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  1. 11-July 11 - Happy Birthday Miss Lady :)

  2. 11-July 10 - Happy Birthday Miss Lady :)

  3. Alan Fenn sounds like a good Manager??????
  4. Rumour has it ,that he has gone to Ilford ,to help them fight relagation.!They are in a right mess,Alan Fenn didnt really help out,taking most of the players, and now all them players are crap,according to the Redbridge web site!!Oh well
  5. Well this just proves that Jim Chandler did have quality in his squad and players that could all do a job for him.Unless he gets some new faces in the squad,we will end up a mid-table team by the end of the season{hope not though}.Nyman has not gone Redbridge,he scored for Ilford on sat!! Riley has not gone either,i think he is injured?
  6. Well you have hit the nail on the head,thats exactly what our forwards do,but what about Lee Smith?he maybe should get a run of consistant games?what about the forwards that we have had?but now they have gone?Wheres Dean Green? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
  7. He has a massive job on his hands,for a Ryman Leauge side,they were poor the other night against Enfield Town. I thought Enfield should have played much better than they did on the night, they are a good side. I don't envy Alan Fenn's job, I hope he brings in some exciting players to Redbridge cause he is a good young manager, good luck Alan!!
  8. Yeah kev could do a job,but it seens that our strikers have got no pace,that was the case the other night against a poor Redbridge side,who were slow at the back.I think Brian holds the ball up well,just need someone to play off him? Any thoughts on that??
  9. Congetulations to the Hammatt family.Bang a few in sat Brian.
  10. Good luck to Redbridge and the new manager.Town will still win.
  11. Manager called Allen Fenn!!!!
  12. Well lets see what Saturday brings. We have suspensions and a few injuries, you never know what Jim's team will be, there might be a few suprises in there Im guessing... I wonder if Nyman trained last night with the Town or if he was at Ilford, does anyone know?? Terrible weather this morning, ha ha <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />
  13. Surely if there is favoritism going around the club with certain players don't the board take note and take some sort of action. A club shouldn't be run like this and when this meeting comes at the end of the month it will all come out.There are alot of unhappy fans,who want there say,and will be there. Are you the guy who writes his bit in the gazette, Steve Anderson?? Because if you are, I must say that I agree with everything that you have written in the past couple of weeks. You speak what people think....
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