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  1. I agree with Rebel. The first half was very flat. There was clearly a better crowd than usual - loved the young announcers, they'll remember that moment - and it was the right time to show them what we'd been treated to in recent times. But we seemed to start off like we did earlier in the season, conceding the advantage to the away side and relying on breakaways and quick balls to the front that rarely amounted to anything. It's as if the club can only afford half-time teamtalks and not pre-match ones. So many games have gone this way this season. Second half was a completely differ
  2. Fair enough about poor conditions. Sometimes it levels matches up, sometimes one team copes better.
  3. Hard luck, Town. Not our day today. Sounded like pretty poor conditions and a 1-0 defeat away to a higher league team is no shame. Just a disappointment. Pick ourselves up for Tuesday. Looking forward to going along despite today. Floodlights but no smell of wintergreen. Does it not exist anymore? Be interesting to see the attendance today - only heard Towners.
  4. For anyone who's not found it, there's commentary on : https://mixlr.com/radioclarets/ Poor timing maybe as Chelmsford have just scored but worth it for the commentators having kittens about a ball 4 foot over the line not being given. My player of the 1st half - Town supporters loud and clear.
  5. I bought my season ticket online last night. It was order#220. Any idea if this number relates to just season tickets / or just onine / or not at all? What's the usual number of season tickets sold? I'd expect demand to be up if people want their fix but then I get the feeling lots of older folks aren't venturing out much yet. And we have a good smattering of them.
  6. Hi, New forum member here. I lack the match analysis skills of some and tend to just go with the gut feeling of 'Did I enjoy it? Was it watchable? Was it worth the money? etc". The answer is an emphatic yes. Of course it helps to see a win but : Loadsa goals - and what good goals. A variety of scorers. Both defences were still finishing off their Xmas puds. A game of 2 halves I thought. Felt we were threading the passes better in the build up after halftime. First half was just punt and hope. A chance to see live football for an easily affordable price - Xmas jumpers fo
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