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  1. Eagle, is it reasonable to at least discuss the possibility of a league clash in less than 3 seasons now? https://twitter.com/bedfordtown/status/1597904863785996288?s=46&t=mqkmMLiMZNoQp6qBGwRCPQ
  2. Brutal! Gotta follow the rules but that stinks. Was enjoying getting cracks at the top flight teams.
  3. No doubt the contagion effect between various exchanges and lending companies (FTX, Gemini Earn, Blockfi to name a few) make things interesting going forward. I don't think this at all impacts their current campaign or Peters long term interest in the club. His stated goal is National League in ten years time. That's an uphill climb regardless of the industry but not impossible. Take it one year at a time. I do think this latest problem in the broader crypto (not specifically bitcoin) market is if he can continue to bring in big sponsorship dollars from companies that are seemingly all taking a hit simultaneously. His primary sponsors have been largely clear of issues so far, save BlockFi. Still, it's a concern. Personally, if a crook is running rampant like SBF was at FTX, better to find him today than tomorrow. Though, obviously, you wish it were better regulated to prevent this! I was fortunate to not really lose much here but there are millions of people feeling absolutely devastated right now. It stinks.
  4. That's a nice showing for the ladies. Hopefully start stacking some points here in the near future. Nearly got the exact same result in the game with Raunds.
  5. Any idea when we can expect to find out our third round opponent in the cup? Hoping for another premier division side.
  6. Brown and HItchcock have carried the team in Dan's absence but no doubt they'll be needing him back to reach their full potential. Was a tough first loss but a deserving one for the away side. We definitely can't afford a loss to Letchworth because the youtube channel will be unbearable!
  7. Certainly no argument from me on the sponsorship. I can't imagine he has a lot of bargaining power for higher rates from his corporate sponsors until they reach a few divisions up that drive more interest and exposure. He's going to need to get that type of income year over year and more. However, I'd assume he will see increased attendance if he continues to win and rises through the ranks. Stands to reason he will see more and more fans come on board as the string wins together and start climbing the ladder. Can't expect national league crowds in the SSML's first division. They've risen substantially and, hopefully, will continue to do so.
  8. Plus income doesn't have to be steady if you're budgeting properly. I can't say for sure he is but the fact he is sitting on hundreds of thousands in cash per those same reports and not buying BTC with it in the short term tells me he's keeping a true cash reserve for expenses. If he lands half a million in sponsorships (that's a BIG if and his to continue to solve) then the wages at this level aren't going to be a concern. It'll be fascinating to keep monitoring that. I know he reaches a few hundred per stream for each match--that's not a ton. He'll have to prove value to the big sponsors if they are going to keep cutting checks because obviously they aren't getting tremendous exposure in the first division of the SSML. Though, being involved with a team that might be in league football in the next decade, etc. as well as general altruism towards this area and a btc related project may be enough. Clearly finances are high getting things started up. Maybe he actually needs less money, generally, next year as they won't have the upfront costs of getting the pitch up to standard and the increase in wages shouldn't be substantial (if at all).
  9. Yeah definitely have been investing heavily in the youth and ladies ventures as well as the first team. I love seeing the latest financial reports. However, I do hope to hear about renewed sponsorships from the big dollar groups like Gemini. Doubtless, they've proven to build a winner for the current level and will need more moving forward. Long term, I want to see them adding to the BTC treasury. Part of the vision is to be holding long term BTC in hopes of that giving them a competitive advantage against richer peers who are operating at a massive debt. Of course, it's not prudent to do so if you're going to need to sell in the short term for cash you're otherwise spending. Definitely something fun to track. Actually was the first game I'd missed this year. Traveled back to my alma mater for some homecoming (American) football. Back home and looking forward to the upcoming tilt. I wish some of the other contenders would start catching up in the games played department so we could have a fairer comparison. All indications are that this team is the one to beat and I thought the final goal in this one was pretty dang great.
  10. They've done just that and have managed only the one goal off a hand ball. Not exactly pretty but I don't doubt even as constructed tonight they'll find the 3 points.
  11. Don't get to watch the ladies matches obviously but excited to see their scores on a weekly basis. As I understand it, he's more or less sponsoring existing ladies and youth teams rather than starting his own. Do you think, long term, it will be important he starts his own?
  12. Definitely lots of backups in there and I get why. Americans just love a tournament and if we are in it, I want to win it haha. Definitely understand it's all about promotion and we are in fantastic position for that, currently.
  13. So this is what losing feels like?! Gotta admit, I don't care for it. Credit to the Tigers, they gave us all they could handle (and more than we could handle) in our matchups thus far. On to the league campaign!
  14. The goal from Knight was nutty. I more or less listened to yesterdays game as I took advantage of the fine early fall weather to detail the cars. But that goal got me buzzing a bit. Sad we can't watch the cup game coming up but hoping for an easier go of it against the Tigers this time around
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