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  1. Watson only played once and looked likely to be sent off throughout. He's one of three who have gone to the Sarnies. Billy got injured at the league cup game at Rowley Lane and not been seen since, unsure if he's still crocked or remains with us (Kevin Christou was relieved of his duties 2 weeks ago as I'm sure you know).
  2. Why no Godalming Town? My hometown club, sadly the dream of playing Oxhey Jets is over for another year as the Gees exited the Vase today.
  3. Wow. 1 up and missed a penalty (high n wide) before the break. We think the FA needs to look into making games no more than 45 minutes duration, because any more and this sort of thing happens to us, with a monotonous regularity. Honestly, we've just shipped 6 at home and it just feels routine. That can't be right, can it? Naturally both our old boys came back to haunt us, I was convinced Jake Tabor got a nap hand but my Harps insider said otherwise, I'll have to relive the horror on JetsTV. Not been my week, my NFL team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory Sunday, up by 3 TDs in the 4th and managing a feat no one has managed in 12 years (like being 3 up in a penalty shootout and still losing). And on Saturday we put in our best performance of 2022 at fellow Spartans old boys Flackwell Heath, 1 up with a skeleton squad, lost a player to injury then another to a red card and sure enough lost in added time. Lose on Saturday to Penn & Tylers and we can concentrate on the league, where we sit bottom
  4. Cockfosters won 7-1 at Jets tonight, and could have scored double that very easily. Our goal virtually the last kick of the match. The visitors had some good players on show. Lots of soul searching going on with us.
  5. At this point it's hard to be optimistic, we've just been wasted 7-1 at home in a friendly with Cockfosters, neither of those were playing (Killa Wat wasn't at Lions either), confidence is shattered and natives are restless. Now I see both those previously below us won so we are bottom.
  6. I think he means the rules are a bit complex and randomly applied, e.g. RR's position last year. On footballing grounds they should have gone up, on grading grounds they should have gone down. A compromise saw them retain their place, controversially. Its a bit of a minefield. Unlike their pitch, which is a cow field.
  7. Why was the Welly Amersham game abandoned, guessing a bad injury but does anyone know?
  8. First of all what a great club, lovely people, generous hospitality and absolutely incredible facilities, which we will be lucky enough to use again in the league cup. And the pitch, wow, not seen a game on a carpet like that for a while, not since our win at Preston Park at Easter. Which brings me to a worrying stat. Today's result means we have only won that 1 game out of our last 15 league outings. It's shocking but also not representative of where we are as a club, we have a strong basis with some good players, and showed that in a very competitive first half in which we missed at least 3 fantastic chances, so instead of going in 2 down we should have been going in level at worst. After our best 45 of the fledgling season though we were undone by an early third for the hosts and heads dropped, a missed penalty not helping matters but to their credit Jets kept fashioning chances until the last, by which time our goal had been breached a couple more times. We'll play worse than we did today and win, our left winger was magnificent and had the right back on toast all afternoon. Lions played an expansive game which was easy on the eye and will be there or thereabouts come April. Despite 1 point from 9 (and we're lucky to have that, truth be told) I'm not too disheartened as I can see better days ahead for the nucleus of this side.
  9. I've had to eat humble pie on the Twitter over AVDs win, thought they'd be wrecked by a step 4 side that finished 4th last season so that's a terrific win for them.
  10. Cuckoo clubs shouldn't be allowed promotion, a view shared with me by Wembley FC supremo Brian Gumm this week. They are cheating a proper club out of a place in step 4, not having the overheads and being therefore able to splash the cash to attract mercenaries.
  11. As we're doing reports, update on Jets first 2 games. Honours even at Spelthorne Sports in the most open ground I've seen in a long time, not a spot of shade anywhere with the mercury topping 36. The hosts may feel aggrieved at our injury time equaliser, not least as it was from a foul on the keeper, but on the balance of play it was about right. Three days later and the heatwave broke over the Boundary, with heavy rain for much of the game. Not exactly raining goals but there were 6, 4 of them to Basher's boys, and they let us off lightly to be honest. Between the games we secured the signings of prolific striker Billy Healey and no nonsense defender Kyle Watson, both formerly of Hanwell Town. Both debuted, Healey clearly not fit but showed promising signs and managed to get on the scoresheet by heading a nice ball from Watson to the back post. Killer Wat was lucky to last the 90 and on this showing will spend more time suspended than he will playing. Both though will add some much needed experience to this young group of players. The early pacesetters await tomorrow with a trip to Rowley Lane and a reunion with Ben Barnett, on loan to us from Cheshunt last year. Lions have scored 9 in 2, and young Ben will want to get one over on a manager who didn't play him much. Can't wait ?
  12. Wow, still playing at 50. Seen a lot of Pacman, he knows all the tricks the wily old sod, love watching him. Look forward to seeing Mr Hayles again when our paths cross, if the league ever deigns to tell us when that might be...
  13. Watching Jets future and present, not the mercenaries of the past. I'm reliably informed upwards of £2k a week is being spent on this step 6 side. I think someone used to cheat at solitaire too...
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