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  1. Wonder what's happened to Shane Bush?
  2. Don't know why you think he can play centre midfield or centre half He's great at right back ????
  3. Rhys Foster will not be playing for us next season
  4. Adam Desbois the Cheshunt keeper has joined Hampton Will we be getting Jules
  5. It's on the Beaconsfield website
  6. Don't think you can plan that far ahead Lots of coming and goings in a short time at Slough
  7. Weren't we promised a game against Brentford U21s for payment for Pruti?
  8. Shane Bush is on and playing well
  9. Kevin Lokko has left to play at a higher level
  10. If you drew a line like VAR isn't Braintree further north ?
  11. Used to love the Slough town cup finals at Slough
  12. Let's have a big lump up front A young Ed Smith please
  13. Don't the women play there Sundays?
  14. Met police have accepted voluntary relegation
  15. A lot of clubs in our league have announced players that are staying! Probably most
  16. Johnny Goddard stays Keep up RR!
  17. Josh Jackman is staying I think we're going to be drip feed the rest this afternoon
  18. In he's interview he said he's marmite well he got the right colour
  19. Hard to get the pricing right Didn't season ticket holders go down last season?
  20. Looks like We're going to find out this week
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