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  1. Very exciting game for us, at home against a team 2 levels above is what the fa cup is all about. They had a difficult season last year, but since Darren eadie came in, they have improved and now look a lot stronger. Beating Biggleswade Town away 5-1 was a very impressive result in the last round, so we are fully aware we have our hands full. But a game that all of us at the club will look forward to. Just a shame we will only have 300 in for it I guess. Hope everyone is well
  2. Hi all Yep, I sadly watched the semi final on a live feed, Hebburn were dominant throughout, was a great game. Pre season has been more positive than negative, but never read to much into the results, as teams are trialling players and trying different things on the pitch. We have suffered a few bad Injurys, which is the last thing we all want, as players need to get off to a good start after working hard in pre season. Really looking forward to this season, so many good players in our league now many good managers and good clubs, should be a good one. I personally don't take too much from the results pre season, both from our point of view, and when I'm out scouting teams, I have had great pre seasons and got of to a bad season start, and visa versa, so talking really starts once the competitive games get going. Hope all you are well, and looking forward to the season. Joe
  3. Neil at Aston left at the end of last season lads.
  4. Oxhey Jets and harpenden need updating lads
  5. Hi lads, I know that a lot of managers and clubs are gently discussing pre season friendlies with other managers and clubs, and agreeing in a game, trouble is, that without a start date, can't put dates on any games as of yet. Start date is critical to plans of training and friendlies for pre season, so nothing can be concrete until then. Think yesterday's news that steps 2 and 3 are looking to start in Sept is a positive for all of us, as in theory, our step will be easier to manage and less people in grounds than them, so can't see us being later than that personally. Hope so anyway
  6. Karen does a good job with all the fixtures, so we take them as they come, always known that as a club if you do well in the cups, then you could be playing a 60 game season. So will always be a situation that clubs and managers have to prepare for in advance.
  7. Think it a bit harsh to be critical in any way in regards to Danny, always worth noting that o good paced forward player is only as good as the quality of forward pass that he is getting in a game. Worth noting that sometimes when forwards at any club seem on the surface to be having a quiet game, it could be dependent on the middle battle for the ball,, and who is coming out on top on the 2nd ball wins. Danny was on 42 goals when the season was stopped, he was well on target to be in the high 50s, which would have put him 2nd best scoring record in the spartan, behind the amazing season a while back from Lewis putman at oxhey, where I think he Was in the 70s, which was incredible.
  8. Rhodes, it was a mixture of the following Many new players to integrate New system and way of playing Formation and understanding of it And we struggled in the keeper position not only in the 1st 5 weeks, but the whole season really, think we used over 7 different keepers, due to injury, form, availability, eligibility , and this is such a key area, as at our level,, the keeper can have such an effect on the back line, both in the positive and in the negative. The lowestoft trip was a proud day for us all, as we matched a step 3 side all the way until the sending off, and we came away from that game with alot of positives even in defeat for the months ahead. Murphy had to endure a very long and lonely coach journey home that day, knowing that his decision making effected the outcome, so no one felt it more than him. However, murph is a figure of high standards and commitment at the club, so some players you don't need to say much to, as these type of player feels it inside the same level that you do yourself.
  9. Most of the lads who were on the bench for the vase game were started on the Tuesday, this was to freshen the team up and to manage our congested fixture list at that time, which was planned to be 3 or 4 games a week for the run in. However the main reason, was that all them lads are not only good players, but are also top lads, who make the group what they are, so I try to utilise all the lads, as the strength of the group is the group. We don't have star players or 1 or 2 with big egos etc, we have a group of hard working, honest and dedicated lads, and for me the group always comes 1st, even if we do have to take the odd slap round the face.
  10. At the time, we were 3-2 up, we were well in top, and creating lots of chances, I made the call to kill the game off, as we we were so on top, there full back was tiring, and we wanted kieran to work on the inside of him, as there were spaces, whereas Ashton likes to go outside and round, where they would always have a covering player. And as always archie had given us everything he had for 70 mins, so we had to freshen it up. We actually had 3 excellent opportunities at 3-2, hit the post, keeper pulled off a great save etc etc. So like always, it could and should have seen us go on to win, however, it didn't, and you go away and learn from these things. Was the change defining, maybe not, did we blow a massive opportunity as a group, without doubt. Always gonna be tough throwing in a keeper who was new to the group the club and the team for a 1 of game of such importance. Defo one that still keeps me up at night.
  11. That's the question everyone has been asking... We have had very positive discussions with all the squad during this shut down, and most if not all the lads are very keen to stay together and build on the platform we put together last season. The club is in a good place, we did will in the cups last year, so we are in a positive place as a club. Like most clubs,, we will probs have a few in and a few out, but we hope to keep the majority of what we have built over the last 18 months.
  12. Title and promotion would always be above the vase for me, however, I guess winning the vase would be a once in a lifetime thing, so very close. But bread and butter 1st always. We have had no communication in regards to next season start dates etc, however, with groups of 6 coming into play next week, things should and could improve over the weeks. Thought it would be good for you guys to have a current manager to chuck questions at, as I know you lads love this forum and you all deserve to have a line to us managers, especially through these times.
  13. Questions relating to football, players, the league, agms and league meetings arent really managers concerns going into the summer. Joe s
  14. Hi all, it's great that you all have a platform to keep the non league chat going through these times, I know you all care about and all share an interest in the spartan league, so I thought I'd offer you all the chance of asking any questions you like about any subject you like concerning the spartan, and all that goes with it. Keep it clean, and I'll do my best to keep it clean back to you lads and lasses. Hope your all well, and looking forward to getting back at it soon. Joe
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