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  1. Annan? Oh my it's another Barking! Tell baby Jago it was a great match between us and Barking, as expected, nearly did for me. He beat me on the crowd prediction by 8 so well done to him for that. Very nice young man. How can I research Annan when they have hardly played. I don't even know exactly where it is so now I need atlas as well as everything else. (Weather conditions and temperature will need to be taken into account) Yes I know it's only Monday but this all takes planning and research. This is serious stuff.
  2. Best wishes to you both and Mum!
  3. And yet again, thank you to all for your hard work.
  4. Just banter me old mucker. You should know me by now! Now, I have studied form etc for these derbies, but derbies are just that. Strange results. The one that will knock me out is the Barking one. And I have gone for a HORNCHURCH WIN WITH THREE GOALS, As if....fingers crossed come on boys carry on from Tuesday. Mind you if we lose 2-0 again I'd get a point. So my strange predictions: Inter Milan 2-0 AC Milan Everton 2-2 Liverpool (12:30) Celtic 2-2 Rangers (12:30) Barking 1-2 Harlow Hornchurch 3-2 Carshalton Att: 402
  5. It's a Thurrock thing. We got used to losing. And we were ALL realists.....all 30 of us. Yes, the sum total of supporters. Oo you mustn't look at what other people put. Tut.
  6. Is there some UNWRITTEN RULE I have missed? I have enough trouble with written ones.
  7. Yes, a big thank you to all those who worked so hard on Tuesday to get our game on with Mrs Council in attendance. It is a shame when such loyal fans have to miss much of the play. ( Echoing Jago's comments though, staying outside in the second half on Tuesday would have been more entertaining!) Cray's( well Bromley's) new big stand didn't even have crosses and ticks today but it is huge enough for people to spread. Ironic that Cray could play today with a fairly large crowd but Bromley can only have zero!
  8. Just back from this very entertaining and high quality game. First half fairly even with Cray going in 1-0 but lucky to keep a centre half on the pitch. Second half ALL Stortford. Very impressive. Finished 3-1 to Stortford. Cray went like we did last Tuesday. One significant thing, I think, is that both teams have managed pretty much the same starting elevens in every game.
  9. I'm competitive! So much so that by 5pm last evening I had worked out I was through!!!!!!!! I was right though wasn't I ??????
  10. England 3 v 2 Belgium Ireland 1 v 2 Wales Gillingham 2 v 1 Oxford Barrow1 v1 The Os Kingstonian 2 v 1 Hornchurch Att :239
  11. Spartak Moscow 1 - 2 Zenit St P Reading 2 - 1 Watford Charlton 1 - 1 Sunderland Maldon & T 1 - 2 Grays (FAC) Woolfamstow 0 - 2 Hornchurch Att: 296 Team name: Falls' Fools FC Thanken yoo I hope you can do apostrophes!
  12. "Anyway - well done to Kentish Maid and to Nick. Just goes to show any fool can play this. BTW - KM - do you want to have a team name? I forgot to ask." You forgot to ask. Huh. I'll have to have a think. Any fool....huh Oh, just found that foreign stuff score....spot on! Who were they again???
  13. Yep, I did quite well on the crowd. Not much else. I think I will just throw a die next time for results.
  14. Oh sorry even more. I found some rules which were not crossed out. It's all my fault and I am sorry, sorry. Won't do it again. xx
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