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  1. Best wishes to all our supporter's for the new year, not sure where we are going, but I know you lot will be there when we start again. Also all the tickets are sold for tonight's new years eve party, so no gatecrashers
  2. Better performance than Tuesday, when you think both clubs we have beaten are still playing regular competitive games our fitness levels were impressive. Let's see who we get tomorrow
  3. A great team effort, the sending off was a mixture of rash tackle and the Tonbridge player's to a man surrounding the ref, something we don't do, but do you have to start.we lifted our game and remy was positive when he came on. Well done to Mark, staff and players, good night out shame the rest of you couldn't be there
  4. Remi and Mark injured Alex work Harry cup-tied, Chris with Dartford, you are right about the goals Tony, but higgo will get more plus now nashy, we will be fine no u
  5. Hope everyone is well, just a reminder it is 2ko. Bar open with hot food and takeaway bar also open, see you saturday
  6. Won't be able to go to Kent teams, our home games will go ahead with bar open with hot food, anyone bringing drink in will have it confiscated and I will sell it at East Thurrock fc
  7. Well done luke can you do my garden
  8. Fair assessment, best performance so far, I think ruff was spent but not sure about George, shame both penalty takers. The reason we played so well is simple, we worked our nuts off.
  9. One other thought, anyone out there who can, or would like to film the games step forward. The two goals were worth many views but the skippers winner was another level, so anyone fancy filming games and interviews The two against Welling I should have said
  10. No easy games in this league, three good chances early on should have put the game to bed, turned up yesterday to find dicko limping and then Sam came off, that's 50 goals not on the park so any win is sufficient, great crowd and support which we will need Tuesday, great cameo from Mark
  11. 1pm ko Saturday against catholic United £5 entry, kids free, bar open 12 noon
  12. Joe and Jordan both there but slight knocks, Lewis on hols , Adam released
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