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  1. Yes, sticking to facts, whilst doing tannoy duties, would be good advice for him. Thoughts and 'anecdotes' are better left for terrace banter. Tannoy volumes are a nightmare. Normally down to equipment and positioning of speakers. From my past experience of doing tannoy duties at Croydon, ours can't be heard in the main stand, but is as clear as day in the car park! I should have mentioned it in my original comment, but I absolutely echo your remarks regarding your groundstaff.
  2. Rode our luck a bit yesterday, and certainly caught Windsor on a bad finishing day, but we did defend well, counter-attacked impressively (we hit the post as well, just before we scored) and worked our socks off. And as mentioned above, Francis was outstanding in goal. Three bonus points for us, and up to heady heights of 8th - not bad for a side containing a fair number of players plucked out of sunday football, who until this season, had never played football at this level before. Note for Windsor's comedian tannoy announcer - don't give up the day job.
  3. Windsor was the only ground to survive the last weekend washout. Any chance of a repeat this time? Haven't had a football fix for a while, so was looking forward to tomorrow
  4. NLNigel, (or anyone else connected with Westfied). Is your pitch likely to withstand the deluge of rain forecasted for this afternoon and tomorrow morning? Not sure how well it drains?
  5. Congratulations to Egham and Guernsey, best 2 teams by far in the league this season. Best of luck next season. Looking at that potential line up for Ryman 1S next season, I hadn't realised that 2 teams might go up from the Kent League (Erith & Belvedere and VCD Athletic). That's going to leave them desperately short of clubs next season. I have a suspicion that we might be 'asked' if we would like to return back to the Kent League next season!
  6. FT Guernsey 1 Spennymoor 3 - from what I saw on GFCTV, Spennymoor just generally a stronger more physical side, and their defence was pretty strong, snuffing out any half-chances very quickly. Will be tough for Guernsey to come back from that, but good luck anyway next week. In the other semi-final, Tunbridge Wells have apparently beaten Shildon 2-0 in the 1st leg.
  7. Excellent win for the Trams today. Now level on points with Guernsey. I shall choose to ignore the fact that Guernsey's goal difference is 62 goals better than ours! And the fact that they have 13 games in hand on us!
  8. I refer you to the location in my profile! Was planning to go when the fixture was originally on a Saturday.
  9. For Ross Allen to score as many goals as he does clearly needs the rest of the team to create the chances in the first place. Guernsey are definitely not a one man team! From what I saw on a rather start/stop live stream last night, I have the same impression of Guernsey as I formed on the first day of the season - great going forward, but not the securest of defences. As for Croydon, we have played much better this season than we have shown in the 2 games with Guernsey. We seem to have just gone off the boil a bit at the moment.
  10. Croydon Sports Arena is definitely the place to be this season for 11 goal thrillers!. Shame we didn't get a chance to put Guernsey under a bit of pressure at 4-5 - could have been interesting!
  11. Croydon 3 Guernsey 5 with 12 to go, or more accurately, Claudio de Almeida 3 Ross Allen 5
  12. FT Croydon 3 Camberley 2. Last minute winner for the Trams after Camberley come back from 0-2 down to draw level, having also missed a penalty.
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