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  1. 02-April 11 - Happy Birthday FleetFanatic :)

  2. 02-April 10 - Happy Birthday FleetFanatic :)

  3. MyFC own all the debts surely? That's the image created when this venture first started, how if it all went the wrong, the fans would still be left with a club. Or was this a pack of lies too???
  4. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Originally Posted By: FleetFanatic Blimey. 6 months away and it's all ending in tears. Most of us can be found here these days. A proper, troll free, Fleet forum. I found that one when I clicked on it via son of confguide.
  5. Originally Posted By: afcmightymole the players should be very ashamed they don't deserve to wear the ebbsfleet shirt get some players in the transfer window 6 months away and some things DON'T change. My brother knows sod all about football as usual.
  6. I only came to see how many, if any, Daish out threads there were. (This is a joke based on the past...) The club is exploding from within it seems. I sat on the fence on this MyFC stuff, saying I preferred to see how it all panned out. How the f*** are the losses 55k a month? I recall the club announcing the landlord had given free rent on Stonebridge Road, the players can't be being paid THAT much surely? Only one person on a nice earner in all of this, eh Mr. Will Brooks.
  7. Blimey. 6 months away and it's all ending in tears.
  8. I'm sure. The "Whole Of Kent"? If you added on the highest home attendances for every football club in Kent to the record crowd for a Trophy Final, it still wouldn't sellout Wembley.
  9. Originally Posted By: hopeful In nearly 50years of following the fleet, ive seen a lot of crap games and poor fleet managers.I dont always like your tactics or your lack of substitutions,but youve made up for this with a good eye for players and making them play with togetherness and determination.Ive been to all the big games, sunderland,forest,county, villa, canvey, bedford, kent senior and floodlight cup finals.etc.BUT nothing and i mean NOTHING will be like going to wembley with the FLEET, thankyou. Indeed, remembering the away match at Boreham Wood, where I suggested several times in the 2nd half (extremely vocally I add) that Mr Daish should **** off back to Ireland, I take back everything I have ever said about him. Well done to everybody at the club.
  10. Don't panic, I'm sure it won't sell out.
  11. Originally Posted By: Chatham Gary Let us get Fleet Fanatic back here to organise a Fleet special train or 2. I am about still, must check what engineering works take place that weekend. Great result over the two legs, wherever I am come May, I'm sure it will involve Wembley.
  12. .....for me, that is. To be honest, I am increasingly seeing a lack of time to devote to things. First it was the prediction league (stronger than ever on the new website, well done chaps), then attending matches (only a handful this season) & now even this website. Sometime in the near future, I intend to be off for pastures new. Not the original intention that a few of you knew about in Newcastle, but nevertheless, pastures new. For a while now, I've felt stuck in a rut with various things, 2008 is where it all changes. I've applied for a different job down at Ashford, partly a step backwards but sometimes one needs to take a step backwards to move forwards again. So, with all the changes, I feel it's probably the right time to stand down as a moderator of this forum. Some people will be glad (mainly the ones who didn't succeed in forcing me to go in the past), some will be sad, most will be indifferent. There's a great bunch of guys & girls on here, along with a lot of new folks who I really haven't had the time to get to know. So to old friends, new members & those who might consider themselves enemies, (yeah right, this is the internet! ) I bid you all farewell. I will still pop on here when I have time - and besides that, when the domestic services start running next year, Ashford to Ebbsfleet will be a breeze! I may be departing, but Gravesend & Northfleet are not forgotten. And yes, I typed that name on purpose. So until then, take care of yourselves & more importantly, MyFC..... take care of the club. Darren
  13. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 I haven't got the(not that much)time to troll through all the threads in here, but some time ago, a moderator warned several posters that if they weren't careful(or words to that affect) the Chairman had told him that this forum would be closed down. I guess that means the club do have some control over this forum. The same thing has happened at several other clubs. Not quite the exact version, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story. I seem to recall that at the time, the club actually threatened to disassociate themselves from these forums, due to certain elements and their actions on here. And yes, it was me who mentioned that fact on here, but it certainly wasn't off my own back. I suppose one could argue that they have attempted it since with the various incarnations of the website, but this one has always been "home". Anyway, doesn't matter now as I intend to stand down as a moderator.
  14. Sweatshoptastic eh? I am keen on Home 3 & Away 2.....
  15. Firstly, what is the aim of having MyFC members on the board? Secondly, if not to merely be puppets for MyFC, surely suitable candidates would be those with the right business skills to assist in taking the club forward? Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this, I'm playing catch up with the threads!
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