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  1. That should open up opportunities for someone else. then again gut feeling tells me Bricknell will rock up somewhere else. footballers are strange old folk
  2. 2 game no goals and underwhelming up front so far. lack of good wide men and defence is leaky as well. doesn’t bode well for a long trip to Manchester
  3. Are we in fear that no players will be signed? its Pre Season and the management will sign who they deem fit to wear The Town shirt, players will be looking at other options too as will the management. We’ll have more or less a full squad by Tuesday weeks Spurs game in my opinion. sometimes better players become available closer to the opening day fixtures when trials with Conference clubs go belly up
  4. I like it for many reasons, I’ve not ordered one but will buy one for myself and son/daughter at Spurs game if they’re in. The design is very ‘Commemorative’ exactly how it should be
  5. It’ll be my first members meeting so probably keep quiet and listen to what has been going on and what’s planned. I think the commemorative shirt is great, very stylish, contemporary and sends out so many topical messages, just what a flag bearing fan Owned club should be doing. Well done those involved
  6. Sorry, but are you an Enfield Town supporter? I’m pretty new to the club with Covid preventing me watching a full season yet. all I hear and read are the positives that so much effort is being put in, everyone should be immensely proud of the club being the countries first fan owned and to be in a position to eventually celebrate its 20th Anniversary once we’ve cleared the 19th July obstacle just like most businesses are waiting
  7. You seem like the perfect person to take up this mantle. otherwise it can be mentioned at next week’s Members meeting. first day for player signatures, why haven’t we announced any signings?????? 🙄
  8. Happy Birthday 🎂 everyone plus 2 days, we’ll have to 🍺 make up for it once Boris unlocks the ball and chain from round our ankles
  9. And when has that ever happened in the last 20 years? Eerrrrmmmmm 🤔
  10. Every club will get some players leaving most players staying, I’m interested of the players who turn out for us on the 14th August nit give non contractual promises in June
  11. In all fairness we’ve got a cracking set of Pre Season Friendlies, certainly better than most others, including 2 ‘competitive’ games v FC United and a Great looking Grays FSA day, what’s wrong with those games.? Additionally our club always announce signings once the player has signed and forms submitted yet every year we get the moans about ‘any player news?’ Or ‘Suppose we’ve got to wait till members meeting’, it’s quite funny and comical really except those who repeat themselves are being serious 😩
  12. Good luck to him. He got a taste of Conference South with Welling and wanted more of it. He now joins Joe Payne at Concord Players/Managers come and go but us fans will always be around
  13. Can’t do it on your own, it’ll be great if at least a couple of hundred followed suit
  14. Must be tough in June for clubs like us in a Pandemic. restrictions on income generating to I presume zero yet so much expenditure to prepare for a new season. I suppose supporters will gradually begin purchasing their season tickets
  15. It’s a admirable initiative by our club to host such a community orientated event at the Stadium. it’s inspiring that we’re delving into non football events to attract more people to our venue. such a shame only 1/3 of the showings went ahead. Typically This weekends weather is looking mild and dry
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