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  1. Why would they send their reserves? Obviously if the team has a covid outbreak, and probably mixed with injuries, they would want to cancel. A team will make the request and it’s up to the league if the reason is acceptable. Risborough must have asked the question and it was accepted. I find it poor the amount of bullying going via social media. It’s almost as if everyone is just waiting for a glimmer of misfortune to jump on the bandwagon. I for one would want teams to have the majority of players fully fit to participate in any game. Especially form a spectators point of view. As for 78 players signed on, we all know that half of this amount can be duel signed and may have left to play for clubs in a different leagues etc. and the majority of the players left will be inexperienced players and reserve standard. one clubs success over the last few years has really upset the Spartan prems clicky nonsense. People need to grow up
  2. Winslow Boy - need to shed some light on this I one. An excellent mixture of youth and experience, with young hungry managers. This relationship looked like it was just taking shape and one to watch for the future.
  3. Winslow management have resigned ?‍♂️. Weird?
  4. Aston currently leading at Old Bradwell. Is this the greatest ever comeback title challenge in the history of the Spartan.
  5. Tring Corries manager…. So today after our Cup game I had to inform my players that after 2 years at Tring Corinthians AFC I would be stepping down from my role as Manager. I have had the please of meeting a great Chairman and friend in Gary Mendham plus many players throughout my time at the club. The club need a new team onboard with the time and fresh ideas to take this club forward. I would like to thank Gary, his committee and our course all the players for their continued support. I will help with the transition with the players and new management during pre season.
  6. Merchandise sales ?. They had 65 watching their last home match. Let’s say they were all supporting Bedford. Each supporter would have to buy 20 shirts at £30.
  7. You need to stop your love infatuation for Scott. What’s gone against him?
  8. Plus the effects of the Pandemic seems to have halted quite things nationwide. I remember being blooded in the old reserve league and found it very competitive. 16/17 year olds would get great experience playing against other promising young players and some vastly experienced ones. The mixture was superb.
  9. Couldn’t agree more. many teams have had the same issue, challenging for the div 2 title only to come up against a step 4 or 5 team who’s development side are languishing in the bottom half. Bring back the reserve leagues!!!!!!!
  10. It’s a strange one, many of the fringe players getting minutes I’d assume. No first team game so need to keep fitness levels up. I don’t think you can blame any club for playing who they want, it’s the leagues fault for allowing development/reserve teams in div 2.
  11. ? My thoughts exactly. Dragging that around was probably doing more harm than good.
  12. The results, so much for 'the invincibles' strange way to congratulate a team for the longest unbeaten run in the English football pyramid.
  13. I’m pretty sure they would all care about their own safety and more importantly the the safety of everyone else. the Epsom player showed no signs of letting up. no referee should be subject to physical abuse. Even if they were utter garbage.
  14. I don’t think that is the issue here. perhaps the other two officials felt threatened. The ref made the correct decision. Safety is above all. imagine if referees had a free shot every time a player made a mistake. (I’m not saying that a mistake was made but…) Every player on the pitch would have a black eye, that’s for sure.
  15. Risboro seem to bring out the best in teams. Clubs always perform better against top opposition. And the adverse effect when playing the poorer sides. There’s a huge carrot to knock them off that pedestal. 50 games though ?. Unreal achievement.
  16. I’m happy to agree to disagree. That’s what football is all about. No one is right, no one is wrong. It’s all about opinions. i’m right though in this occasion though ?
  17. Clubs will want to go as far as possible in all comps. chance to rotate and for fringe players to gets minutes. Less games = even less game time for these players causing some to leave. plus every manager wants a bit of silverware to showcase on the old CV! don’t be fooled if a manager says that it’s not important.
  18. Its a strange one, Risborough have over 70 players signed on for both teams.
  19. Worrying because cases are going up but also quite simple, everyone takes the vaccine. Recent studies found that after the first boost you become fully immune. There will be no more downs. I don’t think the country could cope with another, financial or mentally.
  20. I think I saw it. year 1 - 5th year 2 - 4th year 3 - 3rd year 4 - 2nd year 5 - 1st and each committee member gets a free house
  21. The Leighton video was class. Made me smile. It was good to see young lads enjoying themselves and bringing an atmosphere to a game. Curbing the language would have been better as I know many adults bring younger children to these games. And many clubs do not tolerate it. from the games I’ve watch there’s been a real mixed bag of different generations watching.
  22. I saw that Risborough tweeted, ‘no game this weekend’?
  23. Refreshing change to see someone reviewing games without bias, a man who enjoys footy in its purest form and has found a hobby he seems to really enjoy… The majority of stewards and clubman are usually more than welcoming, shame there’s always the odd one or two.
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