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  1. Could've done without the poem but was interested in the Tigers history. I didn't know they used to be Kingsbury, brought back memories of a game I covered at Kingfield in I think 1989/90, it was bit like the Battle of Santiago except only one side was committing atrocities in the name of football, so outclassed were they by the dazzling talents of Buzaglo, Biggins, Cowler et al. If memory serves they finished the game with 8 men, and their gaffer saw red too. They were an absolute disgrace!
  2. I wondered why there were 2 minutes of warm up included and then I watched the 'highlights' 😂
  3. All the action (well nearly all, unlucky Tom Inch!) from The Brache from the always excellent JetsTV: Crawley Green v Oxhey Jets - YouTube
  4. Game of 2 halves at The Brache, not sure the Jets even came out for the second half having gone in 4-1 up (and having been a goal down). Commanding first 45 then but pretty much open season on the Jets goal in the second, Crawley Green could easily have scored 10 and I'm not even exaggerating. Chance after gilt edged chance went begging. It's not often a visiting side scores 5 away from home and is hanging on, but that's exactly what Oxhey were. For a long period it was 3-5 and you sensed if the home team put away one of their many chances then an equaliser would follow as sure as night f
  5. I see Codicote have had to cede home advantage because of this second postponement, what sort of stupid rule is that? Who has made this decision, and why? If it hammers down on the day Jets are due to play Crawley Green will we lose home advantage through no fault of our own because of this 2 postponements rule? Ludicrous!
  6. I too was interested, but it didn't seem to last long because before Christmas he'd turned out for Ascot Utd and now seems to be at Southall with a certain Lewis Putman (who's currently injured).
  7. I was indeed Rhodes, and witnessed a fine Jets win which was never in doubt. Berko loanee Jake Tabor scored on his first start having caught the eye from the bench on debut at Risborough, and set up Sean Giordamaina shortly after the restart with a fine run and cross from the left. Free scoring Kyal Williams has been placed at struggling Northwood by his parent club Kings Langley, who took cultured centre half Ferrell Charles sight unseen last month. Losing players of such calibre would ordinarily hurt teams, but no evidence of that today. Jets haven't lost the first game of a new y
  8. So if I'm reading this Gladwish Challenge Trophy 2021 - 2022 | Spartan South Midlands Football League (thefa.com) right, Jets' route to the final (should we were to overcome Crawley Green on 8 Jan) would be Northampton Sileby in round 3, then the winners of Risborough or Stotfold in the quarters and possibly Levy Green in the semis (among others)? Or is the 3rd round draw completely different to the way that page indicates?
  9. Having seen Salamis twice and Hadley once this season, yes, it was a shock to me, certainly the size of Salamis defeat and with them being at home, plus the noises they have been making about promotion on social media. They won't be so vocal today I imagine.
  10. I bet PetetheGreek took dogs abuse today with that shock scoreline at Coles Park 😮 That said Spurs were playing so the fiery board members were probably watching them instead So much for Salamis going up
  11. Having witnessed New Salamis exit they certainly could be bothered, their board was there en masse and on the pitch they tried everything to score. They should have won comfortably, and it wasn't for lack of trying that they lost.
  12. Risborough to be applauded for 50 league games unbeaten, but for 70 minutes today they were in a game. Jets though continue to be masters of their own undoing, the last 2 goals were dreadful defensively (as was the second, scorching shot into the top corner but with 5 players in the vicinity he shouldn't have been allowed the chance to shoot). The home side weren't as good today as they were in the reverse fixture, but neither were the visitors, who nonetheless showed good character after Tuesday's mauling at Royston and looked good going forward. The backline though needs to be addressed
  13. I would have been happy with one postponement 😭 Family emergency meant I missed my first game since Kingstonian away, and missed all but 1 game before that recovering from surgery so wasn't at Salamis for the other 10-0 either. As soon as I saw my old work colleague Matt Bateman's name on the teamsheet I feared the worst, he's a top lad and knows where the goal is. Watch us go and give Risborough a right good go on Saturday now 🚀
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