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  1. Agree totally, I’d just change being confident in beating Cheshunt, Hornchurch and Stortford to capable of beating them on our day. Strong physical play, long balls and battling are the hallmarks of majority of teams at our level and those who succeed, just shows Andy’s got it right and has weighed up the strength of his squad very well to the tasks before them. We’ve 4 winnable games remaining, win those and I’m convinced we finish 2nd and home games it is. Then we need the barmy army doing their bit with positive and partisan support from the terraces
  2. Always be worried and always be on edge otherwise expectations are compromised Up The E’s
  3. Shame your foul mouthed group of 6-8 ‘Grown Up’ didn’t think so when chanting unfounded ‘Sex offender’ and ‘Pedophile’ accusations at him throughout the Boxing Day game. Mentality of your Supporters are pretty shallow and on a different wavelength to what Non League Football stands up for
  4. A home midweek Semi is a must, if successful a home/away BH day time Final is a lottery
  5. It’s all about winning and getting us over the Playoff line first then securing a 3rd place then 2nd place, hopefully. Ive a feeling Stortford and Hornchurch being relentless in their run-in and we will need to win all remaining 5 games to stand a chance of a home Playoff tie, all still to play for, roll on Saturday
  6. What was your result yesterday?
  7. Super competitive game yesterday. All the Hornchurch players looked they’d be contestants for Worlds Strongest Man, very powerful in every department, but they lacked technical ability when it mattered. We matched and battled to equal levels. A fair result would’ve been 1-1, but considering the referee only booked Town players when at least 3 Hornchurch players could’ve seen a first half card if not 1-2 reds. Therefore our boys thoroughly deserved their gutsy win where they bravely attacked , defended and didn’t shirk a tackle. An absolute gift to go 1up by Joe Wright, totally misjudging Mannys 40 yard fee kick which sneaked in between himself and the right hand post.
  8. No one to talk to and all day to do it zzzzzzzz Yesterdays game was pretty low key in my opinion, we didn’t play great and only won comfortably because of East Thurrocks ineptness. Nonetheless 3 welcome points, Cunnington running a mock, Lyle rediscovering his range, Manny getting a good run out in his first proper game back. Harold must be nearly fit again for a return too. Cass played every minute of January and has evidently gone off the boil during our last 3 defeats. A week off and resting his injury was also a positive. Nobody should be indispensable and everyone should be playing for their places as if the next game is a Cup Final not to be left out of. Well Done Andy/Mario /Ian on managing the victory and well done to the 495 attendance that braved a bitterly cold afternoon to support the team.
  9. Here he comes no one to talk too 😂😂😂 Keep believing that duff manager of yours promising you the World and delivering nothing, in the meantime mind the gap,
  10. Still a long way to go, 10 games I think? We could still finish 7th or 2nd, my gut feeling says 3rd or 4th
  11. Agree totally, common sense really Get the players and management on this forum 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 how ridiculous, don’t ever lose sight of your Pub Football mentality-priceless comment- which you’re absolutely within your rights to say 😂😂
  12. ‘Yet again we seem to be falling apart’ When have we been in the top 5 with 11 games remaining and fell apart before???
  13. Well said Theo. Lets hope we don’t fall away and keep that top 5 place till the end
  14. People are more touchy about our valid criticism of opponents facilities than our own team 😂😂😂 You couldn’t make it up. Wingates facilities are dangerous and has poor lighting to see where you’re stepping, a total H+S hazard, some areas should be cordoned off. Our team have given us hope and an unexpected expectations (say that after a couple of pints 🍺) but I don’t recall Worthing fans throwing hissy fits when losing to Cheshunt, Carshalton or Margate, or indeed Lewes to East Thurrock , Kingstonian and Drawing with Brightlingsea. We need a positive bounce back starting with Saturday if our ground survives the rainfall and winds
  15. Splendid summary from Ben and Barney, both spot on. as we can all see and very predictable too, the doom gloomers are out with multiple postings cos we lost. Who needs enemies? We've blipped before and now have a 2 match blip. Need to dust ourselves down and get going to reignite the play off target once more with another run of positive results My glass is still half+full and looking forward to Saturday as should every fan, player, official and board member
  16. Tough watch yesterday, Stortford were a solid outfit without being spectacular. I can see them drawing a few games for that reason. Town were lethargic throughout the game, what a shame, we are human after all and these performances and results happen Chapple and Bray were surprise absentees from our recent good run and Cass looked injured and if so shouldn’t have played, all in hindsight of course. Its all about how we react and thankfully Tuesday isn’t long to wait, nothing less than 6pts from Wingate and Leatherhead if we are gonna see through a top 5 finish and keep our distance from 6th place
  17. Bowers proved they aren’t a bad team by managing to draw with Folkestone last night, the hosts needing an injury time goal to level the scores. Our 4-1 win looks like a very good job done, here’s hoping for many more Bower points v’s the top 5 this season
