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  1. The Arlesey game tips the list for me. A game Arlesey thought they had won before we got there because of the goings on the week before. Not to have played that game could have spelt the end for the club. Play it - We won it. A coach load of supporters turned up for Tony Maynard to jump into when he scored the only goal of the game. Of all the games I have been to over the years that game was defiantly number one. I don't suppose someone can dig that goal out for old times sake.
  2. That is a big problem now Wivenhoe. EFL football down to non league competing with Sky Sports. I can remember Essex Senior Cup games and Athenian league Cup games being played on Saturday afternoons in front of large crowds. Essex Senior Cup Semi Finals being played as two legged affairs along with the finals on Saturdays. I once watched Tilbury play Wembley in the Athenian League Cup on a Saturday afternoon. Tilbury won 7-0 and that was the half time score as well. Times change and not always for the best. By the way Wivenhoe, Happy Birthday. 31 today !!!! I still think of you still being at Uni.
  3. Is it really 10 years ago. How time flies. One of the many memories I will take with me when I retire to Cumbria.
  4. I know it seems along time ago, but can someone let me know how to dig the video out for the Weymouth away FA cup game. 2-1 to the mighty Urchins. Jesus scoring that injury time goal
  5. It seems that the last manager lasted 2 hours which must be some sort of world record.
  6. Well, hands up all those who saw this coming
  7. I noticed in last weeks NLP that we are slight favourites for the league. This being after Billericay & Dulwich were promoted and three or four useful sides were moved sideways. The best place for them I say
  8. You cant blame anyone for leaving that mad house at Billericay
  9. Could not believe it when I read it. When you pick up the team sheet you just expect Elliot Styles to be on it. All the best Elliot in your retirement from football and many thanks for all you have done for the club. Most importantly Elliot, please don't be a stranger. Escape from the shopping on a Saturday afternoon and catch a game or two. Biased Bob
  10. Does anyone know what time bar shuts after the Aveley game so that I can arrange a cab home?
  11. Perhaps dropping into the Essex Senior League wont be such a bad thing. They wont get beat 9-1 every Saturday in that league and their travelling costs will be reduced as they will only play in Essex and East London. Given time they could resurface as a force but it all depends if the people running the club stay with it.
  12. so sad to hear the news. my thoughts are with his family. He was a Hornchurch legend.
  13. Get well soon Jimmy. The linesman's ears on that side of the pitch will be missing you. Biased Bob
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