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  1. We should not fear any team that is left in the trophy one team we need to avoid is a trip to darlington once again well done to every one on a sad note it's looking like the season will not finish such a shame because I believe we could win the league.
  2. Glad we beat the money grabbing kings Lynn the commentator's of the match were so biased I was getting so worked up any way we were brilliant on to the 5th round well done mark&jamie& Tony
  3. will we get someone to stream the game for us if possible
  4. Dulwich also do streaming on You Tube so i think our game will be streamed on Saturday they had there game on last night against Cheshunt.
  5. How many fans are allowed in to games at home and can we travel away to games that are not in the same tier also the bar can not open to serve beer on the premises does that mean we can bring beer in with us
  6. Purcell Back At Bowers-
  7. . Grays Athletic this morning shared an article from a local news site which floats the idea of the club being 'gifted' the former Thurrock FC stadium at Ship Lane- so long as a company who want to develop land around the stadium are given planning permission. The article suggests that the company in question, named as Group 1 Automotive, would like to build a car preparation site on land adjacent to the stadium. If they were to get the go-ahead then they would then 'gift' the stadium to Athletic, as well as offering the local autho
  8. we need to get a real old fashion centre half who can deal with high balls into the box that has been our undoing many times so far this season hopefully when we get our injured players back things will improve onwards to Kingstonian
  9. With this terrible weather will the game be on or have they a 4 g pitch
  10. Any one going to Margate tomorrow will have to book a ticket on line on the Margate web site you will not be allowed in with out one
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