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  1. I think that we can all agree that this was an abject display, but it was only a couple of days before that we were purring about the performance. The thing that worried me was resistance to change in tactics. The great thing about playing three tight in midfield with Luke behind the forwards is that (when it works) we can move the ball in quick short passes, and can make chances and our more creative players are always available to receive the ball. When coupled with the use of the full backs to build the play, we look a very good football team. The down side was visible on Tuesday. Neil, Stacy and Luke were non existant and Jamie Hand tried to get involved, but his touch, control and passing were abysmal. This midfield was unrecognisable from the previous game. When things are not going well, we need an 'out ball'. This MUST come from wide areas and the way we were set up meant that there was nobody in these areas. That only left the big lump forward that never works. This was self evident quite early on. What should (in my opinion) have happened is that Liam should have read the riot act at half time, given the players 10 minutes to correct things and when this did not happen we should have switched to a more traditional 4-4-2 with width and balance giving the players 30 - 35 minutes to turn things around. Liam did this when he brought Karl on and switched George to the left and put Luke up front. Unfortunately, he did this with around 15 minutes left - not nearly enough time for it to make a real difference. And as for giving Kezie 9 minutes! That is my tuppence worth anyway. Here's to a return of the Weymouth performance on Saturday
  2. I'd like to thank everyone here. I am not usually a hot choc kind of person, but after all of the rave reviews, I gave it a go on Saturday. It will be a regular purchase on winter match days
  3. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz As for my "weird" view - most regulars on here seem to agree with me and not you. Funny old game isn't it? Absolutely Gaz. I was going to mention that Jamie Hand (as trumpeted by you over and over and over), and Danny Slatter (who I have called to be selected a few times over the last month or so) were the stand out performances today. Hand shaded it for me. Some of the football today was outstanding. Let's hope that Darius is fit enough to play Tuesday and that George plays as well as he did in the first half today. It would be nice to see the same XI against Forest Green The only sub par performance today in my opinion was Luke's. There was a quip behind me that it seems that George and Luke cannot play well at the same time. A minor quibble about a great all round performance. This may not chime with all of the opinions above - but as you say - it is a funny old game
  4. Originally Posted By: DA11 The worst thing was washing those large containers in the bath before I took them back. They stank. This prompts a couple of questions; Are these containers being used again at this curry night? And, were you in the bath at the same time? If the answer to both questions is yes I think that I will give the curry a miss this time
  5. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Brian Clough said more than once....The more you have attacking, the more they have to put in defence...........But then again, what did he know? Ossie Ardiles tried that at Spurs a few years back and proved that there is a limit to the number of attackers you can play
  6. Is Liam trying to make an eleven word sentence with our starting line up? So far the names that could be used are Long Stone Hand Shakes Moore Delicate Gash Not sure how to fit Ricketts into that sentence
  7. UU it was a joke, please do not take things too seriously. What on earth have I got to be desperate about? Poor form? Possibly. Poor joke? Probably. Desperate? Nah
  8. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin good win in the last minute today chaps... oh no, my computer seems to be breaking, I cannot post any more drivel on forums again Carlsberg don't do Uncle Urchin's posts for him, but if they did they would probably be his best posts in the world ever
  9. Originally Posted By: bilbo baggins Not sure when during the game exactly that Murray was "playing splendidly" - he was OK but that was about it George Purcell needs more end product but shows some great touches. Similarly he needs to get more games in. Disagree with you on a couple of points here Bilbo. I thought Murray was the kind of player that we have missed this year. We often get rolled over too easily and he showed real bite and drive. His passing was pretty good too. And given that he has just arrived, hopefully he will get better and better And as far as George is concerned, in my opinion he is simply not good enough. He shows occasional flashes of brilliance, but the other 88 minutes are ordinary, lack lustre and not up to this standard. He has played every minute of the last two games and has been by far our least effective player. The was a lot of dissent around me when Liam decided to take Gash off and leave George on. Still, each to his own
  10. Originally Posted By: eufc4life You better be right OK, maybe I slightly overstated it. But 3 points is 3 points
  11. Originally Posted By: Our Team What about the poor cash struck fans Easy - don't buy it. I don't do Nike, I voted against having Nike to no avail, so I didn't buy the kit.
  12. It's going to be a festival of football tomorrow, mark my words
  13. Originally Posted By: Stu M Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin and 7 defeats on the bounce Five defeats Unc, we're sticklers for accuracy here don't you know... If I may join pedants corner for a second. If we're talking games (as opposed to league games), our last 5 results have been 2 wins, a draw and 2 defeats Sounds much better, doesn't it?
  14. Originally Posted By: Greg_Dyke Pat Nevin has excellent musical taste.... Never been able to judge Pat Nevin On the Plus side - the only footballer I have ever heard discussing the merits of Unsightly and Serene by Crispy Ambulance (yeah) On the down side - played for Chelsea A positive piece on the box will tip the balance
  15. I really can't see this thing about the ref. He was not the difference between the sides. The only difference between the two sides was that we controlled the football, bossed the game, but they scored from their only chance - that's football I'm afraid And we are arguing about two decisions. One for a penalty - and that is causing a debate between Fleet fans on here. If we disagree then it can't have been totally clear cut (I thought it was a pen, but I was 40 yards away from it). The second for a tug on the half way liine that lead to a throw in. Two debated decisions in 90 minutes does not make an awful ref, regardless how big the decision The truth is that you remember the ones that go against you and immediately forget those that you get. There remains some debate as to the Darius challenge on Donaldson, if he was a biased, useless homer then it would have been a pen to them. I think that the slagging of the ref is detracting attention from where it should be - we were fantastic and really did ourselves proud. The performance and the manner of the performance - football played the right way - is what we should be focussing on Come on the Fleet
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