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  1. I’ll be reporting at Spectrum on the 10th of April... Yes I can, Walton & Hersham to win it for me. Guildford clearly not wanting any part in the Vase as they’ve already booked in games for the weekends after. Be a W&H win for me. Live Stream potentially for the game on the 17th at Bell Close mind you... ;)
  2. Hey Rhodes 😘, missed you. Looking forward to working at the Guildford game and at the game at Bell Close too...
  3. Actually, he was rather welcoming to us younger supporters. But, hey, you should know this right? Seems like the 2 of you are best pals!
  4. Oh my goodness me, we’ve been over this before... Have a day off and stop worshiping a man you’ve never even met🤣🤣🤣
  5. Didn’t realise your Inter-Spartan Cup Games weren’t behind closed doors... hahahaha what a little banter club Edgware are.
  6. I’m glad my club have been proactive as well, by once again still being in the FA Vase after any other Spartan team...
  7. I mean I don’t think that I am🤣, no maybe not because as you make out, I really don’t like Scott and am treating him with such disrespect! I should be ashamed.
  8. I wouldn’t really say that’s the end of the world nor a massive talking point from the game🤣
  9. I think that it is certainly easier to communicate when things are positive, but why be negative when to be honest, there’s nothing to be negative about at Leighton town really? When you’re in a positive, forward-thinking environment, it’s easy to practice what you preach and be positive in interviews and in day to day footballing life!
  10. Wow, perfect timing then hey. Good listen, the stream is ideal for Leighton fans as well as Guildford or W&H fans. Should be good. Annoying it’s behind closed doors but hey I’ll be there and deliver the news the best way I know how!
  11. I have absolutely no preference, we’ll batter either of them
  12. Oh no, 5 days since I replied to a post. Almost like I have a full-time job...
  13. It’s absolutely spot on and sums him up perfectly. Personally, I don’t think he deserves anymore air time so I’m hanging my gloves up.
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