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  1. We are at half wayYes poor finishing took the gloss off a good performance defending was excellent all night. We are at the half way point of season 2points a game do that the second half with a couple more wins than draws we are in conf South easy. If we all stick together we can do it
  2. Dave if you need a lift ring me on club line
  3. The thing with the ref was he turned up and wanted to check subs board floodlights wanted to see managers showing us all he was a top ref and the first big decision gets wrong and I'm sure our pen was on the back of there one very poor
  4. Good post dynamo Trust me all the players were disappointed we all react differently I thought the whole game was flat on and off the field especially with the size of the crowd no time to fell sorry for ourselves we go again Wednesday
  5. It is something I've been aware of on the hill and I will be addressing it don't know about the East Side character, we have so many positives on and off the field which I promise won't be spoilt by a few
  6. Just want to thank all the teams at Fridays quiz all the usual lot plus some newcomers great fun and night cheers Colin have a great Christmas
  7. Thanks for organising John you are so lucky to live so far from the club I would use your skills so much once again well done
  8. Friday 20th December 730PM,try and come along you don't need a team, just a bit of fun
  9. 0-0 1-1. 2-1 1-2 2-1 580 I know the attendance is correct
  10. Such a gutsy performance not at our best but in adversity we came through always fancied us when it went to pens the physio will be busy this week but games like this can lift us all through the coming matches well done to all
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