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  1. Bit of a traipse to get to the ground but ETFC supporters were in great voice and outshouted and out-sung the home support. The Eastleigh professionals were too fit, fast and technically skilled for our team with ex-Southampton and premiership player Hesketh, nippy left-winger, scoring a hat-trick and was pretty much unchallenged by us all afternoon. We consistently fail to deal with fast wingers in our league and unfortunately Gyebi's lack of pace was shown up yet again. I must say putting the sprinklers on before and at half time was un-sportsmanlike because it gave the professional te
  2. I've phoned Eastleigh FC. No Covid pass or mask required. Tickets can be purchased online (under away supporters category - apparently) or at the ticket office - £10 adult, £5 concessions. Thank you.
  3. Can anyone post the Covid and matchday details required for away fans at Eastleigh FC on Saturday please? The information's lacking both on their site and ours - brilliant!
  4. I think a fan has to try and be realistic - it's not easy I know. Don't get too excited, think longer term. I will be more convinced with a assured victory against Brightlingsea. I was at the match and was ecstatic with the victory but lobbing the ball forward for Mo to run on to is not always going to be the solution. The Carshalton defence were not good enough to cope with the straight bounce off the artificial pitch giving the chance for Mo to latch on. Our defending for the two Carshalton goals was poor (see the highlights) - two crosses, from both wings, and two headers unmarked in the ce
  5. A point would be a very good result. Junior played in the game before but seems to have gone missing in recent ETFC announcements. Junior's a good guy to have in the squad and this should be his breakthrough year!
  6. It was Grays! The win was to be expected with Mo Faal up front( staying 'til Christmas, thanks Mo!) The new coach seems to be doing a good job with the back four and is constantly on their game - a great plus because this has not been seen in previous seasons. Creative midfield not really existent, especially without Youngs and lobbing balls for Mo and Ebrima to chase will soon be nullified by Isth Prem teams. Ebrima and Mo are decent up front but unfortunately the others don't cut the mustard for me but they deserve more of a chance. I must say that we do look a tough team with Percy and Maja
  7. Best pre-season performance so far (seen all the games except Manchester). Tighter, more organised and more grit. However, we still lack co-ordination, creativity and penetration from midfield and attack. This was a much better match practice for Enfield than any of the other games, Chesham were at our level and we were probably lucky to get a 1-0 victory but we did so with determination and staying power, particularly impressed to see Jerry and Percy's 'fighting' performances. Everyone seems to be getting fitter by the match as well.
  8. An average of 4-1 against for the first 5 friendly matches. The worrying thing is that with a small squad Andy has been forced to play most of those expected to be in the first team in all of the friendlies so far. So we've been watching most of the first team. Playing 3 much better teams in the first 5 matches hasn't helped forming a confident playing unit. For me only one of the newer players looks promising; Sawaneh - the fast left winger - seems to be the only decent new player capable of reaching the highest standard in the Isthmian Prem. McDonald, Urquart, Thomas,Joseph, Kiangebeni, You
  9. Schoolkid playground nonsense at the moment and Andy said we'd be ready! Nobody looks as if they had a clue and they certainly don't look match fit (apart from McDonald who's getting lots of practice). Chesham here we come.
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