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  1. 1-0.1-1 1-1 2-0 2-0 278 our captains sister plays for chelsea
  2. Great result after a slow start it became a strong performance clarky superb, we were first to the ball for long periods the support today was immense, 11 more Cup finals see you Tuesday
  3. We've had a poxy week the last 3 games, but so much to play for see you at margate, crowd 300 on a horrid day thanks for the support
  4. Superb support in awful conditions, well done chaps. Even playing with 10 men for an hour a game we should have won, 14 games left all to play for, keep the faith
  5. I was disappointed with Potters bar's reaction to what a players dad thought he heard we have a great away support which is very vocal, banter and abuse can be a fine line but racist comments don't play a part. Yesterday I heard what was said and it wasn't racist albeit it is not banter either in my opinion, see you Wednesday. Shame we are not talking about Jamie's goal
  6. Just what we needed firstly 3 points but a good performance for 90 minutes where we looked energetic, it will get the confidence up and we can get focused for Tuesday, support yesterday. Was as its been all season brilliant.did I see a director of the club in the East Side
  7. We are at half wayYes poor finishing took the gloss off a good performance defending was excellent all night. We are at the half way point of season 2points a game do that the second half with a couple more wins than draws we are in conf South easy. If we all stick together we can do it
  8. Dave if you need a lift ring me on club line
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