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  1. Certainly a battle of wits between the two teams today. We should’ve won but failed to score for the 2nd time this season. Percy and Mo had golden opportunities to score against Harringeys none. Delleverde needs to up his game a bit, we have expectations of him much higher than his performances of late, he was very flat today
  2. You generally get more comments on here if we lose
  3. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Funny enough I thought my pre Barney comments speak for itself ahead of Barneys post. Nonetheless, I question our defence , letting in 3 v Folkestone could’ve been 5-6, 2 at Bognor could’ve been 4-5, 5 at Eastleigh could’ve been 10, the rest is the same. Only the Cheshunt game we succumbed to conceding 2 from giving 2 chances away. Both at Cray+Horsham we conceded by not being aggressive in our challenges in the penalty box. Im still excited and positive for the 19 league games remaining this season , let’s see some defensive improvem
  4. Search Party Required- Anyone seen 4WF ? After his multiple postings following the Lewes game I’d have thought he’d have an opinion of our win yesterday and the fact some team strengthening has begun with the signing of Cass. Im sure defensive improvements are also on the shopping list. Fantastic to watch the game live via stream, beats any Sky/BT/Amazon dross we get served up with. Non League is where real football exists and last nights game was as entertaining and satisfying as they get
  5. Sometimes you’ve got to hold your hands up and accept the better team/squad won on the day. A very slick opponent that scored some fabulous goals. Lewes midfield were strong and creative in difficult conditions, we looked as if we weren’t enjoying the day and the fact the game was on following a number of pitch inspections. Our record v The top teams are not very good and teams below us have closed the gap and in the process have improved their starting X1 teams. 20 games remaining 60 points to play for and a long way to go with many twists and turns ahead that make every s
  6. Good assessment by Raingod as normal. Ive never seen such poor defending by two teams this season, plus their GK was awful in comparison to the talent Cray had available to them on the outfield. No easy games this season, everything is unpredictable, all we have to do is get the solid defensive unit organised again otherwise we’ll be dropping like a stone
  7. Banana Skin fixture just 2 days after a previous game. 6 points from Saturday and Today is a must following a miserable December,
  8. It’s actually 10 games in 32 days, ridiculous. nonetheless your voodoo is broken we won and you’re safe to return fir our next game
  9. Bit of a mixed first half performance, Mo and Lyle both could’ve had hat tricks before the break if they were a bit sharper. Certainly looked like they had a boot up the backside for the second half, going 2 up by the 50th minute, it was a matter of how many we would score after going 2up. Goalkeeper was very good , technically sound with his saves
  10. The issue with Albert Walker and his SweetSnickers comments are that they are defending the vile homophobic chanting as if to condone accusations that someone is a Nonce or Paedophile. The swearing is somewhat part of life and so long as it’s not inciting or aggressive towards anybody it is generally (unfortunately) accepted that nothing can be done to control it. Nothing to do with anyone being on their high horse but an element of reality and acceptance
  11. Barney mentioned the vile comments directed at Andy Leese from the Cheshunt fan base. Not chants about his physicality or any historic personal issues. The shouts of ‘N+#ce’ and ‘Pae**phile’ were heard and was quite disgusting to hear, especially with so many Women and young children at the game as well. If Cheshunt think their fan base will grow with those morons leading the support they’ll be in for a surprise, as it creates an atmosphere to stay clear of. If the Williams had any metal about them they’d act on this and send an apologetic message to The ETFC manager. A bit
  12. How’s the situation at Cheshunt? Does their playing surface drain well? Or will the rain over the last two days put the game in doubt? decorating over Xmas/New Year but was planning to dash over from 2.30pm to catch the game and have a break
  13. Yes agree 4WF. not only did Margate beat Worthing and score 4 in the process but then went on and lost to lowly Wingate the following game. One game plan at a time, January will be a tough month, Andy has stated we have 9 games to fit in, yet it all starts today with 3 games in a week starting with Cheshunt, Potters Bar then Cray . Need about 7 points from those 9 to give a good platform for the next 7 games in January
  14. All clubs have had time to implement an alternative and temporary facility if they hadn’t already had one. anyone not realising Covid is here for this winter and in 2022/23 is somewhat naive
  15. No club or trade will escape the Omicron Wave I’m afraid. I too believe that indoor bars/clubs etc will be forced to close and protect the NHS from a deadly spread , however the scientists directive is we get the booster and continue as normal and responsibly. as for our club, we have an outdoor serving bar and marquee as back up, great foresight and forward planning, no reason why any other club couldn’t achieve/prepare for such precautionary facilities as well, season should continue and teams forced to play with the best X1 at their disposal
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