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  1. Amazing, 28 pages and no mention at all of last week's debacle. Greenford to win tonight. Having seen both (have you seen either?) Broadfields will have too much pace for Tring to handle.
  2. I thought they planned to leave the league next year with Wembley anyway?
  3. My old work colleague Matty Bateman seems to have made the jump ok, scored for Hemel again today.
  4. Losing Harry McCorkell has been devastating certainly, but not sure there are 11 out who would ordinarily start. Not sure either about the wisdom of starting Mallett instead of Ballheimer between the sticks, Putnam's second was a shocking goal to concede all round, not least as he shot from an acute angle low into the near post and the keeper was virtually on the near post but still let it in! Pacman gees up the troops and leads from the front, enjoy watching such a wily campaigner and was sorry he didn't feature, think a recent red card may explain why he was on the bench, and at 6 down
  5. Don't know where you get your info, but Jets were 6 up after an hour, and that's how it stayed. Harefield were one dimensional, and only really got going after shipping six. Putnam got 2 by the way, one a pen. Men against boys.
  6. Been talking about this on the SSML fb page, is ludicrous there is no prize money for losers, is this the first time? What incentive is there for the minnows, especially those who have to travel far? Not like they will even get a share of the gate. Maldon & Tiptree one of those sugar daddy sides I was told by someone now plying his trade at HHTFC, think they did well in the Cup last season, definitely a tough draw for the Shrimpers.
  7. Didn't you say the same when they faced Harefield midweek before their Friday night win in the last round? They gave the Hares a chasing.
  8. On the related theme of rules, what is the position on bans following a red card? Is it served immediately, as always used to be the case in the PL/FL, or is there a period of purdah? Maybe while an appeal is considered? I ask as I'm sure recently a player was dismissed on the Saturday yet played on the Tuesday, struck me as odd is all. Can anyone enlighten a mere mortal sans handbook access privileges?
  9. Tring 1 Jets 2 Very difficult conditions, I think they call it blowing a hooly north of the border. Jets had the wind behind them first half, so the two goals scored were par really. Bircham hammered home a rebound from the keeper's save for the opener midway through the half, Brennan with a cheeky back heel a yard out from a corner for number two on the half hour. Before both the goals though was the highlight of the game, a stunning save from MOTM Rob Partington to push a great shot onto the bar. Second half the wind was stronger, and Tring came more into the game, wasting several
  10. Jets 2 Fighting Cocks 1 Broadfields fast out of the traps, and first to nearly everything first half without scoring. Different story after the break though, that man Puttman netting early in the half and adding another midway through. The visitors have pace and on balance deserved a point, but had to be content with a worldie as their consolation. Funny old game, Jets were much better on Saturday and lost 4-1. Impressed with Broadfields, hadn't expected much of them having seen them last year but they've improved.
  11. Not so far he isn't, 0-0 and Jets second to everything. Also Nick Kerley walked out before the game, once too often on the bench. An off night all round so far. Putts makes it 1-0. As you were
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