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  1. Don't think you have ever put your hand in your pocket, other than to readjust your underwear.
  2. Great reward for Ant Smith after time and money he has put into club. Not a charlatan like 'uncle urchin'.
  3. If PTG has kept off the kebabs he should be ok. After all, he only has to run half the length of the pitch in each half.
  4. Similar to some officials decisions on the pitch.......
  5. It was a lovely sunny day and we got the Arsenal manager to cut the ribbon...............................
  6. Rhodes has always been good at spending other peoples money......
  7. I hear he is very pally with PTG. At least one cup final for him this season.
  8. Why did you feel the need to tell the club?....a bit embarrassing for the player concerned
  9. Rumour has it he is part of the Shard foundations...........he ripped off some really serious people.
  10. He was a legend......now he is an old man clutching at his youth. I prefer to remember people in their prime.
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