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  1. Excellent result. Sounds like people who went won't forget it.
  2. Should sack the Ball Boy. for ruining the Goals For column.
  3. Dickson looked good against Orient. Number 7 looked quite speedy. Hope he provides an end product. Good to see midfield supporting the strikers quickly. Hope to get to a few games this season.
  4. That I walked into Tina's Bar. Was a good night. She served a good pint. On that note I wondered whether there were any plans to do a permanent memorial?
  5. What were the odds on Bet Victor being the sponsors?
  6. I know i'm only a part timer. Sounds like a brilliant send off and well deserved. Sorry I couldn't make it but still being a full time carer. I have many fond memories of Tina. She always made me laugh as she took me raffle money at the gate. I'm sure away days on the coach won't be the same. R.I.P.
  7. Hiya guys. Been along while since I've been on here. When is the Final against Enfield Town?
  8. Add Heybridge. Only played 6 games
  9. I'll sponsor Ross Wall if he's available
  10. I'll still do Jimmy Mac. I'll let you know about another player. Hx O Thanks - Jimmy Mac now confirmed.
  11. He's WORSE than Torres is Lewis Smith. Never agreed slagging off Ex Players. Always makes them play better. Plus, Lewis has already scored against us twice. Hope to be at my first game of season tonight if A13 lets me.
  12. I got Derek Duncan and he ain't here anymore. I must be getting Old if I prefer The Arms of me misses to Live Football.
  13. What are they doing to Bridge Avenue? Due to problems on A13 I didn't get to game last night until Kick Off. Couldn't park anywhere near the ground so went home to the arms of me darling. Why can't the excess Car Park be opened? Quite happy to donate the £25 I would have spent to the club. Anyone know easiest way to do this?
  14. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My ears are burning
  15. Probably didn't help by not saying what's on. Disco, Singer, band or Karaoke?
  16. Always had a warm welcome at the gate. It costs me £20 (Including a Pint) to get in and it's worth it. Don't see it's any different at other clubs. Best place to sell programmes and Raffle tickets.
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