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  1. Just to touch on this, both games are written into Leighton Town, well, Leighton Buzzard folklore really. Many times I’ve walked up the high street and heard people talk about the 2 fixtures or people have told me about them. If you’re a Leighton Town fan and you don’t know about the 2 games, are you really a Leighton Town fan?
  2. Tell me what they are then, Rhodes, if not young lads supporting their local club. I must be one of those chavs too then. Realistically it’s better support than anyone else gets in this league... Proud to be a young chav supporting his massive football club
  3. A little over an hours time until the 4th Round draw. Who knows when this game will be able to be played, hopefully the 9th of January as scheduled, but we’ll wait and see! Any predictions for Town’s opponents? I’m going for either Christchurch or Falmouth away. But of course, I’d love a home draw instead!
  4. Laughable isn’t it. Must say I enjoyed scrolling twitter yesterday
  5. I’m glad people are realising so, the blokes a fool!
  6. I’m glad people are realising just how disgraceful Eynesbury are as a football club. A shambles. Mr. Plumb the Plum.
  7. Completely agree here. Yes, I am biased, but it’s a disgrace. Twice now this has happened this season. Colney Heath vs Newport Pagnell goes ahead, with a game on that pitch last night, yet ‘groundsman of the year’ and their fantastic pitch isn’t fit to play on. I smell something very, very fishy...
  8. I can tell you that the person in this forum is wrong. The young lads behind the goal create and continue to create a brilliant atmosphere. Shame he doesn’t want to return, ‘if I were local I wouldn’t’, okay, tell that to rest of the Leighton locals that continue to turn out in force. It’s funny, young lads making a brilliant atmosphere should be praised, not slandered like they are. I feel for them. Hopefully, they’ll make plenty of noise this evening at AynesBerry
  9. Can’t wait for this a week today! Going to be a great game and a great away day!
  10. He was gone by October. I doubt a heroes welcome would have been that fitting.
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