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  1. I’m not sure what the problem is at Corries, every season the board seem to appointment new management and every year they disappoint, goes back years. this year seems no different......
  2. The Irish have certainly found the winning formula. Is it down to having better players? A good management team? A bit of both.. it’s good to see and MK team finally doing well that can go up the pyramid. MK has so much potential to be able to produce a few good teams!!
  3. This is a remarkable achievement from Winslow, Charlton in the next round...... one off game, 11 v 11, anything is possible!!! 🤞
  4. I certainly would hope so. punishing the team that are winning could highlight the stupidity within the crowd and teach them a valuable lesson.
  5. i haven’t read the story behind this statement but I’m guessing racial abuse. If they followed protocol then good for them!!! it seems they are the only club brave enough to stand up. This is bigger than any single football match!! mindless morons who ruin these games and society in general. 👏 Haringey
  6. Div 1 seems to be as competitive as I’ve even seen it. Potentially having the best Teams than other step 6 league in the country.
  7. Gutted I couldn’t attend. 3-0 does sound comfortable. What happened? Risboro do have a good side but Pound for pound the teams are pretty even.
  8. Is it not around this time of the season where we all speculate positions for each division?
  9. A couple of decent signings but looking at the squad list, it’s mainly an old risborough reserve team. Top half finish........
  10. I wouldn’t necessarily agree. Winslow edged the 1st half and Risborough dominated the 2nd half. Both teams giving everything and probably a fair result. Risborough fitness levels seemed to be a big factor. Side note, you can’t win a game in 45 mins, one of the most used quotes in footy, ‘it’s a game of two halves’! Saturdays game could go either way.
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