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  1. I'm intrigued. Do you have more malicious and unfounded rumour that you would share ?
  2. That's a bit harsh. I think what he's saying is correct. Nothing is going to happen with Broadwater until the Council makes a decision on where housing goes in the Local Plan. And that is some way off. I don't think anyone from Raiders or the BSGCA was at the Town Council meeting. Reading the report, it appears that only one view was presented. We'll see what happens with the Asset of Community Value and Dacorum. I'll do some digging and see what else I can find out.
  3. I don't think he's "in bed" with anyone. According to his LinkedIn profile, he's the former CEO of the Irish FA and of Watford FC, former Chair of UK Sport, of the Sports and Recreation Alliance and of the Central Council of Physical Recreation. So, I guess he sees the bigger picture in terms of community sport and has a broader vision of the future.
  4. Sadly, there are many plans that are less than fit for purpose that make it through the local/national government planning process. 😞 Let's hope that the many arguments to reduce the numbers for Tring, Berkhamsted and Hemel are heard and the numbers are reduced. For Berkhamsted, it's around 2,200 additional dwellings. I think, at best, this might come down to around 1,000 which is still a substantial addition. The question then is where do Berko residents want these houses ago... and that view will probably be related to where people live. Some will want them to be on the edge of town -
  5. "I wonder whether Berkhamsted Raiders did likewise" The Raiders response is here: https://www.berkhamstedraiders.com/raiders-response-to-dacorum-local-plan/
  6. I've looked up some history. The original club, Berkhamsted Town FC, went bust in 2009 (according to Wikipedia record) Berkhamsted FC (similar name) is the current club and is in effect a new entity with a different set of Directors. Around town, I've seen posters promoting Berkhamsted Comrades FC which I assume is an attempt to connect with the history of the original club. With regard to the "permanent preservation of a pleasant open space", it hasn't been an open space for many many years. Flats got built on half the space which was the original football pitch. Then the football club create
  7. “I wonder what BerkoRaiders has to say about that when he or she next posts” I think BFC are clutching at straws. Trying to make a connection between their 10 year old club and the Earl Brownlow sale of the land is a bit of a stretch. At the time of the sale, the sports played there were hockey, tennis, cricket and croquet. Unless they’re planning to revive croquet at Broadwater? They need to look to the future not to the past. Football has changed a bit in the last 100 years. “the impression that Berkhamsted Raiders had applied for promotion to Step 6” My understanding of the
  8. Correcting the misstatements as usual. 🙂 "The Comrades just do not want their ground sold to pay for Raiders' buildings. " Raiders will not have any buildings at Bulbourne. They would share a community clubhouse with other sports clubs. They would share the pitches and the 3G and pay to use them as they do elsewhere. The BSGCA are proposing to sell Broadwater to create a brand new stadium for BFC (for free) and meet the sports and leisure needs of the 20,000 Berko residents across multiple sports. "The Club really know how to get their foot in the door don't they" I think i
  9. I've watched the video and read the stuff on the development. Raiders gains shared use of some grass pitches, of a 3G pitch and of a community clubhouse. That's good for football in general and in particular girls football which is massively increasing. It won't own or have exclusive rights to any of the facilities. The site will also serve a multitude of people and multiple sports in the community - social football, futsal, walking football, rugby, netball, gymnastics, cycling, running. It's a 24 acre multisports hub for the use of the 20,000 people in Berkhamsted which replaces an ageing s
  10. The usual rumours of plotting and conspiracy. Am I surprised? Not really. We’ve heard it all before. So, you can understand what’s going on: · The developers have posted this recording of a webinar that I sat through before Xmas. · Raiders has issued a statement on its neutrality on the issue. The Club and the Raiders Chairman are bound by that statement: https://www.berkhamstedraiders.com/statement-on-bulbourne-cross/ What Raiders is saying is that it’s up to local residents to decide where the housing development ends up, and that if houses are de
  11. "I’d be surprised if Raiders could access £500k+ funding if they weren’t a party on the new agreement." In a Community Sports Trust, none of the clubs involved have control. Clubs are represented. Who raises the money does not "buy" influence over the Trust's decisions. "The silence is almost deafening" Some people don't spend their lives on forums and social media. 🙂
  12. “however wasn't that largely the reason you got into bed with Kings Langley so you could meet the ground grading requirement for Step 6” Quite simply, the Club doesn’t have access to sufficient full size 11 a side pitches. “I take it your application for promotion remains firmly in place for this season” That will be a decision for the Charity Trustees. The Charity is constrained in terms of subsidising the costs of senior football from the income generated from youth football. CORRECTIONS “1. Raiders were in a beauty contest for the Broadwater lease and they lost.”
  13. It wasn't a case of him jumping ship or Raiders scrabbling for a replacement. The Raiders Senior team is run with a different philosophy to many other Senior teams. The Club doesn't have any grand ambitions of promotion or moving up the Steps. The Senior team is seen as a development pathway for our U17/U18s and for other players who may have left U18s, or who have gone to Uni and returned to the town. So, it makes sense that our longstanding Head Coach, Steve McHugh, oversees the team to maintain consistency of approach. Moving from U18 to senior football can be a bit of a culture shock. Som
  14. "My understanding is that Raiders tried to take over Berko's lease at Broadwater this summer." "Berkhamsted Raiders are only interested in pulling the rug from under Berkhamsted FC and riding roughshod over them in order to obtain Broadwater for themselves|" This is the kind of misinformation and uninformed comment that was referred to earlier. FACTS: Raiders has never tried to take on the Broadwater lease. When BFC went bust, Raiders was approached by the BSGCA to see whether Raiders wished to take on the lease. Raiders declined. There was a project initi
  15. Some info here that may correct some of the misinformation/misconceptions that have appeared under the Raiders topic - Berkhamsted Raiders working to halt the decline in adult grassroots football. https://www.berkhamstedraiders.com/senior-team-development/
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