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  1. the tramp on the street The best league!
  2. weather The best league!
  3. Quote: pabird said: [quote This would hold water if we were also so desperately honourable as to intervene in the Congo where four million had died. And Zimbabwe,North Korea,Somalia.no the invasion of Iraq was too cynical for words and by result some body should be facing a war crimes commission. The invasion of Iraq was purely for more control of the oil in that area! Football stuff!
  4. stirling albion Football stuff!
  5. The solution is to sell your car and buy a different car!
  6. Quote: pabird said: If, as often stated by insurance companies, most accidents are involving young drivers will they be taxed over and above the norm. No, but they do have to pay more insurance, so are penalised that way!
  7. laughter Football fun!
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