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  1. Absolutely wild that these are the cup finalists. Kudos to them.
  2. Absolutely stunning Officially postponed...
  3. Thrilled that we will get a shot to see them win a trophy. Apparently Lutterworth really worked hard to try and make the streaming work this weekend too but it just proved too difficult. Kudos to them for the effort, at least.
  4. You gotta click the link to see what I assume is the latest information. Not sure what the snip is that Rhodes shared.
  5. Looks to me like the projections have them in the Spartan premier, no?
  6. Frustrating when we can't see the team play but that's how it goes, I suppose. Team hasn't dropped a single point on the road and I'm hopeful they keep that train rolling.
  7. Is it just me or is the guest article in this one a shot at what Peter is trying to do with Bedford?
  8. Yeah never would have thought a few weeks ago I'd be rooting for Rugby to win games. Massive result and definitely feels like we are done and dusted at this point.
  9. Thanks for sharing the match programs each week. I often miss them in advance of the match but really enjoy reading through them. It's unlikely but possible they could win the league and a cup before the month closes out.
  10. I know that they've requested the ability to stream the game but it's up to the powers that be at Bedford Town so I can't imagine they allow it. Seems like bad blood will win out there. I'm hopeful as I'd love to see them hoist a cup later this month.
  11. Jordan Brown is unbelievable. Rolls out of bed with two goals. I hope they can keep him for next season and see what he can do at (knocks on wood) the next level.
  12. By the end of the week, it's entirely possible there will only be 6 teams left that aren't mathematically eliminated from winning the league. Already, Rushden and HIgham United and below are already out. Of course, many others are already realistically eliminated. Chenecks and Ampthill actually have a better PPG and are slightly larger potential threats than Rugby now. All that said, comeon Eagles!
  13. This one feels like it more or less wins Bedford the league. Gotta take care of business but taking a 6er over a team you lead this late feels good. Especially with two more very winnable home games coming this week.
  14. Credit to rugby. This could be well wrapped up for Bedford but they've played well all season. Even with the head to head loss, bedford has let them back in given losses to two lowly teams in the table. Still, if Bedford can take even a point today they are sitting quite pretty down the home stretch.
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