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  1. Hello all, hope all are well. Connor is a top top lad, and was a breath of fresh air from day 1 in pre season. As the season came round, he had a massive re furb project going on at his new house, and then he and his misses had there 1st child, so we felt it only right to give him the time of a couple need specially with there 2st born. He was still doing a bit with us, and Was in constant contact with us all, and the plan was to have him back for the busy Xmas period and beyond. Gotta say, for a lad who has played levels, his attitude was spot on, probs the only player to be at every summer p
  2. Yep, they have pulled out of the vase. No game for us, worrying times ahead I think. Government pushing it to the fa, fa pushing it to local leagues, and local leagues not knowing what to do for the best. Unless we get firm leadership and some direction from the actual fa on what we can and can't do, who knows what is going to happen this season. Leighton have told the league that we are happy to play league games with the current regulations, but I know of 5 clubs that will be telling the league they won't be happy to play when they have there meeting tomorrow night.
  3. Clubs at local step 4,5 and 6 have this week been asked for there preferred start date. 5th or 12th. Feeling is that the 12th will be the sensible date, as will give clubs 1 full week of full training. Next question will be, will the 12th be straight into the vase???
  4. Hello lads Hope your all well. 2 weeks left of this, then we can hopefully get cracking again. Any questions feel free to pop them on here Ps, question for you We all know putman holds the record for most goals scored in a season for oxhey, but who comes 2nd and 3rd in goals scored in spartan prem in a season.
  5. Ollie is great for all of us at step 5, always helps us, always promotes us, and it's always a pleasure doing bits to help him and his show. No moaning from me on the fixtures, the more games the better at the minute, as we had so long out, Im sure it's the same at most places, everyone wants games, shame we haven't got 1 tonight, we were due to have Greenford, but it got put back to later in the season, have no idea why, as we we were open and happy yo play a game. Some good games tonight, but I'll be doing a session with the lads, whilst coppo goes over to Biggleswade to watch L
  6. Very exciting game for us, at home against a team 2 levels above is what the fa cup is all about. They had a difficult season last year, but since Darren eadie came in, they have improved and now look a lot stronger. Beating Biggleswade Town away 5-1 was a very impressive result in the last round, so we are fully aware we have our hands full. But a game that all of us at the club will look forward to. Just a shame we will only have 300 in for it I guess. Hope everyone is well
  7. Hi all Yep, I sadly watched the semi final on a live feed, Hebburn were dominant throughout, was a great game. Pre season has been more positive than negative, but never read to much into the results, as teams are trialling players and trying different things on the pitch. We have suffered a few bad Injurys, which is the last thing we all want, as players need to get off to a good start after working hard in pre season. Really looking forward to this season, so many good players in our league now many good managers and good clubs, should be a good one. I per
  8. Neil at Aston left at the end of last season lads.
  9. Oxhey Jets and harpenden need updating lads
  10. Hi lads, I know that a lot of managers and clubs are gently discussing pre season friendlies with other managers and clubs, and agreeing in a game, trouble is, that without a start date, can't put dates on any games as of yet. Start date is critical to plans of training and friendlies for pre season, so nothing can be concrete until then. Think yesterday's news that steps 2 and 3 are looking to start in Sept is a positive for all of us, as in theory, our step will be easier to manage and less people in grounds than them, so can't see us being later than that personally.
  11. Karen does a good job with all the fixtures, so we take them as they come, always known that as a club if you do well in the cups, then you could be playing a 60 game season. So will always be a situation that clubs and managers have to prepare for in advance.
  12. Think it a bit harsh to be critical in any way in regards to Danny, always worth noting that o good paced forward player is only as good as the quality of forward pass that he is getting in a game. Worth noting that sometimes when forwards at any club seem on the surface to be having a quiet game, it could be dependent on the middle battle for the ball,, and who is coming out on top on the 2nd ball wins. Danny was on 42 goals when the season was stopped, he was well on target to be in the high 50s, which would have put him 2nd best scoring record in the spartan, behind the amazin
  13. Rhodes, it was a mixture of the following Many new players to integrate New system and way of playing Formation and understanding of it And we struggled in the keeper position not only in the 1st 5 weeks, but the whole season really, think we used over 7 different keepers, due to injury, form, availability, eligibility , and this is such a key area, as at our level,, the keeper can have such an effect on the back line, both in the positive and in the negative. The lowestoft trip was a proud day for us all, as we matched a step 3 side all the way until the sending off
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