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  1. Steady on Old Towner, 20,000 infected and 331 deaths are horrific figures for just one Borough. The actions of the League and ETFC to pause activities should be praised and highlighted, unlike Essex Senior League and stupid clubs in Step5 who felt appropriate to continue, it beggars belief one group had foresight the other had no sight. Spirt and Football in particular has a big role to play in keeping people sane and mentally stimulated, it’s otherwise a potential additional Covid-19 killer , not everyone can be as resourceful as you’re suggesting. im afraid the TV Football i
  2. Strange one as Brad had opted for Nathan McDonald over David Hughes a few years back and actually really let him down, as with all signings these days it’s all about step 3-4 players looking for game time and a £coin
  3. Tough times and tough decisions for those in authority to make. I think a season of some kind needs to be had to validate a promotion/relegation outcome. wgats the point of Conference South continuing with no supporters and no relegation? Might as well play the youth or Trialists (like Brad is doing) A shortened season, everyone plays each other once from Mid March-June and allows clubs to get started again.
  4. I think the next government Tier update is on the 14/1/21. we may get an idea then when we may possibly restart in one shape or another. I read a non league experts newspaper column which stated the need for promotion/relegation from steps 3/4 otherwise steps 1/2 stay as they are as well despite having a full season which makes the whole 20/21 season a waste of time
  5. Percy played 82 minutes came off at 2-1 down. ken Charles came on in the 72nd minute. I noticed Percy got Braintree Supporters MoM on their Twitter site
  6. Merry Christmas 🎄, I’m pretty new to club so can’t help With the X1’s. I know I haven’t seen a better striker than Mo Faal in a Town team or opposition.
  7. Certainly doing the business at Haringey
  8. Wasn’t Bobson Bawling an ETFC player last season? He’s been banging in goals for Haringey Borough this season and scored a 90th minute winner in the :rd Round of the Trophy at Dartford on Saturday. Bawling sounds like he could’ve been the second winger Town needed this season when Lyle DV was around too
  9. To be fair ETFC have tried limiting crowd numbers at home games I.e (correct me if I’m wrong) 250 for the opening game of the season ? they also quite responsibly voted to pause the season whilst some of our supporters criticised that decision. as supporters we all want games to restart however with a record 35,000+ new infections yesterday I think the country should shutdown for Xmas and first week of the new year. It’s tough but the consequences are tougher
  10. I’d have thought A virus is a virus . It can spread in any tier and especially at places run by ‘amateurs’ and volunteers with 300 + socially congregating
  11. With the government announcing a new Tier 4 and tighter restrictions the Trident Leagues decision to pause their games has proven to be correct. I wonder if now the Northern Premier League and divisions below feel like burkes restarting their league season from today?
  12. Reading the news, we’re looking ripe for a 3rd lockdown in January/February. Northern Premier League have stated a desire to restart this weekend which is crazy in my opinion, as the government are pooping themselves regarding the effects of Xmas visiting during the festive season
  13. Is it, that ☝️, as easy to do as you’ve written it whilst lying in your bed then sloping off for an extra snooze? what evidence is their that the club have lost supporters, players, volunteers, helpers? sorry for the questions but I’m new to the area and all this online chat and indeed like to chat with facts .
  14. Would our clubs at our level and in Tier 2/3 afford to operate without a gate + bar 🤷‍♂️ steps 3+4 do not get state funding it’s only steps 1-2 that do.
  15. I partly agree with you, Putting it the way you have. however do all members have the technology/internet/email to respond and vote? I don’t know is the answer. what would be the financial implications of returning I.e crowd limits?, bar sales? , Clubs above ETFC have state funding Clubs below I.e Step 5 downwards don’t usually pay players and only need a tea bar open to make ends meet. I may be wrong but it appears messier restarting under restrictions and without some underpinning of potential costs. mind you didn’t a ‘substantial majority’ of clubs vote to pause the
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