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  1. As Above Sheldons is probably the best bet, about a mile from the ground. Not been in there myself but not really noticed many other Football pubs when there.
  2. Further to the above, if walking from the station to the ground I have asked my Father in law if the micro pub is open and apparently it is, it's about half a mile walk from the ground and a 5-10 minute walk from the station. I am now driving down Friday so will double check opening times when I get down there.
  3. I should be going to this one, father in law lives in Margate. For those heading into the town before or after the game SLAB is a decent place to eat and there are a few other pubs in the old town as opposed to the spoons on the promenade. Fish and Chips wise in town I prefer Peters, if walking via Cantebury Road and down Hartsdown you have Westbrook Fish Bar, there is a micro pub there but last time I was there the owners had closed as was too quiet (ales of the unexpected). If taxis are harder to come by it's an easy walk from the station, just under a mile, but unless going via the main to
  4. Irony doesn't mean it's derogatory. We know who we are..... We're now the FA Trophy Winners! Super Hornchurch from The Bridge
  5. Hi Tony 2 for me Please Paul Le Vicount Brian Le Vicount Thanks - added to list
  6. 1) how the devil are you? Like a kid on Christmas Eve 2) I’ll be there, will you be there? If so, where are you drinking beforehand? Yes, Baker St area I would imagine 3) socks. Left one or right one first? Always sock up left to right 4) will a boy ever be born who can swim faster than a shark? Sink faster than a Shark maybe 5) is eating on a cup final day cheating? no Popcorn at Football! 6) are you going to bother with the vase match? Probably not 7) how amazing has this cup run been? Massive 8) I saw a baby starling toda
  7. Each and every one of the players were magnificent out there today and should be incredibly proud of the performance they all put in 👍💪
  8. Good Luck Urchins! I'm sure many will be remotely shagging women and drinking beer this afternoon!
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