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  1. Jerry has announced on Twitter he is leaving the club. Harold has signed for Cray Wanderers .
  2. Just stumbled across this on Twitter , potentially a move for Jerry into NLS? Won’t be surprised if him and few others look to go higher . We need to try keep a hold of our players
  3. Anyone give me a report on today’s game ? How did we do
  4. Great game yesterday never doubted us at all. The energy around the club is amazing I must say Still a while to go but if we keep this up who knows what can happen once again our attack showing their worth but I’m happy our defence were able to keep a clean sheet. Good to see Jerry Gyebi back in alongside Bray who I thought both had a great game credit to AL as he seems to be doing something right
  5. Well well well seems to be the same old story with us doesn’t it? Around this period we always seem to drop points and it’s not good enough we seem to change the team every week and can’t build relationships. today’s game was embarrassing we do not look like a top 3 side at all and is very worrying around this time of the season as for our defence why is the different CB playing each week. When we was going on our run there was more consistency. It’s unfortunate Maja is still injured as he was a major presence in our midfield, what’s happened with Jerry he was also the main CB playing and now he can’t get into the team if I’m correct he’s played a major role in our wins and defence . Management team have to step up and grab a hold of these players
  6. Great win yesterday in the freezing cold I had to leave straight after we scored it was never going to be an easy game but we got the 3points . I feel like not enough credit or praise is put on the back 4 in recent games with Harold coming into the side and playing very well also big Jerry playing a massive role this season with his performances nevertheless I can’t complain and I’m excited for the next Enfield V Worthing game
  7. Great to hear the positives from the game we are in very good form and we must keep this up for as long as possible. Good to see Harold Joesph back in the squad working very well with Jerry also the main man Mo getting us out of trouble again
  8. Yes I agree but you would think they would put some of our younger players who are under the age of 23 on a contract as in the past players have gone for free?
  9. Interesting interview from AL . We know Mo is extending his stay what other players do you reckon they will try and tie down that may have interest from other clubs in higher divisions ?
  10. I agree Bottoms up I’m a massive fan of the players you mentioned I hope if any of them do leave us we can make some type of profit off them
  11. What a game yesterday really enjoyed watching that. Worthing are a great side and we showed we can match them up credit to AL and management Percy is really in form right now and is looking very good in this side it’s great to hear that Mo is extending his stay with us as he’s been vital . Nathan has made some excellent saves to keep us in it and was good to see Youngs back in the midfield making things Rickover also a few of the young players really showed their worth yesterday on the pitch Maja & Gyebi who have been the core of the team so far this season in CB & CM can SEE either one making steps in the football ladder , and I’m pretty sure both are eligible for u23s football if they was to get a move away from Enfield ? all in all I’m absolutely buzzing with what’s going on however we must stay grounded !!
  12. Yes really impressed with Ryan , is see on the team sheet Jerry and Nathan at centre back again ?
  13. Who was at the game today ? How did we do in defence and in attack , really excited with this team
  14. Any highlights & photos of last night game ? I couldn’t make it because of work but glad we have progressed into the next round bring on Chelmsford
  15. Thank you littlehampton yes I have heard we are really looking good as a team was there any players who played particularly well
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