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  1. so this is kattyann who i've heard so much about from other lads of the island
  2. so does anyone know if the game is still on weekend or not
  3. jack i know one thing you wont be netting any tonight
  4. i can play boss (Gary) wat time we meeting
  5. whys that cause west ham are out, the life of a happy hammer
  6. how silly must richard feel right know for such a silly mistake
  7. i thought saturday was another good test for us,ipswich were a well orgainsed,but stil think we should have beat them
  8. having played against pro performance 3 times last year, i sort of saw enough of the keepers abilty and it sounds like he had a off day against canvey,which for us is a good thing cause last year he saved a number of goal scoring chances
  9. team really dug deep saturday and put in a really really good display against a fairly good west ham team bring on the ipswich
  10. well i hate westham so i would like beat them as well
  11. i work in london have accessed it on anumber of times the new website looks good
  12. best of luck wayne you will have to come down and play for legion will be missed gud luck
  13. is the club needing people to go this saturday and help out
  14. Yer i got them developed some gud pics there I must omit that nite was heavy for every1 also probably the best nite of the toyr in my eyes
  15. wat about ant & dec with were on the ball (joking)
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