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  1. How many tickets do people think could be sold if no restrictions?
  2. Congratulations to all concerned. Hereford in the final.
  3. Great result and more prize money. Are the semi finals one off or two legged? Hereford are quite local to me so will keep you updated if drawn against them.
  4. First post. As I live in Shropshire now, I thought I would submit the following which may be of interest. My family moved to Upminster Bridge in 1968. We could see the floodlights during night matches through the gap between the houses opposite until they built an extension. We could also hear the starting pistol during athletics meetings and the band competitions. My previous football attending had been to White Hart Lane and Highbury on alternate weeks with an Uncle. Due to this I got to the stadium at 1.30 for a Saturday 3pm game. I’m not sure that anybody was there at that t
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