday and Wednesday due to athletics night
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