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  1. 20-April 11 - Happy Birthday ME1Gill :)

  2. 20-April 10 - Happy Birthday ME1Gill :)

  3. Still living in our shadow? Never mind perhaps One day we`ll notice you. Regards Me1Gill
  4. Just wanted to say to all the thousand or so Fleet supporters who go week in week out that i feel for you and in the same circumstances i would be absolutely livid.I remember over the years going to two or three fans day matches for clubs that were in the mire with the last one being a Doncaster / Brighton match when the Seagulls played at our place.Think there was nearly 3000 odd supporters that day form all over the country and as far as Germany,France and Belgium that came to support the club with all the money going to Rovers.I know that this wouldn`t be about raising some money to keep th
  5. Haha even if in a few years it was a case of an AFC Gillingham we`d still be getting at least three times your home gate! Seriously though how come this year the conference clubs pulled out of the LDV or whatever it`s called now cup? Would be good to play you lot in a competitive game.
  6. Just to correct Slarts post about the prices Southend United supporters would have paid to get into last weeks game.It was in fact £17 and not £29 so not all that much difference considering there are two leagues between us at the moment and i`m sure if and when you ever move on up the leagues your price structure will rise accordingly. All the best for the rest of the season
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