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  1. Despite the severe wind chill a very warming performance and for want of more clinical finishing we should have won by more. I was fortunate to be right in line with Lewiss when he took the shot for goal and what made it even more special was immediately after the game a Bognor fan was complaining that they only lost because of a fluke goal who then told me to f off when I said it was deliberate 😀 With the run of fixtures we have ahead hopefully this is the start of a winning run to get us a in a position to be challenging for the playoffs. COYU
  2. Or google search says that Nottingham Forest, Middlesbrough and Bournemouth are interested. It does look like he will be leaving us in January and if so the best of luck to him.
  3. Totally agree with KLF. In the Chairman’s notes for the first home league of the season he stated “The squad we have now is strong, Mark is very loyal to the squads he assembles and evidence of that is that virtually all of the squad who gave us our day at Wembley have started the season. Mark hasn’t brought new players in at this stage, he knows that he can but only wants to bring players in who will not only improve the squad, but also fit into the squad dynamic” I will leave you to come to your own conclusions as to whether a squad with no specialist defensive and central midfield
  4. As we unfortunately had a free Saturday yesterday I decided to watch a FA Trophy game anyway so I went to see the Brentwood v Staines game. (4.1 to Brentwood btw). I have to say that Brentwood’s No 9, Tom Richardson, looks like a player who could do a really good job for us. Apart from penalty taking, as the one he missed was woeful. But he is a good finisher otherwise, with good positional awareness but most of all he is very fast. The best player on the pitch though was Noah Amissah but as he plays for Staines, I don’t see that signing being feasible. As a bonus I also got to
  5. I have read on our website that he has moved on after literally only playing for 5 minutes for us. But what a 5 minutes. in those 5 minutes through no fault of his own we ended from being 3.2 ahead away to East Thurrock to losing 4.3. I hope he has better fortune at his next club.
  6. The game has been re-arranged for Tuesday 23rd November.
  7. The team we put out yesterday was good enough to win and I totally agree with Mickey Parcell’s tweet after the game. By my count we made 8 good goal scoring opportunities in the first half and none in the second which tells its own story. I am also at a loss as to why we only had 4 subs and frankly it has become embarrassing. Jordan Johnson and Ellis Brown both started last week yet there was no information from the club why they were not available yesterday. Also having no information provided on the availability of Ronnie Winn, Sam Higgins and Wilberforce Ocran just adds to the frustr
  8. I have found out that he has signed for Leatherhead.
  9. I imagine it would be difficult to recruit a specialist left back without giving him playing time and if Remi stays fit Ronnie Winn could be a useful backup from what I have seen this season so far. But getting a left back who can also play either as a central defender or right back would be a very welcome addition to for sure.
  10. Hopefully it’s Remi Sutton!
  11. Wilberforce was signed on a dual registration with London Colney and I assumed with the signing of Billy Bricknell that he has gone back there. If we have both available, we can push both Ellis Brown and Jili Buyabu up front and with Liam Nash in the middle. I think there is enough pace and ability with that combination to trouble any defence in our division.
  12. Agreed but at least against Corinthian Casuals we were creating good chances. Hopefully Mickey Parcell and Remi Sutton will both be able to start on Saturday. Maxwell Statham has joined Welling. What has happened to Tommy Conney? Played for an hour, booked and taken off against East Thurrock and not seen him since.
  13. If everyone is on form and fit I would say benchwarmer, but then fortunately for Hornchurch I am not the manager!
  14. I agree. Cannot see how both can at together in the 4-4-3 system. As Bricknell signed for playing time then I assume that either Higgins has a long term injury, or the manager will start Bricknell ahead of Higgins even when fit or will change our system to accommodate both. The option I am hoping for is this is a short term option until Higgins is fit again.
  15. I agree. The balance of the team looked wrong and it was only after all three substitutions were made that we looked really threatening.
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