  18. Raingods summing up is spot on. If anyone feels this forum is poor then should note of the ridiculous multiple comments made when we lose , we’re now nit picking why we let in a goal this week and not against Margate 🙄 For starters we beat a very good Bowers team with very good individuals which reached the FA Cup 1st Round beating Woking on the way. We capitalised in using the windy conditions in the first half , Lyle+Sam Youngs goals were special whereas Jerrys goal was very well executed thanks to a trademark Mo touch line run in setting up the goal. We still had second half chances yet at the same time defended brilliantly to stand up to Bowers pressure. Bowers goal was also very good, a driven delivery from a free kick , a slight glance and the conditions left Nathan no chance. Game was professionally managed in my opinion and brilliantly seen out by the players. Bowers are no push overs and I fancy them to possibly get get a result at Folkestone on Tuesday and against other top half teams. No easy games, everyone can beat each other, it’s just that we have Mo+Cass
  19. Not at all, Cass Cunnington and Mo have numerously assisted each other and as for Lyle he’s assisted loads, we’re joint top goal scorers of the Division and now have Bilal on board to score even more. Our forwards are fine and work as a team more so now than pre December
  20. Ahhh I understand. At the moment I’m happy seeing long ball played well and good players executing it well. however with players like Percy K and Youngs, Lyle D, Coker we aren’t short of ballers plus 2 lethal front men in Mo/Cass More than happy
  21. Yet again our keyboard warriors are shying from comments. I agree with raingod, not the sexiest of games on Tuesday night, very tired looking from the start, on the back foot and genuinely looked like we were suffering from fatigue. Cass again showed his worth by chipping in a cross from an impossible position, Carshalton half cleared to Nathan who volleyed in, 1-1 HT game on. Amazing turnaround for the 2nd half , I thought we dominated, it was Cass again who headed on to Faal from a Chapple throw, it was a Characteristic Mo finish, it was out of nothing and a toe poke, brilliant improvisation from our striker . Couldve/Should’ve scored a third and made the game safer, nonetheless 3pts won now moving on to Saturday. I still think Quintons team was a better one but I see Andy as the better Manager, cuter and tactically more astute. Very difficult to play on the deck Tuesday night, the pitch looked bobbly and worn, not a problem with long high balls very effective with Cass and Cunnington at our disposal
  22. Full blooded end to end from start to finish. We were clinical, Jake Cass had a phenomenal game winning everything and all that he touched turning to gold. Mo was in excellent goal scoring and goal assisting mood too. We are in excellent hands if these two remain fit and in form for the remaining matches. Kingstonian were a very good team of high level individuals, they will remain a top 6 team. They had quality on the ball in abundance, passing crossing and team play . Rian Bray had an excellent game at CH holding the defence together and leading the back line brilliantly. 5-1 was a deserving lead, 5-3 was a credit to the Kingstonian never say die attitude Bray certainly need assistance in defence, Chapple was ok but I thought Kirwan struggled with his man Roll on Tuesday, I’ll take a 1-0 win
  23. Your Limited knowledge of our club is very evident . Anyway the £12k+ not £10k was raised from supporters by the supporters because we wanted to sponsor the upgrading of our floodlights namely because it’s 100% our club. Then again why let the Facts get in the way of ignorance. Id rather play another league game and keep challenging for a top 5 finish, it’ll be tough but it’s our club and our fans step up to funding our needs, not depending on a businessman or men who can be here today gone tomorrow. Good luck in Stockport, just the one supporters coach going? Enjoy your gate of 200 this week and that’s including the Horsham away support, oh what for an Enfield Town every Saturday that drank your bar dry and gave you a near 4 figure home gate.
  24. For those not present or disappointed we won, the game was a typical Non League encounter. lots of long balls, hitting the target men and getting the ball into the final third as quickly as possible before beginning to play, the styles was certainly not playing through the lines from back to front. Saying that we were the better team with better players. Sam Youngs was certainly a driving force from midfield and it was he who pressed won possession, fed Mo who then quickly played a 1-2 with Cunnington before finishing well. The inconsistent Coker was selected ahead of the inconsistent Delleverde and typically scored a bullet of a free kick to double our lead. He then went on to play in his inconsistent way for the rest of the game . We we’re slow starters and sleepy at the start of the second half and was soon punished by the Bowers impressive number 7 on the wing. But we’ve got Mo who’s always looking and showing for goals. His shot was parried by the Bowers keeper and Cunnington scored from the rebound, 3 very good goals for various reasons. Its now an away game at Kingstonian on a very muddy pitch which had a Corinthian Casuals game called off last night due to a waterlogged pitch, it hasn’t rained for about a week 🤷‍♂️ Nonetheless it’ll be a draining demanding game for our selected X1 on Saturday with little time for recovery when Carshalton then Margate visit us on Tuesday/Saturday respectively Ill target and shake on 7 points from the next 9 available today if possible.
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