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  1. Please I would rather not. Sorry.  I may not be coming anymore.


    Happy New Year

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    2. Kentish Maid

      Kentish Maid

      Ask Jordan why heard it.  At Folkestone Colin swore at me continuosly, then from a distance for all to hear called out "You stupid old bag"  It's not the first time he has been rude, but that was disgraceful.

      I actually went home in tears just into the second half.

      He doesn't like the fact that a woman can have an opinion on football and me winning the comp just finished him off.


      I have never been spoken to like that before, not even when teaching expelled teenage boys!!


    3. Kentish Maid

      Kentish Maid

      PS I'm fine so far. A bit cheesed off having seen no one since before Christmas and few league tables to look forward to to play with on a Saturday and Tuesday.  I have my thorough Covid numbers files...I KNEW something was wrong in Kent two weeks before the government. You spot it with pen and paper rather than algorithm.

      Hope Hampshire is safer than London.  And don't get me going on Havering, Redbridge and Barking which should have been locked down weeks before they were!

      Lots of love


    4. Jago


      Lordy.  That sounds a bit depressing from Colin.  He can certainly be very forthright but I can't say I've ever heard him be malicious.

      It will be a big shame if you don't come back over but I'll understand why!

      Until then, Keep your pecker up :)



  2. No Flamingo Park this season for Cray. Kent will have a Trump wall from Wednesday so no crossings in or out! Marooned!
  3. Plays today for Dartford and scores both goals in the Dartford win.
  4. So if I join the BOTTOM division that would help Mike get promoted? I suppose I had better support the Thurrock connection and play then. That means more long baths on a Saturday morning. Wondering whether to put 2-0 or 3-0, whether QPR will mess up anything to do with Millwall as usual. (Oh yes they did...hadn't scored in 4 games so scored 3 on Saturday grr grr. And stopped Millwall getting to the playoffs last season when a fanless set of fixtures would have been SAFE for the world.)
  5. Since when did I have a goal start? I never calculated that in my scores. Probably another thing I didn't read properly. Who needed that though? At last I have a temporary internet connection so I shall say thank you very much for organising the competition. I am honoured to be allowed to take part and rather surprised, but a teeny bit chuffed to have won. I never win anything! OK so saddo here did everything possible late on Saturday night to find the Dallas score...yay yay. I told you I was competitive. I am very sorry to hear about Lady Jago and indeed it means no washing up. I will back her sincerely and hope she recovers well I also think cooking/cleaning and all such things should not be tackled by her. I am disappointed in Dinamo Urchin. He had already told me he felt I was sackable...in a match where he scored only 4???? To my 13?? Oh dear oh dear. Onwards and upwards or something. Thank you to my opponents who were wonderful, especially Baby Jago in the close match. And well done to Salad Dodger for taking the final to the last game of the four predictions and especially for such a wonderful name.
  6. Oh Daggers is off. That's 4 points gone. I have little faith in my preddies this week. C'mon Neil Harris do the business for one of your old fans! FC Dallas 2 v1 Houston Dynamo Burnley 0 v 2 Chelsea QPR 0 v 1 Cardiff City Boreham Wood 2 v 0 Digger Dagger Bowers 1 v 2 Hornchurch (score before extra time/pens) Att : 256
  7. I researched! Oh poor Nick...higher score than the other semi finalists. I got 11, could we stop now? No, I thought not. America...for goodness sake. I was expecting the Aldershot and District. As I drove home through those awful conditions on Saturday, with the car blowing all over, and the Barca result on the radio, I thought I had BLOWN it prediction wise. Hee hee. That atlas and investigating Annan's weather scraped me through, phew. PS Why am I away? PPS I have no text number. Does it tell me somewhere on here how I can PM? If so, I'll find out I guess. Now if I were PM.......
  8. Barcelona 2 v 1 Real Madrid (11:00) Fulham 0 v 2 C Palace Man United 2 v 2 Chelski Annan Athletic 1 v 1 Stranraer Chins 3 v 2 Horsham Att :445
  9. Annan? Oh my it's another Barking! Tell baby Jago it was a great match between us and Barking, as expected, nearly did for me. He beat me on the crowd prediction by 8 so well done to him for that. Very nice young man. How can I research Annan when they have hardly played. I don't even know exactly where it is so now I need atlas as well as everything else. (Weather conditions and temperature will need to be taken into account) Yes I know it's only Monday but this all takes planning and research. This is serious stuff.
  10. Best wishes to you both and Mum!
  11. And yet again, thank you to all for your hard work.
  12. Just banter me old mucker. You should know me by now! Now, I have studied form etc for these derbies, but derbies are just that. Strange results. The one that will knock me out is the Barking one. And I have gone for a HORNCHURCH WIN WITH THREE GOALS, As if....fingers crossed come on boys carry on from Tuesday. Mind you if we lose 2-0 again I'd get a point. So my strange predictions: Inter Milan 2-0 AC Milan Everton 2-2 Liverpool (12:30) Celtic 2-2 Rangers (12:30) Barking 1-2 Harlow Hornchurch 3-2 Carshalton Att: 402
  13. It's a Thurrock thing. We got used to losing. And we were ALL realists.....all 30 of us. Yes, the sum total of supporters. Oo you mustn't look at what other people put. Tut.
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