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  1. Nor were they Kieran Carvell and Ben Davage.
  2. Live Stream confirmed as well! Same company and set up as last time
  3. We’re in contact with the company who streamed it the round before. As much as we appreciate the guys who did the Cobham’s stream interest, we want to make sure the stream is of the best possible quality for our supporters and the rest of people who want to watch the game. Of course, the decision is not down to me, or Joe even, it’s down to people higher up than us!
  4. Unfortunately not my pooch, although I wish it was! Been a busy man the last few days! A great win for us, somewhat lucky, however, we’ll Take it.
  5. They allowed 2 officials in from Leighton Town. look forward to your prediction! As for stand out players, no. No one really took the game by the scruff but, rust and no regular game time I’m sure played part.
  6. Such a shame for Hebburn, Consett, Harrogate and Concord. Really feel for them. A long way to go before any Wembley talk Rhodes...
  7. Live Stream good to go! I’ll see if I can get you a shout out Rhodes...
  8. I’ll be reporting at Spectrum on the 10th of April... Yes I can, Walton & Hersham to win it for me. Guildford clearly not wanting any part in the Vase as they’ve already booked in games for the weekends after. Be a W&H win for me. Live Stream potentially for the game on the 17th at Bell Close mind you... ;)
  9. Hey Rhodes 😘, missed you. Looking forward to working at the Guildford game and at the game at Bell Close too...
  10. Actually, he was rather welcoming to us younger supporters. But, hey, you should know this right? Seems like the 2 of you are best pals!
  11. Oh my goodness me, we’ve been over this before... Have a day off and stop worshiping a man you’ve never even met🤣🤣🤣
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