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  1. Reading the various comments about the pitch, I'm not observant enough to notice how it's doing. But I did a bit of research and found this system. https://rainharvesting.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Frocester-CC-case-study-web.pdf I have no idea whatsoever about whether this is practical for us but just wondered if it was a solution or something simiar. I don't imagine our roof space is big enough but the ground does have a lot of space for something that might work. What does anyone reckon? What's our water bill?
  2. Assuming that Lewes and Folkestone miss out, that leaves us as the best supported team in the playoffs. Another straw clutched. I'm more concerned about going to penalties. Get practicing.
  3. Absolute masterclass yesterday. Judging by all the results recently we appear to be approaching the playoffs with the weakest performances. Anyone scouting us go away thinking, "No worries. They can score but they let 'em in too. Nothing to see hear. Move on." Excellent. Just what we want. Bobbly pitch? No worries, we'll be playing away. By my reckoning, in the last 7 'standard' seasons, 3 clubs have gone up from 4th, 2 each from 2nd and 3rd. I don't think anyone's gone up from 5th. Wasn't there a time earlier this season when we were leaky but then clearly worked on it? We can do that again. Anyway, that's some straws clutched.
  4. I can. By Enfield in the semi-final playoff.
  5. The one word summary that occurred to me as I left was 'Alka-Seltzer'. Win after a losing run. Tick. Clean sheet. Tick. 3 good goals by 3 different scorers. Tick. I agree it wasn't a game to live long in the memory against a poor opponent but like Alfka-Selter I felt it had a settling affect. And after recent results, that was good enough for me. Hopefully a confidence booster. That Della-Verde freekick was a peach and worth the entrance fee. I'm glad I decided to stand behind the goal in the 2nd half. Cosy! In the first half I decided to stand down the side in line with our defence. I was on the lookout for hoofball, who was doing it and did they have better options. Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't see much of it. I did see Cunnington bearing down on the goal for the 2nd. I reckon Bricknell would have blasted it from range but I think Cunnington is more of a teamplayer and less greedy. I was also very well placed for one of the dumbest yellow cards you'll see when Youngs launched the ball down the racetrack in 1st half injury time when it was already more than a yard over the line. Pointless to do and pointless to protest so vehemently. In a recent game in muffed a pass and moments later picked up a yellow for taking it out on an opponent. Does anyone else think our discipline is slipping? Absolutely no idea what the next match will bring but we are at least back in the game. Crusty.
  6. Well, I don't know about anyone else but I'm excited about this one. With respect to Seemgee, I felt we needed to promote this game earlier and get some momentum going into it. The table suggests we should win this one but we all know it's not so simple. We're in the midst of a blip, having slipped from top of the form guide to one game from falling out of the playoffs completely. East Thurrock's winning streak didn't last long but importantly they're not relegated yet. I cant see this one ending 8-0 but anything-nil would be good. I reckon the performance is as important as the win. Rely soley on schoolboy kick 'n' rush and we can kiss goodbye to the playoffs. What I'd like to see : Play with composure and make better choices when playing out from the back. Stretch the opposition and make them run. By all means, play a long ball if you can execute it and it's genuinely on. I'd like to see the wingers take the ball into the box - there's always the chance of a penalty. Also scud hard and low across the goal - always a chance of an own goal. Cunnington did just this few games ago. Missed everyone but so close and exciting. Corners - how effective are they? How about overhitting them beyond the back post, have someone head it either back in to create more mayhem or to someone on the edge of the box to lash it home. Shots - practise keeping them low! Just my serving suggestions. What do you think? What strengths should we play to? Come on, Town. Time to saddle up and climb back on the playoff horse. Giddyup! Crusty
  7. BTW, is Chappell really pronounced Shapelle, as per the commentator?!
  8. I haven't bought a programme for a long time. Is there nothing at all from anyone in management?
  9. I imagine the players aren't allowed to talk but does anyone know what any of them think? Are they doing what they're told or ignoring it? I agree we've had a good season and still have every chance. I have a saying that the table doesn't lie but it doesn't tell the whole truth either. We are still 3rd despite the results but clearly the season could fall away alarmingly.
