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  1. 09-July 11 - Happy Birthday BLUEBOYBLUE :)

  2. 09-July 10 - Happy Birthday BLUEBOYBLUE :)



    take this news with a pinch of salt,thought the 5 a side pitches were supposed to of already been started!
  4. if their illegals, send them back on the next flight. if they are seeking refuge, then put them in camps and check out their claims. if they are working and paying their way fine,but if any of the last 3 commit a crime,send the buggers back to where they came from.why should we the working british public put up with it? the [****!!****] chav element needs stamping on,put them on national service!
  5. thought proths was [****!!****] last night,should have been taken off at half time.trott should have moved jay up into the middle and put donavon in as centre back.looked good until they scored and then we turned to [****!!****].thought standen had played well last night and saturday.some of the passes he was making was superb.then he has another red card tw4t!impressed by bagley so far,if he carrys on i'm sure he'll get a regular place. oh and sanderson your a c0ck!
  6. totally agree gringo,works endlessly for the team and deserves every goal he gets.great result!
  7. sorry lads but i don't have the time on my hands anymore. enter yourselves into the local sunday league next season,met some great people there in my time.
  8. glad its your own cash and not someone elses <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />. must be some team you've got to need training gear,was a manager for 8-9 years and didn't need any.
  9. see your on our forum again,leedsclive busy,no-one to discuss your crap result with? like cookie says,you've got fvck all to say when you loose!!
  10. take it the early kick off won't affect you then rob,as you can buy panda pops at any time of the day.
  11. thankyou bitch,i wiil adjust accordingly.
  12. maybe they could give away free soup then their fan will really feel at home.
  13. why don't you put the money towards the new flag.
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