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  1. That’s not me! Only excuse for being on your phone during a game is if you’re doing live match updates online or what have you! The young lads Mrs can wait until half time! 😂
  2. I have done and spotted myself in a few... Yes, a very poor overall attendance, but a fantastic attendance from ourselves. Easily 250 of that crowd made the trip from Leighton Buzzard, and that would’ve been about 300 if it hadn’t of been called off the week before! Should’ve seen wetherspoons in the high street on the 29th, was full to the brim of Leighton people going to the game! Corinthian ultimately are a very small club in the middle of nowhere, however, have lovely facilities, that’s about the only nice thing I would say about them...
  3. https://www.leightontownfc.co.uk/news/exciting-announcement-funding-for-club-improvement-2547805.html look at this amazing news!!!!
  4. I wasn’t actually that disappointed personally. The 18/19 season was somewhat of a ‘nothing’ season. After a poor start under Nicholls, we were never going to compete. So losing him wasn’t a blow for me to be honest. I think now, we are better than ever and far stronger.
  5. I was there and yes he really was cool as they come. A real talent and a servant to the club over the years. A really strange place WSC, like you say, hostile. Lye Town in the Vase when we lost 4-0 the following season after being re-instated was similar! Very hostile! Hopefully we’ll have some even better photos next season, I’m really looking forward to it now!
  6. Haha, the guys behind the goal went crazy! And yes, the other guy is behind the wall. If I recall, there were 3 guys behind the wall watching the rugby on the pitch behind and they were the ones who captured the video of said goal!!
  7. Quite the Photo isn’t it! So many great photos and videos came out of this season, nice to look back on some really good and fond memories!
  8. Scott was not the man to take Leighton forward ultimately. Look where he his now.
  9. The twitter account is far more up to date then any other site!
  10. Hope everyone will vote for Webby! The least he deserves after another astonishing personal season!
  11. I’d certainly like to think so. It’s great to see young 17-18 year old lads actually want to help out and volunteer at our football club! You don’t get that really very often, especially to the level of dedication these boys go to!
  12. I do know of him, comes across as a really, really nice young lad. This season he’s followed us to pretty much every game, with a couple of other young lads, one of which does the reports, Twitter and Programmes. They even took Brad Kirkwood with them to an away game after he broke his fingers! 🤣
  13. WinslowBoy - I agree, I really like the stuff Leighton put out on Twitter, it always seems to be on the ball and interesting! I think a social media account can help a club, gives them a platform to attract fans and people in general like groundhoppers etc. It’s a shame that some of them don’t keep them updated. Leighton’s has really taken a massive turn for the better in the last 18 months!
  14. I’m interested as to what people think about Non-League Twitter, specifically in the Spartan. I think Leighton’s account is pretty good, the live match updates are always spot on and when the season’s on, lots of good stuff on there.
  15. 42 from 44 with 18 games not played in 19/20. he signed as a wide player yes
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