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  1. 9 bells at 'ricay station it is then.
  2. An explanation that took 4 pages on this forum to get. Am I being unreasonable?
  3. You simply could have said the above from the start. Why does it take a whole thread to get this info. We are not fecking mind readers. Honestly, I give up.
  4. This was from the Chairman earlier in the thread: "We have three league clubs confirmed for pre season home games." Is it unreasonable for supporters to ask who we are playing? If we can't announce then fine, a simple explanation would suffice. This is basic stuff.
  5. Had we included a couple of Youth players in the last few games (we didn't have a full subs quota in 7 of the last 8 games), it may have been a bit of good PR for the club. IE, whether the youngsters were ready/not ready/good enough/not good enough or whether they played or not, it would have still been (in my opinion) a decent statement of intent. Instead we got walloped, went with what we've got and now other clubs supporters start to beat the jungle drums of something underhand (they are of course, numpties). Still, it's history... now who are the league clubs gracing New Lodge pre-season? Gazza, team below: Lumley, Rodgers, Beavan, Dunne, Imudia, Scott, Layne, Poole, Sappleton, Webber, Kouassi Subs: Ekim(2); Ngakam(10)
  6. The club has a website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, matchday programme and this forum in which to pass on information to supporters en-masse. I.E., we have 3 league sides coming to New Lodge for pre-season (info from Twitter and this forum) and a number of players that have agreed to stay for next season (info from this forum). Would it not be better to co-ordinate this information (and like) to go out on said website/twitter/facebook/programme/forum rather than supporters have to ask in person. A press officer?
  7. Does it matter if they weren't? Some people work Saturdays. Just saying...
  8. 1 fit sub and we played in yellow. Games like yesterday make you wonder why you even bother. So I probably won't!
  9. A group of us will be meeting at 10ish at Billericay station for the 10.17. All welcome!
  10. On the subject of youngsters, when was the last time we had an Under 18 player involved in the first team? I thought we had a clear progression from youth to first team...
  11. How much longer can we go on like this without something going pop? Depressing.
  12. If you've got tickets fair enough. I think clubs can only switch games if both clubs are in agreement. England is for everyone so the FA should instruct leagues to not allow games on that night.
  13. Just read this could be the worst winter in decades! Get the games in whilst we can!
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