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  1. Shark off, please. This is a family forum; please moderate your language
  2. Just out of interest, Wellsie, although I am in no way suggesting that you are lying, do you have any evidence to suggest that the 'swearing factor' does affect attendances. Have surveys been carried out to suggest that people actively stay away from the football ground due to excessive swearing?
  3. I certainly was disappointed with the result at the time (mainly because we went ahead and still ended up losing) but, as others have said, the streak was always going to come an end at some point. Maybe it's the kick up the backside some of the players need - we need to know we're not invincible. Having said that, the twenty-minute spell or so we had at the start of the second half (up until we gifted them the equaliser, really) would have been enough to score 2 or more goals against most teams we have played this season, and that certainly would have changed the game. Onwards and upwards: as CK has always stated, we're not going to get too carried away when we win, nor too despondent when we lose. Let's have wins tonight and, even more importantly, Saturday
  4. 1 Lowestoft Town 2 Bury Town 3 Wealdstone 4 Leiston 5 Whitehawk 6 Hampton & Richmond 7 Carshalton Athletic 8 Lewes 9 Margate 10 Kingstonian 11 Canvey Island 12 Hendon 13 Cray Wanderers 14 Thurrock 15 Bognor Regis Town 16 Concord Rangers 17 Metropolitan Police 18 Harrow Borough 19 East Thurrock United 20 Enfield Town 21 Wingate & Finchley 22 Hastings United
  5. I echo said comments. May the best (wo)man win
  6. Seeing as The Dark Uncle has been singing Burchell's praises all year, criticising CK for not playing him (translation: relative of Burchell), probably a good indicator that Adam is on his way
  7. Hard to disagree with those. That Lewes game really was fantastic: we looked unstoppable at that point. Although I'd chuck in the Charlton match as a contender too. Despite the defeat, thought we really held our own in front of a very decent crowd, against an opposition that included several players with first-team experience Bromley has got to be a game to forget; I will never forget one of their fans remarking on his exit from the ground "Well we played well for three minutes". Couldn't help but agree, which made it even more sickening. Although East Thurrock away was particularly low as well. Losing 3-0 on a cold, (ridiculously) wet afternoon in Essex, as it dawned on most of us that the playoffs were a million miles away, takes some beating. Still, can't wait to do it all again next year!
  8. Many thanks for running this. May sound obvious given the outcome, but highly enjoyable
  9. Ultimately, the club will never move forward the whole time the ground saga rolls on. Until that is settled, midtable in the Ryman Premier is all we can hope for
  10. I agree with jab: thought Wealdstone were one of the best teams I've seen all season, and played some decent football at times. On another day, they could easily have won more comfortably. With the momentum they've got, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if they win the playoffs. Having said all that, we were appalling last night. Showed a little more fight second half, but to not fashion one meaningful effort all game at home is just not good enough
  11. They'll do OK in that league. As others have mentioned, the bottom half of the Conf South and top half of the Ryman are pretty similar in standard. They have a decent spine to their team: good keeper, solid centre backs, decent holding midfielder and strong centre forwards... I shouldn't think they'd go too far wrong next year On another note, bumped into a few Ricay fans walking along Margate seafront Saturday night, all with kebabs in hand. Very friendly lot, even after my tongue-in-cheek jibes about our 'Top of the league, you're having a laugh' chants. Was nice to see a good away turnout
  12. Always love the expectations of away fans. 400 travelling? I'd be absolutely astounded if that turned out to be the case
  13. Another one like Marsden, in my opinion: many seem to rate him very highly when, in fact, he is a decent player, no more. When he's had his chances, he hasn't exactly set the world on fire. Wingate away sticks in the mind, when he was very disappointing. He's a good impact player, one who can perhaps 'make things happen' when given 20 minutes here or there. Admittedly, I would like to see him given more of a chance towards the latter part of games, against tiring legs. Perhaps the reason he isn't being picked is his knowledge (or lack) of grammar: Why Anyone Chooses To Type Every Word With A Capital Letter Is Beyond Me
  14. We were by far the better team, easily deserving of the three points. Front two were brilliant, already developing a good relationship and, on another day, we could have had more. But the whole team deserve credit for a comprehensive win. Well done, lads.
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