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  1. 31-May 11 - Happy Birthday Kaiser Jnr :)

  2. Hello Jeremiah. Kaiser is here! I miss you and all my ESL friend. If I ever become a good player, I will return these shores. Until then, I will try and make friends on the EOL forum.
  3. Boycie. Good to see you last Wednesday mate. I can't believe this, but I have just realised I am now on holiday for the Runwell v Southminster game. I am massively gutted. We will have to catch up when you come over to Southminster for the return fixture x
  4. Shrewdest, what club are you involved with in EOL?
  5. 31-May 10 - Happy Birthday Kaiser Jnr :)

  6. Used to be a good league for up and coming youngsters, especially playing on semi-pro surfaces and stadiums week in, week out (talking from experience). Olympian League is a very good standard of football however and some of the pitches are @ better quality than most ESL, or even Ryman surfaces!
  7. Sad to hear about Romford. Was looking forward to playing against them next year. Boycie - What happened?! You boys had the title and you blew it! Looking forward to seeing you guys next year (unless we miraculousy get promoted!)
  8. The ESL would be a better place without Coach et 64.
  9. LOL echo. Great signature. Goodbye Burnham.
  10. Neither are you Enrico if you make rash decisions like what I have heard has happened
  11. Sandon Royals 0-4 Southminster St Leonards. Lem.
  12. Hello mate. Sorry for the late reply. Hardly ever come on here anymore! Yeah I am mate. They are my local side, and I wanted to go back and play with mates and enjoy my football. We are unbeaten in NINE now (7 wins, 2 draws). Had 4 points going into Xmas and were bottom of the league by 5 points. We now have 27 and are in 4th position! Cup quarter final tomorrow against Hannakins Farm, so its all going well. How you doing Hookster? Is Hookey Jnr back playing yet?
  13. Are the most inform team in Division One, and are staying up. Discuss.
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