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  1. It just gets worse, what a farce and the season hasn't even started yet (perhaps it never will, with nothing scheduled and no word from their ivory tower)
  2. Goal machine Lewis Putman joins up with God knows how many ex Jets teammates (most of Jets first teamers from a year ago for sure). Real Bedford and the rest will be fighting for second if they stay together for the season.
  3. Sunday leagues are run better than this! By volunteers also, so don't be giving me that old pony. How come other step 5 leagues have been able to publish their fixtures, and don't hide behind ground shares because those leagues have them too. Look above, the fixture Secretary of the Spartans laughed at your earlier comment saying the CCL fixtures wouldn't be out until 31 July, and I can understand why, because that's laughable. Never mind complaining to the league, I shall be on to the FA. Clowns.
  4. This is a joke, right? Aren't there games 3 days later, you know, so that maybe some CCL teams stand some sort of chance in the FA Cup on 6th? If this is true it's a bloody shambles, actually no it's an absolute disgrace.
  5. <<<Doesn't do PSF as a rule, don't go to training either (and it shows Might make an exception for the visit of Dorking though. Missing the SSML already, that other forum is dead and still no fixtures, not even opening day. Amateurs.
  6. Seriously, 11 new threads this calendar year? Had that many a week in the Spartans (admittedly most of them started by @Rhodes, but still). Any chance of having sight of some fixtures? I wasn't too thrilled about joining the CCL in the first place, and I'm growing more disillusioned by the day. Everyone else seems to have had theirs.
  7. Getting the old band back together, Brennan and Speer signed already, wonder who's next, Reece Cameron or Danny May?
  8. Stuart Atkins in at Amersham. Buckle up Magpies...
  9. It could have been a lot worse I think, but they've rejigged q uite a bit from this season. Will miss my trips to Cotlandswick in particular, especially if I have to go to Wallingford midweek! Been to Staines and Wokingham 30+ years ago, they probably don't even play in the grounds now. I remember the latter had a double garden conservatory behind one goal, never seen anything like it before or since!
  10. Looks like we're off to the CCL then according to this https://fanbanter.co.uk/the-fa-announce-2022-23-club-allocations-for-steps-3-to-6/?fbclid=IwAR3h12ZRgXVIa4orba_L3LKJBw-NLHMmAvOZbpEGwSKqekxOWej1Fv4MmKA Last couple of projections I saw would've seen us remain in the SSMPL though another had Levy Green and below (incl the 2 Colneys) in the CCL. Obviously all this is still dependent on appeals.
  11. Yesterday's step 4/5 playoff results might have done Oxhey Jets a huge favour, with Kempston staying up and Chalfont St Peter going down. The latter is ever so slightly more southerly than Jets, so in my view should be higher in the pecking order for movement to the CCL. If Kempston had lost their shoot out I think it would have been the final nail in the coffin and a sideways move to the CCL would have been inevitable.
  12. Hope Ollie grills poison dwarf Lawrence Levy on how come serial chokers St Albans City have failed once more in even getting to the playoffs (7th place qualifies!) having been top of the league before Christmas. How many years has that happened now Larry? 5? 6? The FA and the Conference should have investigated them years ago...
  13. MK Irish 4 (5) Jets 1 The last dance for Tom Inch, a great servant who will be missed, at least his wasn't as bad as keeper Rob Partington's earlier in the season, but the second half was a definite 'Yikes' on the badometer. Howlers galore in this one, I'll post the JetsTV coverage tomorrow but you have to see some of it to believe it. Should have been 5-1 because there was a 1966 moment when a shot bounced down over the line and out, but as the lino wasn't Russian it didn't count.
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