  10. Listening to the Worthing chairman after the game it's very telling how surprised he was at our long ball game. He clearly expected a tougher game but said we played into their hands. I know this is a bit mischievious but it feels like someone said, "Tell the lads to ease off a bit 'cos the club can't afford to go up. We can't play that 'misspelling a player's name' again stunt." That's the only thing I can come up with for the fall in performance. Am I being naughty? Has anyone at the club suggested anything better?
  11. In terms of other teams I'm only a bit nervous of Hornchurch and Folkestone right now. Not only are they close on points but they are backed up with their goal differences which could be crucial. Common wisdom says it's better to have points in the bag. Best of luck to Cheshunt winning their 5 games in hand in a tiring, busy run-in. I'd rather be us. After what Stortford did at Haringey, anyone else think maybe we did better than we thought against them, as hard as it was to watch? Be interesting to see what Worthing make of them tomorrow. If we can get a grip on the game from kickoff I think we'll do ok. Some games we've also been good with our pressing. Don't give 'em time to think on the ball. Keep the ball down. Don't panic in defence and just thump the ball aimlessly to the opposition. Occasionally it's the right thing to do but not as often as we do. With this wind the game might start in Enfield and end in Brightlingsea! COYT!
  12. Thankfully I was too lazy to log in after the game but all I would have said was just 2 words. Unexpectedly abject. It was pretty miserable to watch in that biting cold wind. But having had time to sleep on it, these are my brief observations. We never got a foothold in the game, not a sniff. We never had more than a second on the ball, which caused a lot of mistakes, mispasses and over-optimistic balls over the top which the runners never really had a chance to get onto. Some praise has to go to Stortford for their pressing and forcing mistakes. Having said that, I don't think Stortford were anything special and I didn't feel as anxious as against some other teams when they went forward. I think the ball spent far too much time in the air for such a blustery day. No one had their shooting boots on and their w@nker of a keeper was never under much pressure. If you're going to lose, it may as well be against a team in form. So all is not lost. My slight concern is that while we don't have many top teams left to play, we have quite a few against those looking nervously over their shoulder at the drop. The usual process is to steamroller a couple of these and struggle against those determined to make a fight for it. The sooner our opponents go 'on the beach' the better. I still feel confident for the rest of the season. You don't go from top of the form guide to relegation fodder in one game. It's just that this game offered no crumb of comfort whatsoever. Certainly didn't hear a MoM announced and that summed it up. Roll on W&F and roll 'em over.
  13. We're a potential banana skin! Shame they didn't draw all the big teams away.
  14. I agree with Rebel. The first half was very flat. There was clearly a better crowd than usual - loved the young announcers, they'll remember that moment - and it was the right time to show them what we'd been treated to in recent times. But we seemed to start off like we did earlier in the season, conceding the advantage to the away side and relying on breakaways and quick balls to the front that rarely amounted to anything. It's as if the club can only afford half-time teamtalks and not pre-match ones. So many games have gone this way this season. Second half was a completely different story and I kind of knew it would be. Our midfield pushed further forward and passed side to side to create openings. So much better. Better watch, better atmosphere. The crowd woke up and started singing. It had been noticeably absent in the first half. The old chicken and egg - is it for the crowd to create the atmosphere in expectation or the players to give them something to sing about? The goals were well taken, the passing and creativity was great and Merstham seemed to have the stuffing knocked out of them by 2-1. Really enjoyed seeing the kids on the pitch afterwards getting stuck into the celebrations. Again they'll remember that. So, yeah, went home happy but not sure what happens in the first halves. What are they told pre-match?
  15. Fair enough about poor conditions. Sometimes it levels matches up, sometimes one team copes better.
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