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  1. Irony doesn't mean it's derogatory. We know who we are..... We're now the FA Trophy Winners! Super Hornchurch from The Bridge
  2. Hi Tony 2 for me Please Paul Le Vicount Brian Le Vicount Thanks - added to list
  3. 1) how the devil are you? Like a kid on Christmas Eve 2) I’ll be there, will you be there? If so, where are you drinking beforehand? Yes, Baker St area I would imagine 3) socks. Left one or right one first? Always sock up left to right 4) will a boy ever be born who can swim faster than a shark? Sink faster than a Shark maybe 5) is eating on a cup final day cheating? no Popcorn at Football! 6) are you going to bother with the vase match? Probably not 7) how amazing has this cup run been? Massive 8) I saw a baby starling toda
  4. Each and every one of the players were magnificent out there today and should be incredibly proud of the performance they all put in 👍💪
  5. Good Luck Urchins! I'm sure many will be remotely shagging women and drinking beer this afternoon!
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