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  1. The merry go round of players and managers. It’s quite strange, managers leave clubs to join others but take the same players with them. It would be truly amazing if they stayed at one club with the same players. I’m sure there are different reasons for this but mostly it doesn’t need to happen. im sure one of the first questions to all managerial candidates is; do you have a pool of players that will follow you?
  2. Seems to be a lot of signings for Winslow from Aylesbury Vale Dynamos (Twitter), Can’t be going down to well. Looked liked AVD had started to turn the corner under Granville.
  3. Love the memories and still find myself shocked every time I see the teams names. So much has changed. where would we be without your trivia Rhodes 🙌🤝
  4. The potential for a club in MK to do well is huge. Large town (or self proclaimed city) with an abundance of talent. Just needs the right people to bring it all together. Maybe they have it now.
  5. What other hobbies do you do when you can’t watch local / non-league football!?
  6. Not quite sure what the fuss is about. There’s more than one game that’s been called off tonight.
  7. There’s a few games that look good this weekend. Edgware Town v Harefield United Leighton Town v Newport Pagnell Town Rayners Lane v Ampthill Town Shefford Town & Campton v Bedford Winslow United v London Lions Buckingham United v Pitstone & Ivinghoe MK Gallacticos v Codicote
  8. After viewing the winning penalty footage, I’m not sure what was wrong with the celebration. A few fist pumps to the crowd. Definitely a touch of sour grapes from their supporters. Irish travelled a huge distance to play team from a higher level. Playing against an ex prem player. Having suffered mild jeering and to win with the last kick of the game. It must have been a very emotional experience. well done to the players and management.
  9. It was good to be back today, didn’t realise how much I missed shouting abuse at big time Charlie’s 😳😂.
  10. It’s quiet from Berko. Evidence provided! 🤦‍♂️
  11. That’s a great spot, I remember creating and wondering why no one commented at the time 😂. And at the time, In the words of the Wealdstone Raider, “you ain’t got no fans’, springs to mind.
  12. I fear not as much, as we’d all like to, I think the lockdown will be extended.
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