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  1. Rhodes you clearly haven't paid attention, Jets are now playing Egham as Wellingborough pulled out over Covid. Kick off at Bushey Met Club is at 3. Wish I was there instead of Harefield Hospital.
  2. Jets hosting the Sarnies at Bushey Met club on Saturday in a hastily arranged game. Not sure of k.o. time.
  3. Hope for Pete's sake he's on the stand side, Mr Atkins will have had 8 months without harangueing linos by then so will be playing catch up! The last time we played Tring he gave the poor guy dogs abuse
  4. Haven't seen this confirmed anywhere, is this true? Shame if so.
  5. Still with the sketchy allocation of leagues based on the whim of committees as noted on another thread. Should be clear pathways based on county boundaries, if you're in x then your pathway is a, b and c leagues up to step 2, steps 3 and 4 need sorting anyway (Kings Langley more north than Northwood but got relocated to Isthmian for example). National North and South not fit for purpose often either, ask Hemel, Gloucester, Hereford, Stortford, all of which have been considered North by no one except the National bigwigs at one time or other. How often have we heard about root and branch revie
  6. So if I'm reading this right, some FA jokers have decreed that a club finishing second in step 5 have to beat two teams from step 4 - both away from home in one off games - to get promoted? WTAF...
  7. Never understood how they decide who goes to the Isthmian and who goes Southern. Northwood in the former, is more northerly than the likes of Hendon, Harrow Borough and Met Police, yet all those clubs are in the Southern. Do clubs get a choice or is it purely geographic at the end of a particular season depending on ups and downs that year? Suppose what I'm driving at is how the SSML has been redrawn this year, and the vast potential for similar upheavals year on year for borderline clubs like Oxhey Jets. Isn't it time the FA established clear guidance on this at a county level? All very
  8. Seething? He's apoplectic, as you can tell from the permanent smile on his face 🤪
  9. I heard the reserve Heath goalie had a diabetic seizure during the game, sounded nasty, hope he's ok. They also brought off 3 of their best players, no doubt with an eye on tomorrow's game. Even so London Colney look to be a different proposition to the last couple of years, recent results have been very promising.
  10. Clubs without a home should be the first to move imo
  11. Second that about the Cotlandswick lights, they're terrible. Doubt they would pass any FA luminosity test.
  12. Said it before but why are the Jets being moved instead of Harefield or Broadfields? Makes no sense at all. A third of the SSMLP are based in Herts, as Jets are.
  13. Good for them. Playing football in lockdown sends completely the wrong message nationally, exposes players, officials, backroom staff and emergency services (not to mention their families) to Covid, unnecessarily so, and provides the perfect excuse for deniers not to wear masks/comply with government guidance. I appreciate they are not refusing to play for altruistic but for more practical financial reasons, but even so, it's about time so called elite clubs called a halt to this lunacy.
  14. How unlike a ref to be full of their own importance! Actually that's stereotypical, seen some good and some bad at this level, only a couple I would classify as Manwairing-esque. FWIW PetetheGreek is very good on the line, got a sense of humour too (essential if the match involves Jets and the industrial language of Mr Atkins
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