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  1. Several surprising results in the SML Division 1 today, all to the benefit of Real Bedford. WELL DONE LADS
  2. As previously stated from my point of view something appeared to be lacking from today's match, perhaps it was the artificial pitch, I do not know. I do know the mini goals around the pitch were very off putting when watching the match live, as I kept losing track where the current state of play was. I do accept th that Moulton FC do not usually have a live match to contend with. I have to say this was my least favourable match to watch this season as far as Real Bedford is concerned, even though we won.
  3. A good result for Real Bedford. I must bow down to the groundhoppers points of views on this match as they were at the match and I am seven thousand miles away. I had already formulated my opinions on this match before I read their correspondence and being a fan of Real Bedford I must be biased on the subject matter in question. As stated I am delighted with the three points however I can only agree with them on one point, the referee had very little control over the proceedings of this match, this is the first time this season I have lowered myself to speak out against a referee as good or bad as they are, they do a wonderful job and do not deserve criticism. The performance of Real Bedford today was good but for whatever reason I did not feel this was an enjoyable match to watch, I was expecting a good Moulton team, the Rugby Borough match was excellent even though we lost, The Moulton team did not inspire me and I felt they were one of the poorer teams we have met this season they appeared to take the enjoyment out of the match Unlike the groundhoppers I felt the referee was offering little protection to the players of Real Bedford throughout the match and were subjected to some horrendous tackles. The Moulton players were forever pleading their innocence and trying to influence the referee decisions. Sorry I am a biased Real Bedford supporter and did not mean to discredit other peoples opinions of the match or of Moulton FC
  4. Rhodes- Seeing that Bedford Town Programme has tinged me with happiness and sadness. Until 2009 I had my Bedford Town collection from 1963 to 1982 including the reserve team matches and for five years I travelled via the supporters club to most of the away matches as I was to young to have my own transport at the time, In my collection I had the programmes from the Everton, Peterborugh, Oxford Utd, Brighton and Carlisle matches., although I attended the Newcastle match I did not obtain a match programme. My treasured programme was the Arsenal v Bedford match, I am not sure how I obtained that programme as I was to young to attend the match. The match I remember more than any other was when the supporters club chartered a train for the Brighton match. In my collection I also had several years of Bedford Utd programmes. I treasured all these programmes but alas my employment took me overseas and I put these programmes into storage and when I returned to the UK dampness had destroyed many of these programmes and many of the pages had been glued together and with mildew and a strong stench I decided reluctantly to dispose of my collection as I was also preparing for my departure to Bolivia. You are correct regarding Alan Sealey, his nephew was Les Sealey the former Luton, Man Utd and West Ham goalkeeper, both of whom died at an early age with a heart conditions. Other notable players who passed through the Eagles ranks were Jock Wallace, Cliff Jones and Bill McCulloch amongst others. .I recall all the Bedford players listed in the programme including the number 11 (Nicholas) who I believe was a trialist, who was offered terms but declined and signed for Dartford instead. Looking at the Dunstable lineup Perter Downard the number 5, I think he signed for Bedford and played some matches as a right back but never became a regular first team player, other players the Eagles signed from Dunstable were Bill Garner who found fame at Chelsea and Mike Dixon father or uncle of Kerry Dixon once again of Chelsea fame.
  5. A state of normality has returned this evening with Real Bedford winning, my nerves have calmed down, excellent match with Letchworth Eagles contributing to this great match, lovely to see the return of Dan Walker with Moulton on the horizon.
  6. I have been apprehensive about Real Bedford performances of late, I am a half empty glass person rather than half full, I fear we are missing Dan Walker, although Brown and Hitchcock are doing well I tend to think our goal tally would have increased with Walker. I appreciate we have vastly experienced players who have played at a higher level but our defence appears to be caught out so many times and allowing so much space to the attacker. I have had my little moan and now congratulate the team on what they have achieved so far this season. I am also delighted with the home attendances for this level of football.. I await this evenings game and 100% behind the team.and hope for a Real Bedford victory.
  7. Many thanks Rhodes, I really enjoy reading the match programme, that really makes me feel as though I am part of the build up to the match, I feel closer to home.
  8. I expect you and RaIIyInRaIeigh are aIready Iimbering up for Saturday morning your time: Yes, I am eagerly awaiting the Real Bedford v Rugby Borough match, for starters I will watch the Leicester v Crystal Palace match live, this match starts at 7.30am Bolivian time. I always choose to watch the Real Bedford match even though a Premier League match will be shown live at the same time. In the past I have often wondered how football clubs in the South Midlands League and United Counties League can afford to pay the wages that some clubs pay the players. My son has played for several UCL clubs and at least one club he would earn £100 each week provided the team won, at other clubs in the same league he would not be paid, and that was ten years ago.
  9. I enjoyed the game yesterday, I thought Wimslow appeared to be a good team, the problem being they were so predictable and relied on the long high ball, King, the captain for Wimslow was class, I believe he has played for the original Rushden @Diamonds as well as AFC R &D, Bedford Town and Daventry Town , expierenced at a much higher level. Hard match next Saturday Rugby Borough.
  10. Highlights from the live stream at Raunds Town last night, the penalty on the half hour mark looked a little harsh on the hosts Rhodes. I tend to agree with you regarding the soft penalty awarded to Real Bedford, remember the other week we should have been awarded a penalty it's all swings and roundabouts. although I persevered watching the match my Internet last night was much to be desired, I imagine I was able to watch 80 minutes of the match as I kept losing my connection, each time I missed the replay of the penalty incidence.
  11. I had the chose this evening to watch seven European Championship matches live, I still selected Real Bedford in pteference.
  12. Enjoyed the match as Real Bedford put in a disappointing performance with so many players absent, I am sure we will lose shortly having to field so many players who would not normally be selected in the first eleven starting lineup, thankfully we are not having to play teams near the top of league at the moment. I can say well done Real Bedford and at least we gained another three points.I am still worried about our fixture with Rugby Borough that is on the horizon. Never mind I am happy with another three points.
  13. You are correct kick off time was 10am yesterday. I had an opened bottle of wine staring at me, I decided to empty the remainder of this bottle into a glass, once I had tasted this subtance my taste buds were yearning for more. during the match, I had been up since 3.00am Bolivian time , in my mind it was 3.pm British time when the match started. Viva Real Bedford.
  14. Well done Real Bedford, this was a hardworked victory over a stubborn Lutterworth Athletic. Sales of Bolivian wine will increase , as I was uptight and drank a bottle of red wine during the match , please Real Bedford make the matches less stressful by scoring more goals.
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