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  1. I’ll give an early prediction of: ETU Win Bowers Draw (if it’s played) Corinthian Win Hornchurch Draw
  2. That’s the end of our 4 match prediction window and we picked up 10 out of 12 points next 4 East Thurrock away Bowers Home Corinthian Away Hornchurch or Trophy 1st Round
  3. Fantastic assist from Cunnington for our second equaliser. Cunnington caused Worthing all sorts of problems when he came on, DelleVerde is looking good again, Percy on a sensational goal scoring run well done him, I could watch Maja all day, Jerry and Nathan are great , we are suspect at full back in my opinion and do not have a natural Scott Thomas replacement Heyho we are top of the league for at least another week
  4. Just the Worthing game to go from the 4 selected games. Can we make it 4 out of 4 since the Margate defeat
  5. I thought we could’ve scored more again and made the ending a relaxed affair, but nope, it was a nervous ending Wingate will take points off top 5-6 teams, they were a competent team and as stated by Theo dangerous going forwards, but we stood strong Different kettle of fish on Saturday, however I believe Andy/Mario know what to expect and will have a game plan in place
  6. Agree with Theodopolous. Albeit only 9 games in Andy has assembled a blend of experience and youth. contrary to previous postings from contributors on here stating ‘no one wants to play for him’ we’ve seen Lyle DV, Mo, Billy all returning having disappeared for one reason or another. The team spirit looks be be excellent too. The only difficulty is keeping players like Cunnington Bricknell, Harold J, Youngs and Taffe happy when sitting on the bench. Bet that’s not a cheap Subs Bench either Above all it’s about positivity breeding positivity from supporters to boardroom from Ste
  7. Got the 2 wins, what’s your forecast for the next 2? law of averages tell me we’re gonna drop points somewhere, but 2 home games and having won 4 on the spin at the QE could we get a full sweep of 6pts? I’ll predict 4pts which would be a very good 10 from 12 in the 4 games we’ve focussed on
  8. Pessimistic On your way to fulfilling your first paragraph but not even I would suggest you should hold your breath, please breath
  9. Team worked hard and stood up well to the confrontational manner of Leatherheads approach. orherwise we dominated play like never before and should have scored more goals. if anything we dominated the second half yet appeared to take our foot off the gas. good preparation for Wingate on Tuesday night where we’ll need to be on our guard against a team that always tries harder against us than any other opponents we face
  10. Too busy thinking of negativity and how he can twist a blame on Andy Leese for only being 3dd because we’ve played more games than those below us
  11. How many youngsters from the Pro Clubs no expenses spared Academies come through? Many may become Pros but not at the Clubs where they learnt the trade. ETFC ‘supporters’ are renowned for wanting success today not in 3-4 years time. Our Young players want 1st Team experience now not in 3-4 years time, if you get my drift. therefore the likes of Ben Cochrane Ward and Samson Esan have developed in a run of a mill Isthmian Prem Club Potters Bar and now doing ok. Junior has gone to Wingate Josh Davison to Charltons First Team. Our youth Section does attract young players
  12. Whilst 4WF Tries to dig up a negativity regarding AL’s youth creation policy we won our first of 4 very important games last night. we now face , on paper, two winnable games v’s Bottom placed Leatherhead and lowly Wingate . Fingers crossed we keep the momentum going. as for young players: Ryan Kirwan, Jerry Gyebi, Manny Maja, Percy K, Andre Coker, Matt Walsh, all qualify for U23s or 21’s, I don’t think Rian Bray is too much older either.
  13. I agree Chelmsford had one or two better individuals and put together 2-3 team moves. Their set piece takers also delivered more consistently unlike ours which saw corners, throw ins and free kicks just sail out of play albeit in difficult conditions. one ingredient which we missed was a little bit of luck, however as we all know you make your own luck and other than Cokers late effort we didn’t have a clear strike from any of our players, not even from distance. I too would’ve brought on Coker, Youngs and Bricknell a little sooner, Delle Verde is still unfit in my opinion. we m
  14. That’s the FA Cup done with for another season , fair to say it was pretty unspectacular, we beat teams we are expected to beat and on paper lost to a higher ranked Chelmsford. However the next 4 games are so so important. 3 games at home and one away to a struggling Leatherhead is an opportunity to remain securely in a Play Off position vKingstonian 5/10/21 vLeatherhead 9/10/21 vWingate 12/10/21 vWorthing 16/10/21 whats everyone’s points expectations from those 4 games? i’d be expecting good wins v Wingate and Leatherhead, a narrow win v Kingstonian
  15. Hope instead of who? Mo, Bricknell, Adam C
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